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The 504: 'Evidence of the Afterlife'

Dr. Jeffrey Long says he believes the tales of near death experiences, because there are very specific, constant themes that transcends race and cultures. He joins us tonight to talk more about that and his book "Evidence of the Afterlife."

Thanks for sharing the interview!

A physician going public and talking about NDEs is very helpful for experiencers as well as non-experiencers to
talk about such a controversial topic in daily life.

There was a show on turkish newschannel dedicating many hours of discussion on life after death, NDEs, reincarnation and there were turkish physicians appearing in the show who are also researching NDEs in clinics, and these researchers were motivated by the researchers and researches in the US.
Their approach and goal is to stay open minded and as scientific as possible (in a country were only one official religion is accepted in general, this is a big step and very progressiv! :D )
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