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Hi, I'm ano1, otherwise known as annie. And, previously ano or ano1.
I have been visiting nderf for at least 12 or 13 years. For years I visited regularly, if not daily, but my visits have been rare in the past few years.
I had an nde in 1971, at the age of fifteen, when no one had yet coined the term nde. Many changes have occurred over these years. I have much hope for the forum. I once enjoyed it very much and hope it can once again be a neat place to talk things over.
Thanks, Garry and Jodi
Thanks for the vote of confidence

We will do our best

With a few mistakes along the way because thats why we are here

To live and learn

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Hi anoone! Glad you are still hanging out. :) I left for awhile, too. Waiting to see how this board develops. I miss a lot of the posts on the old board...there were so many good ones! But we go forward from where we are. :)
* Starshine *
"It's not the you I see I love, it's the you I know"
It's nice to see a familiar name. Hope this is a nice board, once it gets going.
I'm from MI too.
ano1 wrote: It's nice to see a familiar name. Hope this is a nice board, once it gets going.
I'm from MI too.

Hello ano1

This is Garry and thankyou for the compliment . To make it a nice board will all depend on the members and how much they post as each time someone makes a post it gives everybody else something to read and or comment on .

So the more we post, the nicer it will get .

If each member could motivate another member to comment on their posting it wouldn't take long until we have many many different topics to talk about

Thanks again

and Happy Posting

Why Am I Here

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A fresh start is a good thing sometimes. The board already has interesting things to read and I'm worried about finding the time! Oh well, boredom never exists for me! :geek:
Misha, I agree that there's not enough time to join in all the discussions here, but we can all contribute so far as we're able! Glad to make your acquaintance Misha!
Nice to meet you too!
I saw in one of your posts that you are a nurse. It would be interesting to hear more about the mystical experiences of your patients in the hours and days before their passing. I've heard they often see relatives, and hospice workers know this. I take it all as real. Skeptics probably are going to label it hallucination, but I'm guessing it has happened to very sharp lucid patients too, has it not?
Misha, Good question.
I have always thought of my dying patients as very special. So much living takes place for them when near the end of their earthly journey. I always think it a privilege to be with them.
I have seen fairly lucid people, including my own mom, talk to someone who is not visible to others in the room. Most often from my observations, they talk to the upper L corner of the room, they see someone. But, usually when asked they seem to decline to say who they have spoken to. There is a calmness about these exchanges. I have had so many memorable times with people from hospital to geriatrics. I don't know where to begin. Many spiritual events, people that were healed by something other than modern medicine, spirit beings. Where to begin?
Awesome! It would be great to hear about all these mystical things, but it depends on your time and desire. Glad to meet you! Thank you for explaining about the mystical conversations aspect.
One that comes quickly to mind is the story of a lady with ovarian cancer from 30 or so years ago. It was when chemo was done yet as an inpatient, she had been coming for several weeks and we all felt very attached to her. This very nice lady, (I still remember her name) called our floor to say she was not coming for her scheduled treatment that day, or ever again. She said she had a dream that God told her she no longer needed the chemo. We were worried about her and tried to get her to come. She said, 'no, thanks' it was no longer necessary. Other than a thank you, we never heard from her again. Our community is only about 38,000 people and many people know each other and many families are related to one another. We heard she was doing well, then about twenty years later, I saw her obituary in the paper. Obviously, after living that long, she had been healed. It was very inspiring.
Another, was from my first year as a new nurse, when I worked a surgical floor. This was before MRI's and CT scans, etc. Often the only way to diagnose was exploratory surgery. I had a sweet old guy that was an open and close. I was with his surgeon when he spoke to this gentleman. The surgeon suggested that the man go home and get his affairs in order, as he was full of cancer and there was nothing he could do for him.
To our amazement, one year later, the man was back on our floor for a cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal). The same surgeon did his surgery. Afterward, the doctor asked the man what he did in the past year... as he now, found no trace of the cancer of the previous year. The man replied that he went home and spoke with God. He said he told God that his life was in his hands.. if it was his time then he understood, but that he would like to stay around for a while longer if it was okay with him. I'm paraphrasing this but to my recollection this is close to what he said. I have never forgotten this and still gives me goose bumps 38 years later.
I guess I'm in a yappy mood tonight. No one else is home.

In recent years I have worked with the geriatric population, on the night shift.
Patients, both lucid and confused, have frequently spoken of seeing people that are not present to the staff. Often asking about two little children, a boy and girl, usually playing in the hallways. They ask why the children are up at such a late hour and worry about them, often asking the staff to put the darlings to bed. This occurs at least three or four times a year... they will be seen and talked about by different patients on different floors within the same evening. We came to realize that when people start talking about the children...that there is someone in the building that is dying. Sometimes we know when someone is dying, but these occurances usually happen when someone ends up 'going in their sleep'. We, as staff, just don't know who it will be.
This phenomenon is not frightening, just sort of special and mysterious.

I have always worked day shift, until this job. People initially told me that things are very interesting and unusual on the night shift. I did not believe them but after working it for five years, it is true. There are some strange unexplainable occurances at night.
Hi Annie!
Those are GREAT stories. Amazing how those 2 people were cured of cancer. It's interesting how the man was healed after basically surrendering to Source, saying "do what you will." Detaching from your desires and goals is a time honored thing in the Eastern religions. I know may people under extreme stress come to that "I give up" point.

The story about the children late at night is great too! I'm a big fan of the TV show Paranormal Witness. You might might want to check it out, if you have the chance. There are many cool stories like yours. I've heard of these amazing hospital stories, but here you are: a live credible first hand witness to these things!

I volunteered in an ER for some time, and have worked with many nurses, so we share that. Please don't forget to leave suggestions for the site, if they come to mind. I hope you'll stay active. Your posts made my day!
Hello Anne
Please tell us some more stories! I enjoyed hearing about those!
More nurse stories, please!
Ano, where is your avatar? Are you allergic to avatars?
Ann - If you have enough stories, but could write a little book!

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