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So where really is the seat of Consciousness ?

I'm not sure it can be pinned to one location. The pineal gland is often the culprit but I don't think consciousness really occupies space.
It does interface with matter though (or we wouldn't be conscious) and a lot of that must have something to do with the brain. If only because its the hub of our physical control systems and therefore a logical place to 'patch in'.

Saying there is a seat of consciousness is like saying the studio inhabits your TV. I say our bodies are tuned to the I station. Like the cirquit boardsin the TV are tubed to whatever is 'on'. The station of our consciousness is everywhere because it is part of the ether (probably a field, much like an electro-magnetic field). Its origin is The origin if you ask me.
You might turn out to be a fan of David Bohm & Karl Pribram (Implicate Order, Holomovement & Holonomic Brain Theory).

Physicist David Bohm believed that underlying the physical tangible world, there is a far more mysterious, deeper order of "undivided wholeness."

He called the physical world the explicate order and that deeper world the implicate order and used the analogy of a flowing stream to describe his realization of unbroken unity.

"On this stream, one may see an ever-changing pattern of vortices, ripples, waves, splashes, etc., which evidently have no independent existence as such. Rather, they are abstracted from the flowing movement, arising and vanishing in the total process of the flow. Such transitory subsistence as may be possessed by these abstracted forms implies only a relative independence or autonomy of behavior, rather than absolutely independent existence as ultimate substances."

Those rather philosophical words came from Bohm's "Wholeness and the Implicate Order", which he wrote in 1980 and suggests the world of the implicate order is similar to a hologram where the complex interference patterns appear to be chaotic and disordered to the naked eye, yet on a deeper level possess a pattern that is hidden or "enfolded" into the whole or "holomovement", that contains order on an implicit level. The explicate order would be the projection from higher dimensions of reality, and any apparent stability of objects and entities are really a sustained process of enfoldment and unenfoldment. Nothing solid is really solid at the implicate level.

Bohm also believed there is a superquantum potential, or higher "superimplicate" order operating in the universe and that life and consciousness were enfolded within, with matter appearing in varying degrees of "unfoldment."

The implicate order is the fluctuating sea of energy from which matter unfolds alongside of it. One is visible, like a television. The other, invisible, such as electricity that powers the TV. The study of music (and the patterns of sacred geometry) suggest an invisible, "implicate" vibratory nature.


- "The Implicate Order ":

- "David Bohm, Implicate Order and Holomovement" :
That sounds good Ray. May have to read some of David Bohm's work some day.

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