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Out-of-Body Experience
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Hello friends,

We have some interesting pictures to share, and I'd love to know what you think.

Here is one that I took of my 10-year-old when she was decorating her hand with play henna. Seems to show her aura.


This one, she took today. She was outside taking pictures of nature. There is this little spider that has a pink/ purple orb next to it. I wonder if it is the spider's energy or if it is a little spirit protecting the spider. This showed up in BOTH pictures.


I don't know anything about photography-- maybe it's a normal thing?
I'm quite heavily into photography, have been since 1986. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am also very technical. I can visualize exactly what light will do, direct and indirect reflection, refraction, transmission, diffusion, you name it I see it, even when using (multiple) flash units.

I am convinced that 95% of what I see on the internet has a perfectly normal technical explanation. Most orbs for instance are caused by light hitting a dust particle in the air in the out of focus regions of the photo (that is generally the majority of the image space). Color spots could be an image problem, like a stuck (hot) pixel, that isn't being masked properly by the in-camera electronics or refraction off a (often cheap compact or phone) lens. The color is normally due to the lens coating. This mostly occurs when a bright light source is located just outside the image.

However, I was once with a person who has mediumistic abilities (though not well developed) and this person (who I am not at liberty to disclose) captured a light outline in human form (head and shoulders) in a shot while I was watching them take the shot. I could not explain these other than that they could have been caused with the aid of their latent abilities. We were shooting in an old church. Subject said this happened to them all the time. Now this isn't 100% water tight evidence, but a physical solution would be so out of the ordinary as to seem far fetched even to me.

In the cases above it would be interesting to see if you can reproduce the effect on an overcast day or in a room with a north facing window. This being one shot I'll stick with saying a dirty lens caused the halo and a bright light source the spiders spot, but a different explanation is certainly possible and valid. To find out, I'd see if you can reproduce it and if there is a constant factor. If the constant factor is a person or person and camera combination you are in Psy territory, if it is the camera you are probably looking at a purely physical explanation.
Thank you, Dennis! It may just be glare or something. I found it interesting that only the spider pictures had the orbs (she took several pictures of different subjects, and none had orbs or spots) and it's also worth noting that the spider photo that was out of focus had a softer, more out of focus orb. To me that confirms that it's not a pixel issue.

In the "aura" one, we did take a few similar pictures, and that was the only one that showed the glow. It may have been humidity or a camera effect. But then, if you notice, by the wall is a trail of glow where it appears her hand had moved. It's very weird.

Maybe later I will try and recreate the spider pic and orb. There is probably a boring, rational explanation, but it's fun to examine the possibilities.

Also-- I emailed a well-respected scientist who studies ghost orbs and asked him for his opinion, so we'll see what he says. :)

PS. Just to prove that my lens wasn't dirty, here is another pic we took around the same time:

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