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Book Review: Life After Near Death:Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers by Debra Diamond
I've read several books on the Near Death Experience, after all dying is a trip we are all going to take some day. I found this book to be by far the most insightful, objective and informative combining scientific study and metaphysical observation. The book has a different twist as the author has a research background and is a practicing medium. She speaks the same language as her subjects, with added scientific interjections . The book is written in a fascinating style as the author shifts from a casual narrative style, to excerpts from the reading she did in the process of interviewing her subjects, to hard core research data. She then ties all of this together by expressing suppositions and drawing conclusions.

Life After Near Death gives case studies of twelve individuals who had their lives changed significantly after experiencing Near Death. (Debra redefines NDE criteria which is very interesting, especially if you have wondered if you yourself have had this experience) who had their lives changed significantly after experiencing near death or closely related phenomena. Interestingly, this book tells about the struggles these people face after the fact, when they return with life altering skills and a compelling sense of mission. As Debra said in the book (I'm paraphrasing) don't go out of your way to wish one of these experiences on yourself. It might be more than you bargained for.

Although I had a strong belief in an afterlife what helped solidify this belief for me was the evidence that the people interviewed had concrete measurable and observable changes in their physiology after their experience. The author really delves into the physical and spiritual aspects of these changes and how they are manifest by the experience of death.

Life After Near Death
Now, this is a book I may have to read. When I came to this site so many years ago - I was looking for someone to talk with about all the changes post nde. To me the experience was fact, I needed to feel okay about the things that came after.
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