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Out-of-Body Experience
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On the 12th of November 2011 I had a vivid OBE whilst under the influence of nitrous oxide, MDMA and psilocybin. I saw myself on the edge of the universe, I remained in human/ female form but my body was a beautiful light glowing blue like billions of stars clustered together. My face and body shape looked quite different - no sign of genitalia and very symmetrical yet amorphous looking facial features.

I thought to myself "this is more beautiful than anything I could ever imagine myself or anyone else to resemble" Upon this thought my body exploded and fragmented across space, I felt like I had become a comet traveling at the speed of light. I could not see other stars but soon saw I was heading towards earth I thought to myself "oh ok time to go back to earth then!". To my surprise, once I caught a glimpse of the geography and landscape, I realised I was looking at earth in prehistoric times. I had landed in dense jungle and suddenly I was being chased by a pack of vicious dinosaurs. Then time sped up and I then felt relieved I had escaped being hunted.

The vision faded and became blurred, I struggled to find my breath after opening my eyes, my body felt numb and my boyfriend was worried at my lack of response and movement, he also commented on how cold my hands felt. I was an atheist before this experience, it had a profound psychological and spiritual effect on me and since the event have had many incredible lucid dreams of a recent past life and multiple premonition dreams.

I very rarely use mind altering substances these days as I feel they are to be highly respected as sacred and used in a ceremonial context.
Wow, what an experience! I would also hold it sacred if it happened to me, what a treasure.
I don't dare take drugs, I'm too afraid I might do some damage one fine day. But then, I am still crazy after all these years ;-)
How is it for you to experience this and realize the atheist world view doesn't hold up?
DennisMe wrote: Wow, what an experience! I would also hold it sacred if it happened to me, what a treasure.
I don't dare take drugs, I'm too afraid I might do some damage one fine day. But then, I am still crazy after all these years ;-)
How is it for you to experience this and realize the atheist world view doesn't hold up?

I know in my heart that every living creature will experience something similar and I have no doubt that death is the most exquisite experience.

It is great that you know your limits, one certainly doesn't need psychedelics to achieve astral projection and such altered states. I once had an acute psychotic episode involving grey aliens so I too need to be extremely careful!

My new world view has been liberating although also challenging at times. My father is a devote atheist and likes to lecture me about how my views are flawed. For the first few months after my OBE I felt very disconnected from this reality and my body - to the point I became depressed and very upset at the belief structure of western society. I was so awe struck by the vision of my soul that all I really wanted was to return to it again and again. Perhaps this is how the soul feels about being reborn in a body, the soul just wants to return again and again out of curiosity and fascination. I am still overcoming fear of suffering and anxiety over death, so I know I have work to do in order to free myself from those chains.

I developed a fascination with paganism and shamanic practices, I made my own deerskin drum for drumming meditation which induced some very helpful visions. Thanks to my drum I am now much more grounded, focused and doing the work I need to do.
If use of sound as meditation works for you, then you might be interested in Aleya Dao's sound meditation technique.

(She was interviewed on Coast to Coast 15 Sept and her book on Amazon gets five star ratings.)

Summary of the C2C interview:

Aleya Dao shares her process which involves helping people access a higher vibration, and shift their consciousness, so "they can really be in their essence and come from that deep, authentic, beautiful place." To accomplish this, she advises individuals to use "seven cups of consciousness"-- seven concepts that foster access to the higher realms. These concepts include:

- We live in a multidimensional reality with the physical dimension just one aspect of our experience.
- We are never alone-- we have guides, angels, and teams around us to assist.
- We have the ability to change our inner world, which leads to changes in the outer world.

Dao described the "team" that assists people on their evolution as being made up of separate beings who exist in another dimension, and serve as huge resources that can buffer our energy. She also spoke about her work as a sound healer, using sound to move people to a greater place of coherence and balance. Dao uses her own voice, and demonstrated this on the air, with her unique and ethereal tones. You can check out some samples of her healing sounds here:

don't be discouraged about your father!

Interesting information. Thanks!
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