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Hi my name is Albert & I also answer to Al.

I sent in my questionnaire last night and joined this forum today. My NDE should be posted on Sunday 10-19-15 If not than next week.

On 10-10-2914 I flat lined in the ER due to a Heart Block. Ever since that night, questions have been on my mind. Questions keep coming back. "Why ME?" "Why did I come back?" Why was the transition from living & dieing so fast?" Hopefully I can find some answers!
Hi Al,

Welcome to the forum!
Hello Al,
So nice to have you join this forum!
I would love to hear more about your feelings and thoughts about your experience. So many people have the Near Death Experiences and are willing to share them with us here. Reading about them is so inspiring and fascinating for those of us who have not been privileged to have had this experience.
Thank you for the welcome.

I have been on the NDERF web site several times since last October. Finally decided to join and fill out the questionnaire.

Still amazes me how fast my life came to an end & I returned. Thank God I had a return ticket! My Heart Block attack started at aprox. 5pm they got me to the ER just before 7pm. My pulse was 20/bpm. (thats one beat every 3 seconds once every second is normal) When my pulse hit 56/bpm @ aprox 7:20pm I flat lined. When I was on the other side I was surprised how calm and at peace I was. Always thought I would be mad that my time had come so fast with out getting a chance to say goodbye to my wife of 50 years.

Coming back was more traumatic than than dieing, it was a shock to my whole system and I would do it again. There was this angel of a Nurse who kept talking to me trying to keep me from falling back into the void..

What I need to find out what does the Black Void means in my trip to the other side!
Al, please read "Dancing past the dark", by Nancy Evans Bush, it is the best book written on dark NDEs and deals extensively with finding meaning. She experienced the void herself and it frightened her enormously. Perhaps you experienced yours in a more positive way (I certainly hope so!), all the same that book sounds like what you are looking for.
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