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Greetings to all!

My name is Guinevere. I'm having a dreadful time trying to live with profound and disturbing after effects. I need a therapist in LA. who is experienced with working with people who have had NDEs. I had several NDEs, one in 2006. Not a clue until I remembered it in 2011. Psychic is not the word. Past lives, entire Life Movies, Probable/Possible Timeline arrays (have seen since childhood, thought everyone could, had no language for these to describe them), now Future Memory to the max., Spirits hassling me, even while sleeping, many negative contacts and experiences, Military involvement (horrible), Total Life between Lives Recall. Too many paranormal experiences to count. I was a plain, Lutheran Grandmother. I could not understand what happened to me and felt like I was going crazy! I cannot gat to IANDS meetings near here, still depressed and ill. Thank you all for any ideas or recommendations! :o
Hello Guinevere and welcome! :)

I'm sorry to hear of your problems. I can't help you with a therapist but I have read several times in NDE stories of people who were overwhelmed with similar after effects as you have, and I recall that asking God or your spirit guide or whoever you want to pray to, to please stop it as they couldn't function, and that seemed to help. Have you tried that?

Others here may be able to help you further. Wishing you all the best!
Thank you so much, Martina, for responding! I have read in several books a list of the After Effects, or I would not have even known WHY I was suffering so from these bizarre "abilities." I do pray, every day, multiple times a day. I tend to be VERY angry and that does not help my prayer connections. Meditating helps to calm my mind, that is for sure! This is unbearable, nearly. I was alone at the time of my deaths, so family members tended to disbelieve, even mock my reports. Then I started predicting and then there was nothing they could say. Now they have all politely asked me NOT to tell them what I see - they want to live their lives and discover things for themselves. I get that!
Gosh I wish I could help you better! But I don't have experienced anything like what you describe so wouldn't know how to effectively deal with it. What kind of meditation are you doing? I would suggest something that grounds you, centers you, and puts the focus firmly on yourself and especially on your body, rather than techniques that facilitate letting go, opening up, connecting, expanding, etc, (because that's what you seem to be having too much of right now). Qi Gong or Tai Chi perhaps? Swimming to cleanse your aura?

But bear in mind, this is online, I don't know you, and I'm in no way a counselor or anything like that, so I don't know if this is good advice. It's simply my intuitive response to what you shared in your posts.
PS: you said you found lists of after effects in several books - did they also advice on what to do? Would be interested to hear and if they helped you or not.
Yes, the Big Book of Near Death Experiences by P.M.H. Atwater. Let me check and see if she lists recommendations. She does list the kinds of psychological help one can investigate, but I HAD a therapist, and he did not believe me. They tend NOT TO. The Local IANDS would be wonderful, but I am disabled and Culver City is too far away. Thank you though! We have a pool, it is just too cold outside, I loved to swim. Let me reread that book and report back.
IANDS also offers to help and advice NDE experiencers, if you use their Contact Us form. They might be able to help you find a therapist close to you, or if not that, perhaps a therapist who would skype with you or simply talk on the phone should you desperately need someone to talk to who understands and can give support.

At the bottom of this page "Send a question to IANDS for help, advice or support ..."

Guinevere wrote: My name is Guinevere. I'm having a dreadful time trying to live with profound and disturbing after effects.

Hello, Guinevere and Welcome to the forum. My name is Garry and I don't often respond to a lot of posts except to say Welcome. I see you have met Martina and as time goes on you will get to meet many of the other people who are here also who will be more than happy to chat and help you to learn to understand your experience and possibly your abilities.

We are not professional people , just everyday people who either have had an experience or are here to learn by talking to others who have had an experience.

I myself had a very short experience ,not where I died , but an out of body experience when I was about 19 and it was 40 years before I even recognized that something had happened.

Here is a link to My Story and how I got involved in running this forum.

Also here is a link to an Essay written by Robert J. Hastings which is the cornerstone of how I live my life.

I hope you enjoy my links and I hope you enjoy being a member of our forum.


I would love to hear about your abilities if you are ever so inclined to speak of them, but not until you are ready

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Dear Garry (and Martina)

I thank you sincerely for your replies and ideas! My situation is that I am currently being supported by my grown children, who, quite naturally, cannot understand any of this at all.

My parents were physicists and Christian. I had ZERO preparation for "psychic stuff." However, since childhood, I have always seen what I called "the little movies."

Having no religious tradition which would have explained these are Third Eye visions, I simply assumed everyone had them. I can see forward and backward Life Movies (once I died, I found out what those little movies are!), I can see my own Past Lives, running Parallel, Possible and Probably Timelines as MOVIES.

I can see Pre-Life discussions regarding some of those lives. During my NDEs I returned to a Space Station. That part hurts me very much. Nothing wrong with the Entities - but I am Christian and I still don't get it. I'd say the NDE amplified what skills were already there, so to speak.

I just seem to have NO filter. What I don't see - visually, is auras and chakras. I had to learn to battle Spirits of all kinds, a lot of nightmares and a lot of hilarious Lower Astral dream contact.

The Military intersected with me almost immediately after my NDEs. I had no idea who the man was for years - but clearly he wanted to intimidate me! Then they wanted me to PsiSpy for them! This is NUTS! I am a Grandmother of 8 and a painter! I do work with Angelic Beings.

In my NDE, I saw the Being some would term Satan, and despite so much denial about his existence in our Reality, he is very much part of the Game. So I had to learn to defend myself and my energies from Negative Beings. I hate all of this, I'd give up all I own to be "normal."

When I found P.M.H. Atwater's books, they were like a Gift from GOD. I did not go back to a Light. I made a pitstop to thank Yahweh for allowing me to experience HIS world! Not making this up, I swear!

My Inner Being asked to be returned to this planet and worked out a New Plan with a person (a human person!)!! I remember every bit of that conversation. There are people on this planet who interface with Aliens all the time.

Imagine me, 61 years old, Christian, sick and alone. I died, really died - it was my TIME. But my Being wanted to come back to finish a painting of my daughters. Touching, but I am NOT that good of a painter! So I did, and while painting it years later, I remembered the two NDEs. I was VERY ill, so no surprise.

One hypnotherapist told me I seem to be downloading data from numerous "information fields." Yeah, but they are mostly my lives - past, present, future. I am a Classic Clair - clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, however I read people differently than do most mediums. I don't want to be a medium.

Spirits are often in here, chattering to me. Experienced mediums and spiritual people have tried to teach me how to protect myself. I keep trying to learn. I go OB all the time.

If I look at someone, occasionally I will see their "little movie" in my mind's eye.

Health wise, I have the highest blood pressure on record - no damage to body at all. Still, living with all of this - no one asked ME if I wanted it. The answer would be my life was hard enough - this stuff is the last thing I would EVER have wanted.

The fact you two reached out to help me is just God's gift - that's how I see it.

Now I am going to read Garry's experience. And write to IANDS! God bless both of you!!!!!!
Dear Garry

Hello again! I read your story - oh, it was wonderfully moving! That was your Dad, saying Good bye.

Souls are not as veiled as we are led to believe. If you sensed him, then you are sensitive enough to discern different energies.

It is also a "Soul Thing" to talk about Trains and Stations, believe it or not. To them, this is a waiting area where they decide which Timeline Track to take next.

I usually see that as me, standing in a room, with a lot of toy train sets on separate tables, and I am walking among them, looking at each one. Often "train track" is DNA information. I was in bed 12 years in my former home. If nothing else, I did learn a lot from Souls!

The numbers 7 and 12 turn up in everything, from ads to stories, to novels, - this is because your Average human being knew nothing about Soul Health and how important it is to spin and clean the chakras and aura.. So It is programmed to do so when those numbers come up. These numbers are often used in the Bible for this reason. If you are sensitive enough, try to pay attention what happens with your chakras when you see the number 7 anywhere. They will spin.

Your story sounds a bit like your Soul was trying to prepare you for your later revelations and recollections. You had an OB most likely because your Soul was trying to pop out for recess while you slept! They do it all the time. That's how you saw your friend in the front seat! You knew a few folks who "died" from heart attacks - then shared their story with you, they felt comfortable with you and safe to express themselves.

See, you are now doing so yourself. Most NDErs still can't share their stories with non NDErs. Too much derision and mocking and accusatory comments - I've heard all those comments, too. Yet, these people shared something very personal with you. I do not fear death, and do not consider "death" to be an actual state of our Conscious Mind.

I like P.M.H. Atwater's term - brain shift. I just wish my brain had remained in neutral for a while! Thank you kindly for sharing YOUR story. You seem to accept what I call The Weirdness with equanimity and calm.

I'm not permitted to even speak of what happened to me now that I live with three grandchildren. One cousin has profound abilities but won't ever speak of them because he is a Professor of Psychology! My Aunt is a Pre-cog. My children are fearful THEIR children will inherit The Weirdness!

They don't like NDE stories, as the word "Death" is involved and they feel I am being negative. I was not Near Death. I died.

I remembered that a movie of my life was shown to me and what *I* was and at what age I would die. I literally saw the movie before I incarnated. I have many such memories and the pre-Life rehearsals, as well.

It is disconcerting to meet people with whom I KNOW I have a Karmic Intersection and all the information about that person. I try to avoid people for that reason.

Thank you, thank you, SO MUCH.

What a freeing feeling - to be able to speak!
Welcome, Guinevere!

I see you have already met Martina and Garry! Wonderful! :F

Thanks for explaining in so much depth the experiences you have. My first thought, as I was reading your story, was that painting is a great aid and your love for painting might actually be a blessing. Then I came across the sentence where you say you had to come back in order to finish a painting. You need not be a professional artist: indeed I know spiritual mediums who have learnt to paint with no technical help, but just through their natural gift to connect with the higher loving sources they had.

While I cannot provide any assistance as to professional therapists capable of handling the situation you are experiencing, I have great faith in the fact that we have a wonderful loving Source we can always resort to for assistance at times of distress.

If this can be of any comfort to you, I have experienced uncomfortable déjà vus from age 9 to age 36, from uncomfortable sleep paralyses from age 15 to age 29, from undesired out of the body experiences from age 29 till the age I started learning more about spiritual matters and learnt to control the phenomena without having to face my own demons. However, at age 55 I am still trying to learn how to shield myself from being too open to undesired energy, in order to be of service to other people. I have also been clearly warned “not” to pursue the path of spiritual mediumship as my body is unable to handle the energy that may come through spirit communicators who wish to identify themselves through the symptoms they suffered prior to their transition. The fact that your body seems to have had enough of certain aspects of being too open, seems to suggest that directing your creative energy into a service that can help others could be the very reason you are here on this physical plane.

Have you ever come across the book “The Way of the Artist” by Julia Cameron? She has written many books on the subject, including a workbook. She insists on the “Miracle Morning Pages”. In other words, she suggests that first thing in the morning, when our “ego” isn’t fully at work yet with its logical/critical/judgmental and self-judgemental interferences, we create the routine of writing three pages in longhand about any thoughts that cross our mind.

I am not suggesting this will work with you, but it might just be that, through the Miracle Morning Pages, you may find the motivation and focus to direct your energy into a valuable life mission that will also help you be of service to others, and shield yourself from lower energies.

I need to add that I do not feel that what I call "lower" energies are bad: what might be unhelpful is constant exposure to them and the inability to tell the difference between other incarnate beings (including your other possible other selves) and yourself here and now.

About the military entity, all I can say is that these poor people go through terrible and unspeakable trauma, but if the entity you are in touch with is no longer at war and/or in a physical body (and indeed even if he is), you can always pray for him to be taken care of, as you can offer no help by simply getting sick. You could also make a painting for him of a wonderful place where he can rest and find relief. Just a thought.

I hope any of this might be of help.

Giulia :F
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Guinevere wrote: What a freeing feeling - to be able to speak!

That is precisely what this forum is for. To give people a place to speak about their experiences with no repercussions for other members.

Guinevere wrote: I read your story - oh, it was wonderfully moving! That was your Dad, saying Good bye.

Souls are not as veiled as we are led to believe. If you sensed him, then you are sensitive enough to discern different energies.

You say that I am " sensitive enough to discern different energies. " which may well be, but once again I go back to the Essay, and this is how my life is lived. I am not concerned or interested in whether or not, I am " sensitive enough to discern different energies. " , But Thank You for pointing it out.

I am fortunate to be able to live in the moment with no real concern for what lies around the corner, as I will deal with it as it happens, and if it never happens, then I don't have to deal with it.

However, sooner or later we must realize there is no one station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip. The station is only a dream. It constantly outdistances us.

Please note :

You may have seen that I have edited you 2 posts putting in Line Breaks and Paragraphs. I hope I got the paragraphs in the correct space, but for the purpose of others reading your posts, it is much better to break your post into short digestible sections as when it is a long run on section quite often it is too hard to read and people just pass right over it.

I know this for a fact as I do......

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Dear Garry, thank you for the editing! It is hard for me to see the durn screen! Senior eyesight strain! You have a good attitude! I try to develop - I hope to have such a "take one day at a time and enjoy it" frame of mind. Still struggling with After Effects . . .
I don't know how to reply to Guilia. So, if you can read this, Ma'am, thank you, bless you, for your wise and comforting advice. I will seek out Ms. Cameron's book! I have kept Journals for 45 years - since I moved in with three grandchildren, it seems I don't have nearly the free time to write in them. I am so sorry you, too, had to puzzle through unusual experiences. The military persons involved (now retired) are very intimidating men. I think they could use prayer. I do pray for them. I have heard of the trauma they've endured, but cannot imagine it. I'm still basically bed-bound,so I try to do little missions which don't tax my energy. I know we all have missions, not sure what mine is supposed to be. A Hermit for much of my life has left me with little outside support, hence forums like this are wonderful support for me! Thank you again for your suggestions and advice!!
Guinevere, in case you don't check your email, I have sent you an email to the address you registered under when you signed up here.

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Hello Guinevere,
you sound like you already have a lot of experience dealing with negativity. Both from incarnates and discarnates of all plumages. I doubt you need my advice there.

What strikes me most about your story is the conflict between nature and nurture. Namely your 'new-found' spiritual nature and your christian upbringing. As a pastor myself I can only say that there are many equally valid ways to look at the bible, God, Jesus and Christian dogma in general. Perhaps you can break down the mighty unyielding and intimidating 'cathedral of faith' and rebuild it as a cosy little log cabin (a-la Walden). Doing so worked wonders for me.

It seems to me that you are stuck between who you are and who the world wants you to be. Don't deny who you are, you came back for a reason and I'll bet its more than finishing a painting. I'm going to go out on a limb here because I have the feeling I need to say this. My interpretation; the painting is symbolic, it stands for a legacy, something for the next generations. If you leave them anything could it be the lesson that they live their lives as themselves, not as a role thrust upon them by outside forces?

As to battling negative entities, there is one thing I can offer. What works for me is simply bringing Christ into the 'conversation'. This will only work though if you have a very strong bond of love with Jesus. Its really the power of love that drives away the nasties and does all the work. Just think for yourself for whom or for what do you feel the strongest possible connection of love (I mean real LOVE, not the worldly crap that Hollywood comes up with). That thought is your ticket out of negativity. It needs to be nurtured and cherished and will act as a shield for you without fail.

As far as therapists are concerned your best bet may be to look for one who does Depth Psychology, "Jungian" style. People still practicing this form today acknowledge the existence of 'subconscious worlds' which communicate to us through dreams. This is a big difference with the more modern 'scientifically fashionable' behaviorists who think we are just machines going through the motions for biological reasons. The approach has its merit and it also has very clear limits, with spirituality basically being "out of bounds". They can only reduce it to fit their limited perspective and you experienced this already.

Guinevere wrote: I don't know how to reply to Guilia.

Hello Guinevere

When you say , "I don't know how to reply to Guilia." do you mean

    You don't know what to say to her


    You don't know how to address her particular post as it is 2 or 3 post's below the post you are working on now

If you mean " You don't know how to address her particular post " then it is as simple as reading it and when you create you new post or answer, then just do as you have been doing such as this ....

In regards " to Guinevere's post about not knowing how to reply to Giulia," all I have done is given the reader the notion that the reply I am giving is in regards to a certain post

The concept of a Forum is that it is an " Ongoing Conversation " between several people stretched out over a long period of time and once someone has time to read something , which might be days or longer after it was originally posted , then they can reply to the area that is of interest to them

Hope that address what you meant

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Guinevere wrote: Dear Garry, thank you for the editing! It is hard for me to see the durn screen! Senior eyesight strain! You have a good attitude! I try to develop - I hope to have such a "take one day at a time and enjoy it" frame of mind. Still struggling with After Effects . . .

This is just a thought from my perspective :

If you read the email I sent you .........

Instead of " Still struggling with After Effects . . ." change your Perspective

and Embrace the AfterEffect and go with the Flow, See where it takes you ...........

As an example " Can you see anything in particular " regarding someone who you are communicating with via the computer, such as myself as an example ......

If you can don't post what you can see , just think about what you can see . Like the remote viewing and let me know if you can read me over a distance

But only if you care to do so as an experiment

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I just responded to this, and the post evaporated! Yes, I wanted to know how to respond to a person directly, rather than have other people forced to read through posts which may not be interesting to them.

As for your other question: I learned RVing from retired Major Ed Dames' DVD Instructional Videos. I feel very nervous trying any further development for this reason: When I first started to notice the bizarre abilities, I have, a man appeared in my Mind's Eye (I did not understand Third Eye or Chakras or Aura's at that time. Christians don't discuss that stuff.) I was shocked. He talked to me often and explained he was my "Spirit Guide." I checked and Googled online and spoke to a number of New Age believers and Mediums and learned that we have Spirit Guides. Alas, that man intersected with me deliberately in my home city in Baltimore. He is a REAL human being. He was NOT nice. I could not comprehend what was going on. An ex-Navy man told me that gentleman is THE best RVer and taught most of the military's top Remote Viewers. I was furious. I wrote to Jim Marrs and Ingo Swann, no reply from Mr. Marrs, no surprise. That was the end of my investigation into that aspect of my skills. I can see anyone I WANT to see - but if I try to do Remote Viewing for extended information, my attempts are quickly thwarted. I spoke directly to Mr. Stewart Swerdlow who explained the General Picture to me. I was dumbfounded. I'm an ordinary woman and am horrified. The gentleman above mentioned, I was told, shows up at IANDS meetings because he knows many NDErs come back with psychic skills. The Military wants such people under their control. Another highly negative experience related to my NDE and one I deeply resent. Russia has the best RVers, then China.
Guinevere wrote: I just responded to this, and the post evaporated! Yes, I wanted to know how to respond to a person directly, rather than have other people forced to read through posts which may not be interesting to them.

Hello Guinevere

I just responded to this, and the post evaporated!

Yes that does happen on occasion until you get the hang of the forum .. Sometimes SH*T happens Grin

if you wish to correspond directly with a person and not have it appear as a post the best thing is to use the email function that is under their name. See picture below


I am also going to email this to you and send it as a PM ( Private Message )

Private messages will show up here when you get one

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