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Are there any people on this site that practice witchcraft and had a near death experience? I am a full practicing witch that had spiritual contacts before and one of the things I noticed with a particular neighbor of mine that passed away is that when he came to me from the other realm, I could sense that he had this super consciousness, health and a sense of timelessness all around him during our encounter.

For a few brief seconds we merged into a neutral realm between our worlds and stared at one another for a few seconds and for billions of years, we were unable to talk to one another but I could sense his thoughts! It was a strange but a wonderful experience for me. Being in the neutral Realm drained me but it was nice to see that my neighbor was fine and that he wanted me to relay a message to his widowed wife that he was fine and no longer suffering from his illness when he was alive.

A few years after this encounter with my neighbor I had my near death experience and I sensed the same feelings of super consciousness, timelessness, extreme good health and oneness with the universe that I had when I encountered my neighbor.

I just wanted to mention this experience because what I witnessed as a receiver from the living side and what I experienced in my brief death state several years later seemed to match up perfectly and I was just wondering if anyone else had an experience similar to the one I mentioned above? Thanks and blessings everyone!
Hi Philip.

Thats a very interesting encounter you have. You mentioned that you were talking mentally with him for Billions of years, did you get a sense it was a long time?

And I don't think we've had anyone on the forum that practices Witchcraft, however there may be people just not to my knowledge.

Welcome - David.
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Hi David and thanks for your response, yes it did seem like billions of years and for a fraction of a second when we had the encounter. I was outside my parents home during sun set when I felt a spiritual presence nearby my area. Our neighbor lived just to the west of us and that is when I saw him standing on the other side of the fence on his side of the property and the fence seemed like the veil or barrier between the living and spiritual world. I had many contacts with spiritual being in my past but nothing like this!

Our encounter was very strange, we didn't exactly talk, but communicated in a very ancient primal instinctual non verbal way if that makes sense? As we were staring at each other for that fraction of a second, I noticed that the sun was shining from his reading glasses and was slowly moving down his glasses as the sun was setting in our area and then it seemed to stop. Also from my non verbal communication with my neighbor it was made perfectly clear to me that he didn't need the reading glasses he was wearing, it was just an unnecessary accessory he happened to be wearing.

When the sun stop moving from his reading glasses it began to feel like we were caught in what felt like a suspended animation in the neutral realm we traveled to as we stared at each other for at least a billion years and then the sun started to move again and the glare from the sun reflected from his glasses and it was the blinding light of the sun that broke my concentration from him and I fell to the ground after the encounter because it felt like a billion years took place in that neutral realm, but was only a fraction of a second in our physical realm. I suppose his reading glasses was the metaphor that was needed to release us both from that neutral realm we were at?

It was such an interesting encounter, very unnerving, and although it was extraordinary, it was not completely overwhelming to me, just very difficult to adjust for about an hour after the encounter to regain my energy and composure from this strange phenomenon. Try to think of yourself being transported to an area where you have to hold your breath in order to survive. Say for instance you are on dry land and suddenly find yourself deep underwater where you have to instinctually hold your breath for many minutes under water by reasons unknown to you as well as wondering how you got so far underwater for no explainable reason in the first place and just as you are about to give up from holding your breath for so long, you suddenly return back to the safe land you started in and you gasp for breath, only to realize that you only had to hold your breath for only a fraction of a second in the world you were always in all along!

I don't know if the journey or the psychological torture of wondering what reality my body was in that drained me the most. My mind frame at the exact moment I returned back felt like the water illustration I just mentioned to you. Could you imagine what your mind might be thinking in such a situation as this. everything is fine and normal, then suddenly you find yourself underwater for lets say 3 minutes where you have to hold your breath, just as you are about to give up you are suddenly transported back to your point of origin and found out you were only under water for a fraction of a second, but it was 3 minutes over there and now you have to calm down your body down from the adrenalin, the uncertainty, the danger you faced, only to realize you were not in any danger at all, but it still takes time to return to a normal breathing pattern. That is kind of how I felt after and hour from my encounter.

I have had many supernatural encounters over the years that were really amazing and comparing it to my near death experience I had gives me comfort in knowing or at least having faith that there is an after life and it is a wonderful place to go to, but this world is equally as beautiful and a gift I will certainly treasure for which I made a vow to live my life to the fullest and to live it well while I'm here.

By the way my personal record for holding my breath underwater is 5 minutes flat, but in this you tube illustration I only held it for a little over 3 minutes and 30 seconds. What can I say? I really live a fun and extraordinary life but that is what I think we all should be doing so that when it is our time to cross over, we won't have any regrets that we didn't fully live our life here! Blessings friend and thanks for allowing me to be on your site, yall are doing wonderful things for the people here!
By the way my personal record for holding my breath underwater is 5 minutes flat

I don't know how you do it! As a teenager, I once held my breath for about 2 minutes, watching the clock. I imagined I wanted to learn to be a diver. 2 minutes is as far as I remember, I woke up sprawled across the kitchen table face down.
Thanks ccndr, it took me years of conditioning to get me to this level of being able to hold my breath. It is a strange but wonderful feeling being able to touch right on the edge of what feels like a supernatural connection when holding my breath, I hope the video was helpful and inspiring for everyone to do their best what ever they engage in their life! Regardless if you have some type of athletic talent, a beautiful singing voice, a keen intellect, a special craft, or an extremely positive bubbly attitude, let what you do shine so that others can shine as well! :)
As a scuba diver i can appreciate the art of holding your breath under the water!
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Philip, I have to say you are very good with metaphors! Great way of conveying an impression of what it must have felt like.
I am also training myself to swim under water (never unsupervised) but my feet start to tingle after a while so I can only do about 25 meters under water at the moment... But I'll keep pushing the envelope, it would be cool to be able to free dive someday.. Just dreaming.
Thanks for the kind words Dennis, I used to love to swim/snorkel in all types of waters of the world. Unfortunately I broke every safety rule book I could think of and went pirate on so many adventures. My absolute favorite place to swim was in Guam, the crystal shades of blue to purplish waters was absolutely breathtaking and I used to row 1 to 2 kilometers from the shore right at the breaker line from the lagoon to the pacific ocean it was incredible. I was always by myself, swam in what felt freezing cold to me 15.55 Celsius temperatures, but I never seemed to be able to go more than 12 meters deep underwater the water pressure would kill my eardrums unless I tried to equalize it.

The other favorite place I love to swim is a place called Canyon lake. It is up to 38.1 meters deep but once again I seem to only have a maximum depth range of 12 meters underwater depth. Because the lake is not as deep, the top layer of the lake can reach temperatures of up to 27 Celsius but strangely the temperature drops the deeper you go and it feels like it is around 16 Celsius at the 12 meter under water depth. Swimming in this beautiful but murky lake is another bad thing I did because I always swam alone since there are underwater trees that so many people have gotten caught in and drowned. I even used to swim at midnight at the lake and it was one of the most fun times I ever had. I strongly discourage swimming alone, I just did it because I didn't want to risk anyone's life other than mine lol!
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I'm sorry if it seemed like we drifted off topic but for me everything I do or engage in ties right back to the source of my near death experience. My last description of descending deep into the waters of canyon lake reminds me of my travel to the barrier point of no return between life and death back in my near death experience. For me, it is a very sacred moment descending into the depths, pressure, temperature of the water barrier between the air/water breathing world and the experience is very similar to the dying process I engaged in twice during my life time.

If you ever get to know me you will find that I am a very 1 dimensional person that can't separate my normal secular life with my practice of witchcraft, the near death experience I had and the 24 hour spirituality my life evolved to. My Sabbath rituals, meditations, cycling, writing, eating, sleeping, working, conversations with people, soul searching, life force connections, spelunking, being in awe of my surroundings and swimming is directly connected to my obsessive witchcraft and near death experience I engage in!

I understand that most people separate their everyday secular life from their religious one but for me there is no separation, every day chitchats for me leads me right back to the source of witchcraft, near death experience and more importantly: The value of life while we are blessed to be here!

I will leave you with one final illustration of how a totally unrelated event with a life guard lead directly back to my original thread: Witchcraft with near death experience I'd like to share with you.

Back in the 1990's we had a wonderful swimming park that had a pool that was 12 feet deep that I loved to swim to the bottom to hold my breath. Well on one faithful day I forgot to warn the lefeguard on duty that I'm weird haha, by holding my breath under water. Well needless to say, around the 3 minute mark of being under water I started feeling a kicking sensation in my head and wondered if I was staying under water too long but when I looked up, the life guard thought I was in trouble and he couldn't reach me at that depth so he was trying to frantically kick me up to the surface. I gently went around him after I felt comfortable he wasn't drowning while attempting to rescue me, even though I didn't need his help and afterward we had a great laugh at hiow wonderful life is, my religious practice off holding my breath as a direct result of my near death experience and how nothing is impossible unless you put barriers to what you can achieve through will power and the limitless power of your mind!

I hope you have a chance to see this short video of me walking on a treadmill and find it entertaining because a simple secular thing such as walking can turn into a deep religious experience for anyone if they can see the connection. In the video I start off walking normally, but then my normal routine walk turns into a very precise movement of motion that ties in directly to my near death experience and spiritual way of life through the witchcraft I engage in on a 24 hour basis in my lifetime.

Walking leads to balance, balance leads to connection to oneself and their environment, connection leads to the eye opening realization that when all three forces are in perfect harmony and symmetry, a beautiful revelation occurs: You keep from crashing on your face for making a foolish risk to dance with the universe while walking on a treadmill.
I suppose I'm far from being a Witch myself as a Christian Pastor. But my ex wife became a Wiccan before we split up (in a friendly way) so I am quite familiar with some aspects (familiar enough to know that no two people can ever walk the same path, even though they may share the same label).
I have the same experience. I can't separate my beliefs from my daily life because they define who I am. I don't dish out dogma either though but I have never met a Wiccan or Witch that did that either. To me every breath is a gift from God. When I go sailing solo, I am never alone. I never feel as alive as when I am close to death so I understand why one would want to go to extremes of survival.
Risk taking can be dangerous though and it would be a shame to put others at risk, even unwittingly. In sailing I almost caused an alarm once when I didn't follow my stated "flight plan". I'll never forget that lesson. I had three coast guard stations on alert that afternoon. I am so glad that nothing broke that day...
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