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Perhaps I should have made a formal introduction before diving in and posting... My name is not Precaud, but that is my handle online. It was nice to discover a forum dedicated to NDE.

Within the Panoply of the Possible, NDE "recipients" have been given a quite unique, deeply subjective human experience. It's as close as one can get to the Star Trek line "To go where no man (or woman) has gone before", and live to tell the story.

I've been living with mine for 45 years. The senses, feelings, and imagery remain intact and unchanged, and almost daily, "call out" in their gentle, persistent manner. What has evolved over that time are my interpretation of many aspects of it. Perhaps this will be a suitable place to explore some of that, outside of my own private contemplation.

I submitted my NDE account 3 days ago but it has not been posted yet. Did I do something wrong? Or is there always a delay in posting? Perhaps an admin would weigh in and clarify.

It is always dangerous to offer unsolicited advice, especially at the very beginning. But having lurked and read posts here for a while, I would begin by offering a couple thoughts to NDE recipients who are struggling with it.

1. Do not doubt your experience. Stay with it, and in time you will see it as an amazing gift. Science, at present, is not well suited to exploring matters of human consciousness and being.

2. And, at the same time, do not be too attached to your interpretations of it, especially early in the process. Our understanding of things is provisional and subject to current knowledge, experience, maturity, etc., all of which will evolve. Don't let your ego in its current form limit your possible understanding of the extraordinary experience you have had.

All of this is IMO, of course. And with that, I offer greetings, and thanks again for the forum.
Nice to meet you! I'm new to the forum, too. (And elizabeth59 is also just my "handle," not my name or age/year of birth. The name/number hold a special, personal meaning : )

Just want to add I really like your 2 thoughts about NDE experiences for people who are struggling with it.

Looking forward to reading more from you & do hope your experience gets posted on NDERF soon!
Precaud wrote: I submitted my NDE account 3 days ago but it has not been posted yet. Did I do something wrong? Or is there always a delay in posting? Perhaps an admin would weigh in and clarify.

Yea how long it takes to see them posted will depend on

How busy jody is I believe she is a practicing lawyer

and they are usually posted every second Sunday but sometimes they get done sooner

Why Am I Here

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Thanks Garry, that makes sense. It can't be a trivial task to go through all of the submissions.

EDIT: I see it has been posted now, it's number 7834.

Precaud's NDE
Welcome aboard Precaud.

Although I am not an experiencer (yet?), your advisory about NDE sensory & imagery interpretation intuitively sounds quite wise.

While some people seem to be given very obvious specific and immediate directives in their (and even immediate healing), what you have advised seems to fit into the category that would appear to apply (or be applicable) to most other experiencers.
Thanks Rey. I agree, folks who, as you say, receive specific directives or messages don't need any advice. Their accounts tend to have "familiar" elements from their normal daily life mixed in, which gives them at least something to relate to. My advice was directed toward those who are struggling with their experience.
Precaud, It all makes good sense to me. I know it took very long for me to grasp everything.
Glad to hear it, ano. It does take some time to integrate such an experience.

Though, I would have to say, I am not so comfortable that I have "grasped everything". Every now and then something comes along that causes friction in my previous understanding, especially related to the nature of this "Light Being". The latest thing that did so was the archeological discovery and recent unveiling of Homo Naledi in South Africa. (PBS' Nova" did amazing coverage of most of the process.) Exact dating has not yet been done, but estimates place this new species of Homo from 1 million to 2.8 million years ago. By all appearances, the site they discovered was a burial chamber. What struck me about that were the implications in consciousness: even that far back, there was a common consciousness within our ancestors, which became the primary reason why they survived and thrived over other other genuses, like the Neanderthals.

If true, this could throw a very different slant on possible interpretations of the so-called "other worldly" beings encountered in an NDE.

Such things create more questions than answers, and beg us to keep our minds open.
Precaud, i have just read your story. It always fascinates me to read them and yours is no exception. What an ordeal you must have experienced, both in your body and out of it (if thats a correct way of putting it).
David, yes, it was an "ordeal", not something you would wish on anyone. Most of the ordeal was in the body; once freed from it, the only stress point was the transition into the tunnel, which was the "tipping point" of a still-independent conscious entity losing its independence and transitioning to one that was essentially merging or dissolving back into its source.
From your experience of this do you believe after we dissolved back to source the consciousness is still aware?
David, if by that you mean the individual consciousness maintaining a separate awareness after merging or dissolving into the Light, I have to honestly say I do not know, because that's where I lost consciousness completely. But if I had to guess, I would say no. Once folded into the tunnel, my sense of "existing separate from what I was immersed in" was all but gone and fading fast. And there was no desire to recover it.

But there is uncertainty in this call. Is that "complete loss of consciousness" the normal state of affairs when the dissolving reaches a certain point? Or did something else happen? Or was the merging interrupted? Impossible to say. Maybe someone else has been past that point and will weigh in.

Great question, though.
There are individuals who claim to have gone past what typically is described as a sensed PNR (ie, point of no return).

From years past, I recall one experiencer describing that there was simply a recognition of the existence of all the past lives (individual human personalities along with associated life histories) that a portion of the now "super, higher or merged conscious" was part of or participated in.
I have heard of cases like that too. I'm hesitant to read too much into things like that, because there's so much interpretation/belief wrapped up in it. It impresses me as being "transitional personal content", which may or not be present, and is highly individualistic in nature. And for that reason, my hunch is it occurs well before an actual PNR.

In the late 80's I had several waking dreams of sitting in a meditation hut in the Himalayas overlooking an expansive valley with mountains inthe distance, covered in blankets, meditating the winter away. For a while it inclined me to believe this was a past-life recollection. But there is so much interpreted or assumed content in that. When dealing with my subjective life, I endeavor to stay with the images, feelings, and sensations and not get too carried away with interpretations unless they persist.
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