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This is an amazing film I wanted to share here. It was based on a book (transcribed) by the brazilian medium Chico Javier (Francisco Cândido Xavier). I haven't had an nde but I just know these worlds - they mean so much to me and are so familiar, I've been to them in dreams many times..reading nde stories they reflect the experiences of so many...


Chico Javier is was an incredible being.....

If you google it you will find a version out there witch English subtitles. I did and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks for the tip.
yes, thanks DennisMe!

ps. I didn't want to give anyone's computer a bug :)
The selfish Dr. André Luiz dies and awakes in a kind of limbo called "Umbral". After a painful and numb period in a gruesome swamp, he is rescued and brought to "Nosso Lar" (meaning "Our Home"), a spiritual city. He finds a place of harmony, where people live in peace, working for the good of humanity, for the self evolution and awaiting for reincarnation. Sooner André Luiz changes his behavior becoming a more self aware and altruist man.

Astral City ( English Subtitles)

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