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I had surgery back in 1999 and died briefly on the operating table. I had a NDE during this and it has had quite a profound effect on me, even all these years later. I find I rarely need to sleep, or if I do, it is in short little bits, I have tons of energy, my libido is through the roof and my personality changed quite a bit. At one point I thought all of this might go away, or settle down, but nearly 17 years later and I still struggle with a lot of the same things. Just wondering if anyone else out there is similar? Thx Di
Welcome Di!

Welcome to the forum and what a fantastic story and experience you must have had.

Have you submitted a story on the main http://www.nderf.org website?

Look forward to hearing more of it.


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Welcome Di

I am so jealous of your new energy levels. Do you think the rest of us can get there through meditation or something?
Hi Di,

Interesting story. And good on you for paying attention to the physiological and psychological consequences of your experience. I think this is an area where we NDE recipients can be of great value to each other. You have great self-awareness for someone 17 years in. May I ask how old you were when this happened?

Yes, I also had very much the same "symptoms" following my NDE. It was definitely a bit much to handle sometimes. The best advice I got was not to try to suppress it or hold it in; to express it, "get it out" as much as possible, keep the channel flowing, and give yourself some slack in the self-judgement department. All of which is easier said than done sometimes. I had a hard time finding a life partner who could "keep up" with what was pouring through me on so many levels. And that is still true in many respects. Looking forward to hearing more from you, I appreciate your perspective.

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