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An old one, a classic and a favorite.

When Time Stood Still

The Third of May, 1969 wrote:
I was catapulted upwards along with everyone and everything else. People, dust, weapons, ammunition, helmets, and C-ration boxes formed an expanding inverted cone with myself in the middle.

On the journey upward, external time decelerated. The rates of the rotations of all of the objects surrounding me rapidly decreased-in an apparent violation of the law of conservation of angular momentum. I was fascinated by the unnatural ever-slowing gyrations of the bodies of my comrades and wondered, "Is this the end? Are we all dead?" At the apex of my trajectory, time stopped completely and an inexplicable calm descended. The state of consciousness that then prevailed was as to the normal waking state as the normal waking state is to a dream. Whatever It was, It was peaceful, omnipresent (temporally and spatially), omniscient, and absorbed everything into an indivisible Whole.

The entire universe past, present, and future collapsed down to a single Center upon which everything depends for its existence. It is That which does not change. It is the "Light" of Pure Consciousness which illuminates all things. It is the ultimate meaning of the enigmatic Biblical passage, "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light" (Matt. 6:22). It is the great Nothing-for it includes all things, and therefore, is Itself not a thing. That's how It gets to be the All-in-All.

Furthermore, there was (and still is) absolutely no doubt as to Its authenticity anymore than one would doubt upon awakening from a dream that the waking state is "real" and that the dream was "just a dream." In short, God Himself took over my reins in the sense that "I" no longer existed as a distinct entity-only He exists, There was an overwhelming feeling of bliss, love, compassion, and strangely enough a foudroyant sense of Deja vu. The knowledge obtained that the True Home and the True Self of all things had been miraculously revealed.

This is one of my most interesting points regarding NDE's as I was in a Head-On Collision in 1978 of which I saw the other car lose control, cross the median and hit us head on.

In that time frame, everything slowed down to slow motion of which there was no fear, no anything except the knowledge that it was happening, right up to the time when it was all over. I saw the stuff that was in the back of the car flying forward until it hit the seats and stopped its forward motion, and then it was over and life as we know it returned to the normal rate and speed that we live within.

Nobody was seriously hurt other than a few bumps and bruises so besides the car being totaled and written off and the inconvenience of it all, life moved on.

That is the best written explanation of something that I have experenced at one time in my life and is also something I am facinated by.

Why Am I Here

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