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My first time in a forum. Have read hundreds of NDE's since I found the website a few years ago. Find great comfort in the descriptions of the love energy. Had an STE dream 33 years ago, which I posted. Browsing around. I do have one question. What's the best way to contact an NDE-er if the person has offered to answer questions? Is the only way to contact Jody by email? Thanks.
From the Main site NDERF.org there is no way to contact someone as it is set up that way for privacy reasons .

Theaflora wrote: What's the best way to contact an NDE-er if the person has offered to answer questions? Is the only way to contact Jody

Jody has way to many things going on that, I don't believe she could be a middle man, to get back to someone who has offered to answer questions but we have several members ( here ) who are NDE-ers and are more than willing to answer questions.

I will put this question forward to the rest of the Admin team here and see what everybody else thinks.....

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I was moved by the recent post by Philip S NDE 7855 12/13/2015. He mentions that he wrote a book in 2008. I was wondering how to find it, as well as the graph he made of the 5th dimension. I guess Jody will tell him about this forum, and I will notice when he joins. Thanks for your prompt response!
Theaflora, just mail Jody. The man from that experience expressly said he wanted to be of help. Maybe she can direct him to these forums where he can pitch in himself and help many readers at once.

Hi Theaflora and thanks for your interest in this wonderful subject, I sent you an email to contact me if needed but I will also post some information to hopefully help out with your question. In regards to your question about some of the graphs I shared on this site I made a short hopefully easy to understand 16 minute You tube discussion to partially explain how higher dimensions affect our perceptions of reality.

*Update I was unable to post my link for my first post hopefully I can post the link right after I publish this first post, at any rate if you go to You Tube and search "Quantum Paradox Here There, Everywhere, Nowhere!"*

This is the link to the site involving a simplified version of how I tried to philosophically solve on paper a very complex quantum paradox riddle of being here, there, everywhere and nowhere simultaneously in a place that doesn't exist. This is something that happened to me over 30 years ago when I briefly died for over 3 minutes, I found myself in all of these states of existence and wanted to come up with some type of philosophical model to show how this is possible in a scientific setting.

I very briefly mentioned the 5th dimension in this discussion but wish I had more time to show how the 5th dimension is the missing link in unifying the Theory of Everything physicist are having trouble understanding for the mathematical equations needed to unite the Micro Quantum Field Universe to the Macro Universe we are from. My 5th dimensional studies seems to suggest that we are part of a parallel universe that shows a clear 5th dimensional link that can explain how a seemingly infinite large universe that collapsed over 13.7 billion years ago by the process of gravity, can fit into a seemingly infinite small universe, that expanded from a point of singularity that caused our micro universe to explode/expand rapidly to the universe we are familiar with today, from the violent collision between the 2 universes had by process of gravity and anti gravity!

I apologize because most of the studies I have engaged in are well past my intellect. I only have progressed to advanced algebra in my life because I hated all the rules the higher mathematics have in order to understand their equation formulas, but what I lack in mathematical skills I hope I make up for in applying logical philosophical reasoning in order to solve the incredibly complex mathematical problems we face in trying to understand the true realities that are around us in this wonderful world of ours. I think the incredible advanced knowledge I was exposed to during my 3 minutes of observation during my death is supporting evidence that consciousness and existence after death is not only normal but expected when one passes away!

I wish I had the time to explain to you how those 3 minutes of observation in my deceased state of mind helped me understand the process of Super String theory and how I believe the infinitely small 5th dimension field is possible to wrap itself around an incredibly large universe we are from. Quantum entanglement can explain how the 5th dimension can link 2 sub atomic particles in a higher dimension to have instantaneous interaction in our 4 dimensions of space/time regardless of how far they are separated from one another. Unfortunately for physicist they are not able to explain this process by general relativity, but if they just understood the process of the missing link the 5th dimension plays in by Quantum entanglement, physicist would be able to understand how this process works! I know what I wrote is extremely complicated and I do apologize, but if you want simplified answers feel free to contact me and we can take it one step at a time to understand this process in an extremely simplified version. Thanks so much for contacting me, I am honored and deeply touched of your interest in this amazing subject we all are a part of!
Hi Theaflora, this is the 16 minute discussion to the Quantum Paradox if you had trouble finding it on youtube:


I also noticed in your discussion that you were interested in the book I have written back in 2008 titled "A Year And A Day In The Craft". This was an autobiographical 365 page book I written and is available for free for anyone interested in reading that centers around the year and day of the spiritual journey I took back on that faithful year. Let me know if you are interested in the free copy and I will be more than happy to send it to you in rich format text form.

Although this book is centered more on promoting religious acceptance and tolerance for everyone to please participate in, I do have some very entertaining stories about my unorthodox life including my brief near death experience that happened on September 27, 1985 as well as some moments I hope can inspire people to live their life to the fullest as they travel on their own individual life journey. Thanks and hope what I have to share helps you on your journey!
I have some of my graphs posted on this site but here are my 2 favorite ones I will post here for you to see hope they are informative and entertaining!

This graph model shows our universe as time is moving forward and expanding in a clockwise rotation, at the same time a parallel universe contracted from gravity and reversal of time into our point of singularity that I believe caused our big bang to occur. The linking factor of the collision occurred by the 5th dimension which I believe is part of the point of singularity our universe originated from.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
I have many graphs to try and explain reality from a scientific perspective but out of all of the graphs I produced this is by far my favorite. It is an illustration of time travel that explains the movie "Back To The Future" that shows some important physics mistakes the film makers made. It also clearly shows how a rift in time would occur the second a person rips and slide from one time universe to another. The rift in time is clearly demonstrated in the blank area between the time universes as illustrated in my chart.

In the movie, Doc told Marty that it would take them 1 minute to catch up to his dog Einstein that he sent 1 minute into the future, but he was technically wrong. If you carefully look at the time graph highlighted in green, the Doc and Marty we know from our time frame belongs in the P time dimension. If Doc sent his dog Einstein exactly 1 minute into the future at exactly 12:00 am in our P highlighted green section of our P time dimension, You will see that Einstein ceased to exist for 1 minute as Doc correctly explained to Marty in the movie.

What Doc got wrong is that when they caught up to Einstein at 12:01am the Einstein they caught up to was not the Einstein they sent into the future, but the Einstein that was 1 minute from their past! It is such a mind boggling and extremely fun way to look at the realities of life!

Look very carefully at the graph regarding Einstein (highlighted in red) from a minute ago, and note how he slid into our time universe at 12:01am! Although Doc and Marty did not realize it at the time, they will never see the Einstein they sent 1 minute into the future because he will always be 1 minute ahead of them in the Q time dimension highlighted in the green section!

This time graph is a fun way to gain more insight on a movie that dealt with time, but more importantly is a tool to show you how complex our world truly is. The biggest problem we humans have with time is that we think of time as a verb, an action, a forward linear progression in time, but in reality it is a noun, a place just like our spatial dimensions are that we can technically travel from one time frame to another, but there are repercussions and imprints that will occur if we slide into the past or the future by creating time rifts as illustrated in the blank spaces of my graph.

Unfortunately I only could come up with a mathematical formula how you can go into the future and still be able to obey the laws of physics, I couldn't find a mathematical way to go back in time. This graph does show a very peculiar trait a time traveler would face if they slid into time. In the case of the 1 minute time travel into the future, they would cease to exist for 1 minute (12:00am) in all the time frames in the graph and from my computations this rift would go back to the point of singularity before the big bang occurred in our universe. This is an extremely important concept to understand if one can see that we have a limited vision of what real time is. From a Quantum perspective, time either exist indefinitely or does not exist at all, but in our space time dimension it has a forward linear progression that we must follow from our laws of physics and general relativity.

Hope you have fun with the graph and amaze your friends if they happen to see the movie. Let them know that the Einstein dog they caught up to 1 minute later is not the same dog they sent to the future and have fun as they are scratching their heads in wonder! ;)
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
philipshadowfire wrote: It also clearly shows how a rift in time would occur the second a person rips and slide from one time universe to another. The rift in time is clearly demonstrated in the blank area between the time universes as illustrated in my chart.

I also read your NDE account with great interest.

I've been digging through Robert Monroe's and William Buhlman's (among others) writings on OBEs. The more I study intentionally-induced and rationally-considered OBEs, the more I am persuaded of the connection to NDE OBEs. I am increasingly convinced of the enormous complexity (for us in human form) of these topics. I am beginning to comprehend at least some of the reasons why various individuals have such differing experiences.

With ongoing research experience, these researchers essentially show that all that we were raised to think and believe is largely silly. My life-long-held paradigms of life and the universe are mostly crashing.

This is crazy, mind-blowing stuff. It makes "Star Trek" look childish.

And it appears to be very real from every angle I look at it from.

I miss my simple life. :)
Thanks for your kind post ccndr I really appreciate it. I kind of miss the simple life too when I thought our existence was easy to understand haha!

What makes it all worth it to me is that there is a whole world out there to explore that we haven't even began to tap into yet, but if we could have an open mind for just one moment and not be afraid of what we will discover out there, we can touch beyond our universe in understanding the true meaning and reality of our life!

I liked Q speech on Star Trek's next generation regarding this subject where he said something to the effect "True exploration is not mapping new stars or discovering nebula, it is about using the limitless power of your mind that knows no boundaries to keep you from understanding the secrets to life! That is the wonderful exploration you need to engage in!"
Welcome to the forum Phillip!
Thanks Misha I really appreciate it, I sincerely hope the views and comments I have to share are helpful to the people out there that are trying to find out about life the same way I'm trying to learn as well. Blessings friend! :)
Thanks, Philip!

Guess who?

janef <3)))
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