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In some of those NDE's you read about "angels" appearing to help at scenes and then disappearing.

When I was 17, had just gotten my driver's license, I was in a really bad accident on the highway going 70 mph. My car flipped over, landed in a ditch, upside down and facing backward. I survived without a scratch on me. As soon as my car stopped moving, and I was hanging upside down by my seat belt and didn't know what to do, a man appeared at my window. He said "Are you OK?" I said I was fine, and he instructed me to turn off my engine. The police/ ambulance arrived minutes later and got me out of the car. The man had gone which I thought was weird because he was just there! I wanted to talk to him because 1. He was nice and helped me and 2. He was super cute. He had red hair and freckles which was my favorite thing ever. He seemed to be in his 20s. But he left the scene just as quickly as he appeared! I never really thought about that until I started reading the NDEs where it talks about angels appearing at accident scenes. Maybe he was an angel? He sure was a cute one :D

Edit: They eventually identified the priest in the OP: http://abcnews.go.com/US/mystery-priest ... d=19943412

But certainly, living people can be "angels" too!!!!
The word Angel is derived from a greek word meaning "messager". (That's why the bible always specifies it by adding "of God")
That's a role any of us can (and many do) take upon ourselves.
I guess it's not what we all mean when we use the word casually. Still its nice to remind ourselves that the divine is a lot closer to our true nature than we usually regard it to be.
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