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Received this email message from the family of Mary Baker on 1 June :

"Mary peacefully left this worldly life at about 7:30 am on Saturday, 30 May 2015, to go to her home with the Lord."

Reply sent to Mary Baker Family :

Very sorry to learn of Mary's death.

We both were participants of the NDE forum (NDERF) and over the years,
there were many interesting and informative discussions about various topics
ranging from religion, science, spirituality as well as the near death experience.

Also, over the years, Mary and I kept in touch by way of email.

I sent an email picture Christmas greeting card, but honestly wasn't aware that Mary's
health was ailing so severally, so the news is actually a surprise.

She will be sorely missed by many and we are all very sad for the loss of Mary.

Please relay our regards to everyone who knew and loved her so very much.


Mary Baker BIO and interview were featured on the Caribbean Radio Audio Show - 27 March 2011

Mary Baker was born on Crowley's Ridge USA where she
also grew up from a poor family, her father working away from
home on the railroad mopping cross ties with creosote,
coming home only at Christmas, and summer vacation.
Mother cared for the family in a two room, dirt floored log
shack, on top of a tall hill.

Though both parents were Christian church was seldom
attended. When father was home he read aloud from the
Bible leading also the family in a hymn then with Father
and Mother prayed a brief prayer at bedtime. I had no
interest in God or religion, and had decided to ignore
it until extreme old age then take out my "eternal fire
insurance." However shortly before Mary's fourteenth
birthday she unexpectedly met God in person.

You may go to this link to read other spiritual experiences
that Mary had.

It always saddens me when a good person leaves as there is a little less beauty in the world now.
I'm happy for her though, that she is now Home and can forget the hardships and general 'roughness' of life in the physical.
I can feel your pain Rey , but not Mary's .

It was a very interesting read as there were no words of anything , except her truth. with her not knowing anything of NDE's she clearly expressed what her experiences were, and accepted them as such, her experiences, which obviously guided her physical life along the path to her real home.

For Mary, I feel envy to have experienced such visions and to have been able to accept them into her life with no fear or need to understand.

To me , she was truly blessed in her life.

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Thanks, for letting us know about Mary. I have often wondered about her.

Some people did not like her posts but I thoroughly enjoyed them and the bantering that always seemed to accompany them.
She was always true to herself and her beliefs. I had to really respect her for that. She was a sweet soul with a pure heart.
Now, she is celebrating in her new home... all the pain and hardship... gone. You go Mary! :D
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