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Out-of-Body Experience
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I have had an out of body experience before that ended with a voice telling me to stop looking for romantic love. The voice didn't say it like that..I just understood what was being 'said' & translated it to verbal English. I have never felt like I needed love from the opposite sex until now. It's like my whole thought process has changed & I don't see the purpose of a relationship without being in 'love'...which I have found ridiculous because everything in this realm is 'special' love..not really love at all. Enough of my ramblings, I just wish I knew what to do to quiet the thought of having a loving partner. It's really eating at me lately. No one has ever been in love with me that I know of whom I have loved back.
Hi michellekia : )

Today has been one huge synchronicity for me for some reason. (Probably because I was up all last night thinking about a ton of things, and then woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. XP - I haven't done that in a LONG time...) So it feels like someone/something out there is telling me to not give up. :P

It is so weird to see this post today, because I have been thinking about the same things recently. Literally just started this year. I was completely fine beforehand. Didn't think about being in a relationship, didn't think about finding love... and then boom! It just hit me. :|

I have never been "in love" before. I have loved, but never felt those butterflies in the stomach. And the one person I did start to develop feelings for, was someone I knew I shouldn't have, but I don't think you can pick who you fall in love with. ;P It would be nice, because I would love to return those feelings to someone who actually cares about me, loves me, thinks about me, etc. But alas, maybe my predicament is the same as yours. As a matter of fact, I was actually asking for a sign saying, "If I'm not meant to be with anyone, then so be it. That's Your will. If I am meant to be with someone, then I'm sure it'll happen."

Would you mind expanding on the out of body experience? Do you know who or what this voice came from?
I know people say that when you stop looking for love, it'll find you, so maybe that's what this voice was indicating?..
And as for me, I am quieting those thoughts by being as kind and loving to those around me as I can, and working on understanding what God wants me to do.
@ prismreverie

It feels strange because I have been married before and I am 39 but never had the whole 'butterfly' feeling either. I never really needed for anyone to be 'in love' with me more so than just respect me, help out with the household & treat me nice enough the majority of the time. I think the feeling probably goes a bit deeper than just a partner...maybe we both are just realizing or accepting the role love really plays in all things and why it should be there. 8-)
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