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I've read a number of posts before registering, they seem to cover a wide range of topics and look very interesting.

I am on a spiritual quest brought on by my ADCs. But I joined the forum because sometimes a person needs to talk about their experiences, etc.

Things that are important to me about my spiritual experiences/quests:
- I'm 57; I was raised a Christian, and I still consider myself a Christian even though I don't attend any church
- I was raised in a "Church of Christ" (not the Mormons), and still hold the basics of those beliefs, but I also search the Bible as part of my quest
- I pray to God regularly, and feel that I have a good relationship with God and Jesus.
- However, my prayer relationship with God has not provided all the answers I wish I had regarding my ADCs; I am coming to accept that somewhat more, it depends on the day.
- In previous years when I've told some Christians about my ADCs, they told me they were evil spirits; but I have no reason to believe that; I have a good relationship with God and no spirit in an ADC has ever tried to do anything evil to me, nor told me to do anything evil.
- I've also had visits, messages and miracles from God and Jesus and Angels over the years, indicating that God loves me
- I'm sure I've had over 100 ADCs in my life, probably more. I've also had many visits, messages and miracles from God/Jesus/Angels; so I could write one book on all of this, maybe two; but I don't have the time to write books, and I don't see that they would add anything truly useful to the many books out there
- I do tend to write long posts, and it will be a constant battle for me to try and shorten them

The thing that has changed for me in recent times is that I now have a special deceased person with me every day. This has been going on for a year in February. This has pushed me into a more active spiritual quest, wherein I read books, I've done a little charismatic praying, even though I've always had a successful prayer life so far, and so I'm kind of moderate in pursuing charismatic prayer. Scott, my special deceased person, is probably waving hello in the background :) I usually sense him 3 times a day at meal time, and at bed time, so he's around a lot.

So hopefully things will be productive for me on this forum. Thanks for reading this. :)
Welcome at the forum Mystery Seeker.
Am looking forward to your experiences.
Have you already posted any at nderf ?
Have a nice day
I made my first post in "The Catch All Forum" thanks :)
Hello MysterySeeker, Welcome :)
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