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All the best to you, Misha! I'm an old retired dude who lives almost in the center of the US. You need to be in a city where there is more opportunity, not out in the sticks like me. I've heard the economy in Denver is booming right now. You might want to avoid California because of the terrible drought they have been experiencing. I've heard things are good in Oregon and Washington though. Once you get back I'm sure you will find something. Thinking of you in my prayers.
Thanks Ken!
Wow, you're A Linux freak like me, unbelievable. And you understand ablative anti-fouling and sonar damping coatings (oops, that's too strategic).
The couch is available but it in the Netherlands in this case...
Hi Misha,
As a retired housewife I unfortunately have not much to offer, but I wish you good look.
Anyhow I will ask around if anybody has some ideas.
Thanks Marguy!
Hi Dennis!

Are there any employment opportunities in the Netherlands that you are aware of?
Im Backkkkkkkk from Cuba

Check this link out Misha Ill talk to you tommorow

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Good luck Misha. I didn't know economy in Russia was so bad. Here in Brazil it's not much better, our economy will shrink 1.7% this year and the cost of living is very expansive (actually we have high inflation with negative economic growth). I don't know if you've heard about the corruption scandal in our biggest state company Petrobras, which is ruining it almost to the point of failure... Well, fact is... Our country is struggling as well... Government here is very corrupt, as is the case in Russia I suppose. But I'm sure you're gonna find something good enough for you, you're very competent, smart and inteligent, we can tell it by your writing. Maybe you should go to Netherlands, (thank you Dennis). Or take a look at what Garry has suggested. I'm 100% supportive to you. Good luck!
Thanks Joshua

Today a museum offered me a job.

$1.75 / hr

PS - this is not a joke. 1.75 per hour!
Hi Misha,

What a difficult situation that you are having to face at this time, and so far from home.
I live in Southern California , I will ask around about jobs. I wonder if it would be a good idea for you to email your resume with more information about yourself that we can maybe distribute to any potential companies or individuals who may want to know more about your background.

I will do some checking here,
in the mean time, you are in my prayers.
Thank you Natalie
I will contact you!
Mischa, send me your resume and I'll pass it on to some recruiters. I'm not aware of any Job openings in my immediate circles but you never know.

I want to thank everyone who responded with well wishes and ideas. I am working on a new idea here that might be beneficial, and I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm going to close the thread for now so that people don't accidentally resurrect it every 3 months, but of course anyone is welcome to PM me.
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