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Out-of-Body Experience
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When a client told me her life was always sad because her brother had been in a coma for 15 months and felt powerless with sadness, i offered to awaken him. i told her i had awakened another person out of a coma some years back and agreed to help her brother. On the first visit he moved his hand as i asked him to. ON the second visit he opened his eyes.
I knew it was done and requested the family to continue talking to him, and that rehabilitation would take a long time. They took him home from hospital two weeks later.
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Hi, Tatiana, and welcome.

This is a fascinating topic and any contributions are welcome, in terms of sharing your own personal experiences with other members and readers.

Tatiana wrote: Anyone who wants to ask about Coma - lets chat many people need help in this area.

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Happy posting :)
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
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