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I'm not sure in which category to post this, if necessary please move this thread.

I love reading NDE accounts. Most of them are just amazing to read and I can literally feel that person's awe and joy jumping out at me from the computer screen. I am so thankful for everyone who shares their NDE on this website. It's incredibly valuable for me as they help me on my own journey.

However, some people seem to get very frustrated and even angry with the questions that it almost spoils the joy of reading their experience and subsequent insights. I don't understand why they fill out the form if they dislike it so much?

Here is an example:
Nancy L Possible NDE

I enjoyed reading her account until in the end she says
"You kept asking the same questions over and over and it feels like a thankless job to keep repeating everything. I don't even get a cookie at the end. "

:o :shock:

There are dozens like this, and I am only in the first half of 2015, working my way backwards. I find it quite disappointing and also not fair towards Jody and Jeffrey.

What are your thoughts?
Interesting question, Martina.

The questionnaire is set up in such a way that, if an aspect has not been dealt with when it was previously raised, there may be a further chance to think about it and try and offer and share one's experience with words that consistently prove inadequate. I would be surprised if anyone who is trying to share such unspeakable events did not experience frustration.

Here is an example of the frustration experienced by Nancy:

During your experience, did you gain information about the meaning of life? Yes It was extremely I mean extremely important that I go through the experience of this life time. I feel like this is a difficult probing questionnaire that I do not like. I feel like someone is pulling apart a beautiful flower to see how it is put together. I am feeling quite frustrated at this moment. I feel like I want God to Hug me again. I also want to say that purpose that word is quite elusive. I was not supposed to be a lawyer or doctor, lives have purpose that might be really hard to evaluate in the terms of our current culture.

Having had unspeakable experiences myself and knowing how difficult it is for other people to understand them on this earthly plane, I praise the effort of whoever takes the time to share their experience, even if we, the readers, only get to understand 1% of what it really was about. I have come to realise that notions such as "anger" or "unfairness" are simply meaningless when compared with the sacredness of the event we get a glimpse of.

All I can try to say to answer your question from my own personal point of view is that I feel great sympathy for the Experiencers and try to appreciate the scent of that beautiful flower and the wonderful insights that come with each account.
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Giulia, That is a very understanding response. Beautiful, actually, as it shows much understanding.

When I filled out the questionnaire - I found some questions touched on memories that I thought too personal to fully share.
As a rule I don't read other accounts, so I had no idea that people make these comments.
I do know the frustration of being in the world after an nde, in the early years it can be very difficult and unsettling. Perhaps that is part of the frustration.
Dear Giulia and ano, thank you for your insights!

I fully understand the frustration that comes from putting something that is beyond words into words, and of course I understand the hesitation and/or refusal to share personal experiences.

What I find difficult for myself is when people express their feelings in an almost rude way towards the creators of the questionnaire. I think that's a bit uncalled for.

But I think it's better not to explore this further as I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. The vast majority of NDE accounts are an absolute JOY to read and incredibly helpful to me!
My very purpose is to share without any judgement, filters, and/or fears. So any question you may have about my experience,,, feel free to ask.

****and to give a view to your question from my EYE****
Most #NDE's I hear, watched on a video,,, or read speak of Heaven, tunnels, Angels and GOD as a hue-man feature (Body Shape)... As I have surpassed that level Meaning already experienced it in another lifetime, I am here to for-fill what is needed to enter another level. Think of it as dimensions! They speak of 5th,,, and my experience is 6th, And for those that speak of JESUS stories,,, that would be 7th going into 8th.
NippawasMOON wrote: So any question you may have about my experience,,, feel free to ask.

Hi, NippawasMOON. I asked the question in another thread, but maybe it is best asked here. Do you remember why you chose PAIN, in your experience, before being returned to physical life?

NippawasMOON wrote: They speak of 5th,,, and my experience is 6th, And for those that speak of JESUS stories,,, that would be 7th going into 8th.

Can you explain a bit more about Jesus stories? I am very intrigued.

Welcome again!
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
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