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Hello All,

Long time NDERF reader, first time poster. My name is Lisa and I'm totally fascinated with near death experiences. I feel that these experiences hold such an important key to finding the purpose/methodology of existence. The NDERF site in particular is such a wonderful resource by having so many diverse NDE's all in one place.

On a different topic, I've just started a Q&A blog series called "5 Questions With," wherein people send in their answers to five important life questions and I post them. Questions like, "What is the most difficult experience you've ever been through?" and "What did you learn from that experience?" Because I'm a first-time poster it won't allow me to post a link, but if there is some interest I'll provide the address.

I hope this is okay to post here! I am searching for more people to participate and the people who post on this forum seem like they've led pretty interesting lives and I thought it would be a good place to start. If this is inappropriate to post here, feel free to give me a gentle slap! ;)

Thanks very much for your time - and for this site, too. It's really changed the way I look at life.

Hello Lisa and welcome! I also can say that reading near death experiences is something that makes good to me, and it makes me very hopeful there's something good for me wainting on the other side...
I will answer your questions if you post them here.
Take care. ;)

Ah, you are a brave man Joshua! Here are the questions:

1. What is the most difficult experience you've ever been through?
2. What helped you get through that experience?
3. What did you learn from that experience?
4. What advice would you give others currently struggling with a similar problem?
5. What makes you happy?

Enjoy! With your permission, I can post your answers on my blog - and you can email me a photo too, if you like.
Quick Answers, let's go:

1. I think the most difficult experience was losing someone who was very special, and I still miss her a lot, every day.
2. Realizing that what I have done to her was not my fault since I didn't have control over me when I did those things to her.
3. I've learned that we have to treat everyone with a lot of respect and love, and never have an inflated opinion about ourselves.
4. Try to focus on what you can do now instead of crying about what you should have done in the past.
5. Friendship, love. Love is the thing that most makes us happy I think.

You can post this on your blog.
Thanks so much, Joshua! I agree a lot with your answers.
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