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Hi guys,

I have had an NDE, which I have just shared with several NDE websites. I already had several STEs and meaningful dreams.

EDIT: I just received a reply from NDERF that my experience was actually a SOBE, not NDE, since it was initiated by sleep paralysis not encountering death. However, I think my question is still relevant.

As part of my NDE (EDIT: SOBE), I left my body and was elevated. Just before going to the light, I "witnessed" what was going on in my room and other parts of the house within in a moment. For example, I saw my little brother working with my computerin near my bed. However, I also saw my little brother had turned his head back and was looking at me while smiling, and "said": "you're going up!" I wonder what this means... if I was out of my body, then why did I see something that was obviousely imaginary and not what actually happened? What does it mean? Would it disprove/prove anything? Does anybody have read any NDE/OBE that contains imaginary elements? I haven't.

My experience was already strange and it took me several years to understand the sense of it.

Another experience (a dream) by me which came out to be true but contained an imaginary element (sorry if it is long, you can skip it and read the "PROBLEM" part):

Those years near having my NDE and Kundalini Awakening I had a very deep connection with a particular mystic (Rumi) (beside other mystic figures), I was thinking about his words a lot, I would read his poems every nght, I could fully understand what he is saying. I loved him so much that if you would ask "where would you wish to be" back then, I would say in Konya, which is home to his mausoleum (I had thought about this back then), One night in a dream just before waking up, I found myself in Konya, in his mausoleum. I remember I "passed through" several walls by moving ahead straightly and founf myself in a dark room (although I could see very well) and saw his coffin. I also knew I was "in a museum". I then found myself outside of the tomb. I know I had passed through the last wall ahead. I didn't see, or possibly I saw but didn't remember, all of the scenes of the dream, but I know I passed through several walls first, seeng and staying near the coffin, and then passing through one wall, the last one. Immediately after that wall, I found myself outside the building, and saw Christian-style gravestones on grass. Then I woke up, with a strong, vague feeling of regret, which reminded me of the feeling after returning to my body during my NDE. However, this looked loke a dream to me. Although it impressed me and it also satisfied my feeling of need to visit his tomb, I considered what I saw nonesense. particulary the Christian graves near his tomb. Later, I accidentally saw more photos of Rumi's mausoleum, and found that, surprisingly, what I saw was true! In fact, his tomb is part of a museum, and there exist a cemetery and many gravestones near his tomb, including several gravestones on grass just near his tomb (see the pic). The difference is that they are not Christian gravestones, they are apparenly unique Muslim gravestones which are just vertical, similar to Christian gravestones (typical Muslim gravestones are horizontal). It was the first time I had seen such Muslim gravestones. A lot of photoes of them can be found by googling, here is one photo which also show the position of Green Dome (which is where coffin is located) relative to the graves:
http:// il1.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/10708031/thumb/1.jpg?i10c=img.resize%28height:160%29

And indeed, there's just one wall between the coffin and outside, as shown in this plan I found (note the position of the Green Dome):
http:// aroomnearthebazaar.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/0552-Mevlana-Museum-plan.jpg

PROBLEM: while near the coffin, I also saw something else that was obviousely nonesense/imaginary (or maybe "metaphorical" at best). I believe if this was a real out of body experience, there shouldn't be any imaginary element.
Sometimes i find it best to just let a dream or an experience be Just that, A Dream or an Experience .

Some times when I ask a question, somebody might give me an answer, and I may not like the answer, or understand the answer


Sometimes, maybe some answers aren't mean to be known

so I go back to my first statement

Sometimes i find it best to just let a dream or an experience be Just that, A Dream or an Experience .

Not probably the type of answer you are looking for ....

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Welcome Danial!
Yes I am sorry I answered you question before I welcomed you to the forum

Welcome to the forum

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Hmmmm ........

In today's news,

& seems related here:

How Power Naps Are Related to NDEes (& OBEes)
Hello! Guinevere here! Experiences R Us, right? Humans are asleep one-third of our lives. Souls do not sleep. They go out while we're asleep and visit, attend classes, do assigned work for the planet . . . We might pick up on some of this and our human brains roughly translate the experiences into symbols or events we can understand. I don't see any reason why you couldn't have gone to that location as a Soul! Dreams are important. If you like, you could try keeping a dream diary. There are many levels of consciousness. Never hurts to collect as much information as you can, might be useful to you one day. What a neat experience!
Guinevere how do you know that we attend classes while we sleep? Any proofs?
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