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Hey guys, just watched the pilot episode of a new show on TV called 'Proof" on Tuesdays a 10 PM on TNT.
It was interesting, pulled me in some. I'm not a big watcher of TV , just news and history/science stuff. About a doc who lost her son, had an NDE herself but is skeptical of life after death and is approached by an "Elon Musk" CEO type character who has cancer and wants her to research NDE's in exchange for her to receive a good chunk of money for her humanitarian efforts.

My take: above all, it's nice to see a show dedicated to the topic, if only in a drama type setting. I miss that one TV show that got pulled 2 years ago that interviewed people who had NDE experiences. It was a little more down to earth and experience driven.

Thanks guys, wondered what your thoughts were and if you planned on checking it out.

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