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Space and time are coupled.

Einstein's special relativity theory hypothesized this and experimental evidence proves it: The faster you travel through the three spacial dimensions, the slower you travel through the time dimension. Very precise clocks were synchronized on earth and then one put aboard a space shuttle for a few trips around earth at 20,000 mi/hr and then compared again after landing. The clock on the shuttle was running slower by a few fractions of a second.

The theory of special relativity is founded on two postulates:

- The speed of light in a vacuum is constant in all inertial reference frames.
- The laws of physics are the same in all inertial reference frames.

Given those two postulates, it is possible to prove that time must not be the same in all reference frames, because otherwise you would reach contradictions with the speed of light. If you take the classic light flash in a moving train example of time dilation, It is evident that if time were constant in all reference frames, then the light must have traveled faster than the speed of light in one of the frames. Because we know that the speed of light cannot change, then time itself must have passed differently for the two different observers.

The stars which we see in the sky are many light years away. This proves that whatever we are seeing is the past. It could be that the star you are watching everyday doesn't exist!

Now, consider a person sitting next to you and talking to you. The distance(space) between you and him is small relative to you. When he speaks something, you hear him in no time. So you are hearing his words in present relative to the space and time. But in reality whatever you are hearing is past - He utters a word, his lips move, they produce vibrations in the air, the vibrations reach your ear, they vibrate your ear drums, your brain interprets it. It took some time. But relative to your mind, it happened in no time.

So, time and space are coupled together. In fact time, space and mind or consciousness are all related and coupled together.

This gets interesting!

Now, once again, consider a person talking to you and you are lost in your thoughts. Even if their words are hitting your ears, you are not really listening.


Because you are lost in the second type of space, the inner space - the space of your thoughts, mind, impressions, memory.

You know what, there is one more type of space...You can think over it.
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