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Out-of-Body Experience
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About five years ago, one of my first OBE's really shocked me and took me on a 'spiritual quest'. I never tried to have an OBE, nor did I know what they were. I fell asleep on the couch and I found myself 'somewhere'. It seemed very real, more real than anything..more so than now. It was dark but everything was encased in light..like outer space? I felt myself 'buzzing' around. I was blissfully wandering around and then this figure..kind of like a slim, male, athletic form that was dark but encased in light ran into me as fast as 'he' could. I felt this surge of energy that I can not explain. I compare it to an orgasm but much more potent but not sexual. I felt a my entire being vibrate and it felt euphoric. For some reason, I realized I needed to go back in my body. I could see myself lying on the couch and it was weird looking at myself the same way someone else would if that makes any sense. I came back in through my nose and woke up. I had this thought that I need to stop chasing 'him' each time. I don't know who 'him' is.
That's one powerful experience!
This is just conjecture on my part, I'm no psychic...
Maybe he is a soul mate from another life. Perhaps you were still unconsciously looking for him in this life where its not meant to be?
I actually think the same thing. I have never had a 'successful' relationship in this life, and my definition of successful is loving, not necessarily lasting. It took some time for me to truly understand the message.
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