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Out-of-Body Experience
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Frank Kepple Practical Guide To Astral Projection, OBE And Lucid Dreaming, The Most Detailed Book On Astral Projection and OBE (Robert Monroe's Technique, Phasing Method)

I frequent an Astral Projection forum called The Astral Pulse. Back, long before I was there, we had a member by the name of Frank Kepple. He had been projecting for a good 20+ years and came to share his knowledge with the other members there. Anyways, he made over 3000 very informative and very interesting posts over the 3+ years that he was there.

Here is Frank Kepple’s posts re-formatted and organized by category (Only Practical Stuff)

This book has been one of the most transformational reads of my life (so much that I couldn't sleep for about 40 hours).

It's quite similar to the technique on this page *http://oberf.org/how_to_obe.htm but much more detailed.

Frank Kepple Practical Guide To Astral Projection, OBE And Lucid Dreaming


Hi, Morning8star, and welcome!

This is all very interesting. May I ask if you have ever had any such experience yourself? I'd love to hear about it :D
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
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