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Hello, I just posted in the Hello section, as I am new.

This is my "status" regarding my ADCs and spiritual quests. In my Hello post, I explain that I've had many ADCs as well as visits/messages/miracles from God/Jesus/Angels over the last 37 years or so.

ADCs and one's spiritual life ends up being very personal. And this is because you cannot often get verification of your experiences, and it's pretty much impossible to prove any of your experiences to other people. So you have to be careful who you tell your experiences too, as the people in my real life either do not/would not believe me, or have told me I'm nuts, when I know I'm perfectly fine.

But when you've had as many spiritual experiences as I've had, and read books, etc., you become aware that the world is divided in two portions: Those who have had similar experiences to yours, and might understand you, and others, for whatever reasons have had no experiences, or are not interested in discussing the topic even if they've had some "unusual" experiences as they often call them.

It leaves a person with no where to go, except out into the world on a lonesome spiritual quest, hoping and praying that they will find the answers they want, or moreover, learn to live with their experiences til the end of their days.

Right now I'm reading "Afterlife Teaching: From Stephen The Martyr" by Michael Cocks. I've always avoided information that came through a "medium-like" experience because my Christian background teaches me to stay away from mediums. But I have recently become aware of Christians who do charismatic prayer and end up going out of body and feeling one with the universe, and how that can result in psychic experiences. And the above-mentioned book fits this criteria that I am entertaining these days.

I also recently read "Love Never Dies" By Dr. Jamie Turndorf, a truly amazing book. She explains her personal story about her husband that died, and how he is with her all the time, and the amazing ADCs and experiences she's had, and she teaches the reader to reconnect and make peace with the deceased. I've had a fair amount of her experiences, but I still found some of her experiences odd, except that they cannot be odd to me, because I've had similar experiences. However I still question some of the stuff in her book. And I've read a number of other books on related subjects.

A lot of the material I find comes from the place where someone wants to know if ADCs are true, and if God and the afterlife are real, and associated questions. I want to know how ADCs fit into the Bible, which lately, I've found some satisfying answers to that. I want to know if all that I'm experiencing was pre-ordained from even before I was born. I've read that we plan our lives before we're born, but I find I don't completely believe that. And I've never believed too much in synchronicity, but I am coming to accept the idea a little more lately.

All I know for sure is that
- some ADCs I've had have come with information I could verify in my real world, but not a lot
- I pray still on a regular basis, that Scott my special deceased person who is with me every day, is not an evil spirit, or is not a fake spirit, and I pray that God is okay with him being with me; and the most answer I've ever received is that "things will be okay."
- I did have a meeting with God and Scott, a few months ago, about a dream that Scott sent me, and my struggle to forgive Scott for the sin that he told me he did in the dream; God said very "God-like" things at that meeting, so I believe it was Him, or a close representative of Him
- my prayer life with God is pretty much as it always been, and I still feel loved by God and part of His world
- and from that I just continue to try and live day to day; but oh boy, when I die, I will have many questions for God and all concerned in my spiritual life/quests. I welcome any feedback :)

Thank for reading this :)
Hello & welcome MysterySeeker.

Have to admit that Im out of my league on ADC, but I do listen lots to the well known Coast-to-coast (C2C) radio talk show. There are many people who have been interviewed over the years on C2C who have the gift of ability to communicate with the spirit world and many of them are well known or even famous such as James Van Praagh.

Basically it appears that such ability, properly recognized and employed, should be viewed as a gift.

From what you describe, it would appear that you simply have natural medium capabilities.

It is uncommon, but I dont think that it is rare and many many people seem to say that they believe to have had at least instances of ADC in their lives at one time or another (this based on the many C2C show call-ins/testimonies.)

My vibe is that with your kind of gift, you probably should be in a field or profession that uses it to help others. As such, you probably should write the book that you've thought about and you might want to investigate guidance/tutelage under the wing of an established spirit communicator.


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http://www.healyourlife.com/10-signs-th ... g-with-you

Do dead people watch us? Yes, author says
http://www.today.com/popculture/do-dead ... 2D80554999

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Thanks for the compliments Rey, but I have no desire to become a medium. I'm a Christian and I don't believe people should consult mediums. For myself, I stick to consulting God, and lately, I've been getting some results.

I have consulted psychics or mediums in the past a few times, against my better judgement, but I'm always left wondering if you can believe what they tell you. Two of those that I consulted disagreed with each other about me, so how reliable are they?

I've gotten some answers from God in prayer in recent months, and I have no way to verify that information either. I can only say that it was my experience, and so I can verify it myself directly with God after I die.

And I have come to see why the Old Testament tells people to stay away from mediums. It's because you could develop a relationship with the psychic/medium to get your advice, and God would really prefer that his children draw near to Him, and seek help and advice from Him. Rather than have a relationship that should be with God, be with a psychic/medium who may not have access to reliable information anyway. I can see the difference now that I've decided only to seek medium-like advice from God. Doing such seeking has made me feel closer to God. And God wants His children to be dependent on Him for such help. Also God's help is far more reliable.

I've never tried to be a medium for anyone else, and I haven't had any experiences where I got medium-like information for anyone. And most likely my unwillingness to do so, has prevented me from getting info that would help others.

I have been told before that I should train to be a medium in order to help others, and I didn't believe that I had that much skill at first. But after reading a lot, I realize that ADCs come to me easier than they do some people, so I probably have some natural medium skills. But I would not want to offend God by going against what I believe are his wishes in that regard.

Thanks again Rey, for the compliments :)
mystery seeker,
Except for reading those books, I could have written your posts. They are exactly my thoughts, as well.
It is nice to read of someone with a like mind. Welcome.
Welcome, Mistery Seeker. :F We have a section that is entirely devoted to ADCs. You may wish to have a look around.
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Thanks Giulia. Before posting this I had a pretty good look around, but prefer to post here for the time being.

After reading more posts, I am inspired by the patience this forum shows people who post things.

I'm not sure where to start with my ADCs. The thing that made me decide to register on this forum, was simply the human need to talk about my experiences, because they are unusual.

For about a year I've had a special deceased person, named Scott, be with me every day. I've had ADCs before this year, from Scott, and from other deceased relatives, but having a spirit with you every day, is a bit agitating or stressful, I'm not sure of the correct word.

I love Scott dearly, and I hope and pray that I will be able to be with him in the afterlife. And he is here with me now, every day, and I feel very blessed and lucky to have his love and companionship, and his help.

A related sidebar: I've had a few experiences in my life where I thought about something a lot, every day, and after a few weeks of that I would get a miraculous experience containing the answer to my concerns. When Scott arrived a year ago, it was a similar experience. For some unknown reason to me, I started thinking about Scott a lot. I thought about those times when he was alive, and about the love and the amazing, intense connection that we shared. And then one day I told God in an out-loud prayer that I've had enough of this life, and that I wanted to go be with Scott.

I expected no answer to this mournful prayer, but I got one. The next day Scott came in strong, and has been with me ever since. I never expected that.

So it's been quite the year. I've spent time being freaked out. I've spent time doing many Google searches. I've spent time reading books. I've spent time praying more, and even doing a little charismatic prayer, and over time, I have come to accept my new reality, certainly more than when Scott first arrived a year ago.

A routine day for me: I sense Scott strongly when I eat, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Usually when I sit down to watch TV, I will sense Scott sitting next to me and he keeps me company on and off during the show. He's also always there at bedtime.

Often when I look at his photo, I feel what it was like to be close to him when he was alive, and that often comes with an injection of love from him.

I have prayed a lot in the past year that he is not an evil spirit, or a fake spirit, but the only answer I've ever got was "things will be okay." Scott has never done anything evil to me, or told me to do anything evil. The most he does is try to get me to go to bed if I stay up too late.

Before he returned a year ago permanently, he stopped in on and off usually to help me or comfort me.

Once years ago, he helped me get un-lost while on a road trip. One Christmas Eve when I was alone, he filled half my apartment with his presence in a big way. He did not want me to despair because I was alone on Christmas Eve. And there are many, many more visits from him that I could write about.

I want to know the truth too. The truth of how this could fit into God's universe, because I am and have always been a Christian, so I must fit my daily experiences into my Christian context.

So sometimes I'm on a Biblical quest, reading articles and books and praying. Sometimes I read descriptions of the afterlife. And sometimes I read NDEs - I've read a lot of those this past year.

And other times I give up, and realize that I can bang my head against the wall all I want, but I will never know the whole truth about what's going on until I die and get the answers I want. One thing seems certain, and that is that God wants me on this spiritual quest.

But for me, I just want peace. I want to die and be with Scott in the afterlife, where hopefully we'll get our chance to be like a married couple (I'm female), since our chance to do that on earth was taken from us by our families disapproving of our romance years ago, and then Scott's death in his mid 20s.

So some days I stick to my workload, and other days I'm pre-occupied with this and frustrated. But I hope Scott doesn't loose heart and stop being with me, because he gives me lots of love every day.

Scott has had to adjust to me not entirely believing that it's really him. Years ago he got quite frustrated with me about that, and spent an evening blowing at me from various angles to try and prove he was real. These days he seems to have settled for the fact that I only believe it's really him by 99%.

Our relationship has changed a bit since he's been with me, and I'm sure that's part of God's point of allowing him to be with me. I didn't know how well that would go, that is, how well we would communicate. But through dreams and conversations and feelings that he can give me, we have muttered through things and communicated.

I guess all I hope for on this forum, is some understanding of how difficult it can be to live with unusual experiences. And how difficult it can be to want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but to find incomplete solutions.

If anyone has any questions, please ask, and I will do my best to answer the questions, or I'll tell you I don't have the answer.

So I should say goodnight. Feedback is welcome.

Good Morning Mystery Seeker

My name is Garry and like Giulia, I am also an Administrator here and thank you for all of us for the compliment you gave us

I am inspired by the patience this forum shows people who post things.

It is our intention to be just as that and to give people a place to speak what's on their mind as long as everyone follows the rules, particularly this one ( The Main Rule, Paragraph 1 and 7 and 8 ) . ( primarily the bolded words in them )

Quoting Paragraph 1:

We want to provide a free, fun, and open community for scientific and spiritual discussions. However we also must protect our members and staff. The following rules have been adopted to keep everyone's experience the most positive it can be. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in keeping the forum a positive place.

And Paragraph 7 and 8:

Discussion: Members are reminded this is a discussion forum and not a debate forum. That is to say: Debates are destructive as they present one-sided opinions and destroy reasoned arguments, whereas discussions are constructive and encourage the expression of opinion. Trolling and preaching are not forms of discussion and posts or threads of that nature may be deleted, and those who persistently debate /troll / preach without looking to discuss may be subject to warnings leading to Disciplinary Action.

Respect: Please respect other member’s and their beliefs, opinions, and views at all times. Members are also advised to be polite to other members at all times. Aggression, disrespect, baiting, flaming, homophobia, racism, name calling (this includes calling people trolls or accusing them of trolling.), belittling, sarcasm, bullying, gossiping, are all unacceptable behavior and will, if persistent despite reminders and warnings, result in Disciplinary Action. If, however, the breach of the above rule is considered too severe, Staff may at their discretion forgo both the reminder and warning and resort immediately to Disciplinary Action. Adversarial and aggressive posts deter people who would like to contribute to discussions from participation in these boards.

Should you experience anything such as this, we ask that you report it immediately and we will look into it as we have had a few incidents, and it is one thing we won't stand for in any manner.

I personally do enjoy your style of writing, as you are reasonably gifted, with your wording and or Spelling and Grammar or you very carefully check it before you post. ( In my opinion anyway )

I myself don't get involved in many of the discussions as personally, I don't feel the need to seek any answers, as I accept my Faith for what it is.

Please enjoy the Forum and I hope you come to make it a place where you can call it Your HOME

If your interested my story can be read form the bottom of this post under the link titled ( Why Am I Here )

Why Am I Here

One Look Dictionary
MysterySeeker wrote: I guess all I hope for on this forum, is some understanding of how difficult it can be to live with unusual experiences. And how difficult it can be to want to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, but to find incomplete solutions.

As I never had any ADC experiences it is quite difficult for me to imagine how it would be if. But I understand that it can be very difficult to live with these experiences, knowing that you can't talk about without people reacting negatively. What I understand with all the types of experiences is that persons like you and also many NDErs, have a special opening (kind of window) to the spiritual side. I also have the feeling that this is nothing so unusual, as it is something that has happened over thousands of years to various people. It only appears so unusual in our times because our society is very materialistic and has lost or forgotten those things (ot doesn't want to think about, because it raises fear). We all are on a constant search about truth and want to get confirmation that what we believe is the truth. Here I can only say that it is important to continue searching, and also to believe in ourselves, in our own feelings and realizations, because conforming to other peoples beliefs is not how we can progress.
Thanks Garry, and thanks for the writing compliment. Also, thank you Marguy for your comment :)
Marguy, there is certainly a lot out there in Google land about communications with deceased loved ones. Leslie Flint, a medium from the 1940s I believe in the UK (going by memory) would let spirits speak through him, changing his voice, and they would record those sessions which you can listen to on the internet.

The thing with ADCs is that for me, and probably a lot of people who have had ADCs, they did not do any occult activity to get those ADCs. I have spoken to a few (3) psychics/mediums previously over a 30-year period, against my better judgement, as they, in the end, didn't even agree about me. But as a Christian, I know the Bible says not to do that, which I explained more about in one of my previous posts here. So I've decided not to consult with anymore psychics/mediums and to just take my concerns/quests to God in regular prayer or charismatic prayer, and I've had some successful results with that so far.

But barring that, I have not done any occult activities like EVP or ITC, or anything else. I find it kind of disheartening that when you Google after-death communications you get results regarding psychics/mediums and other occult activities. I read the Zammit newsletter about the afterlife, and it has some amazing stuff about ADCs and NDEs, but again, I can see how the pursuit of ADC knowledge can lead into occult activities, which I don't agree with doing.

So where do Christians like me go when they have an ADC or an NDE? Probably not to their church, which most likely would tell them it's evil spirits. And if this has been happening for thousands of years, there must have been too many people who were kind of lost in this regard.

I think fear of going to the afterlife is prevalent in our world. Jesus told that there was nothing to fear regarding death. But after having read a number of stories of spirits that were channelled who describe the afterlife, there might be something to fear if you end up in hell or even the borderland. People do have to face their sins once they die, for sure.

I watch "Long Island Medium" and often spirits come through her and ask the sitter for forgiveness for something they did while alive. This seems to be a common occurrence and has happened to me twice without the use of a medium.

Years ago, I turned around one day in my apartment and there stood my deceased Dad, crying and asking me to forgive him. I was shocked and taken aback, and I did eventually forgive him for ways that he treated me when he was alive.

Also, a few months ago, Scott came to me in a dream and told me of a sin he did while he was alive, that indirectly involved me. As soon as I awoke from the dream at 6 a.m. I asked him why he sent me the dream and he said in a loud voice in my head "to see if you could forgive me." And I eventually did forgive him, but not without having a meeting with Scott and God first talking about this. Forgiving him was a bit of a struggle for me.

In another dream (or might be same dream, I'm not sure and I should have written it down), I said to a friend of Scott's in the dream that "I don't want Scott to fall into a pit of dispair again" over another sin that he did. This has stuck with me considering that I've read about how deceased people (in afterlife descriptions) can get caught into the nightmare of their pain caused by a sin they've done to others. It's made me realize that the afterlife may not be an easy place to go. It might not all be Heaven.

So then recently, I connected the dots and realized that this is common for deceased people to want forgiveness for sins that they did while alive. So even though Jesus said there is no death, and no reason to be afraid of death, people probably intuitively know that they will have to face their sins when they die, and to ask people for forgiveness, so that may also contribute to our world-wide fear of dying.

Spiritual growth seems to be what living on earth is about, and progressing in the afterlife is about, and doing the continual search that you mentioned helps in that regard. I agree that conforming to other people's beliefs will not do much good for a person if they don't believe whatever those beliefs are.

Thanks for reading this, Mystery Seeker.
Hi, Mistery Seker.

I can relate to the fact of having many ADCs and, based on my understanding, it is quite natural to have these experiences because, again based on my own understanding, we are all made out of the same raw material, so to speak, that is SPIRIT, both the physically living and disincarnates.

So I honestly see nothing sinful or evil about the whole matter, as long as it helps people share love and joy and live lovingly and share this love with others.

Fear of death is of course understandable, as it has to do with fear of the unknown, and I guess most of us will have to simply live with that as long as it takes.

Since you mention the Bible, may I ask what you think of this passage (especially point 10) 1 Corinthians 12:1-12 (10 ἄλλῳ δὲ ἐνεργήματα δυνάμεων, ἄλλῳ δὲ προφητεία, ἄλλῳ δὲ διακρίσεις πνευμάτων, ἑτέρῳ γένη γλωσσῶν, ἄλλῳ δὲ ἑρμηνεία γλωσσῶν:) (10 alii operatio virtutum, alii prophetia, alii discretio spirituum, alii genera linguarum, alii interpretatio sermonum.) What do you feel would be the purpose of having a gift, from a Christian point of view, if it were not designed to be of service to others?
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Hi Giulia,

My P.S. will go at the top: Re-reading your post you asked "what do you feel would be the purpose of having a gift, from a Christian point of view, if it were not designed to be of service to others?
- I've never though about the purpose of having a gift; as my answer below indicates, this is not something I've thought a lot about. I'm sure the Holy Spirit designs these gifts to be of service to others; but as i mentioned below, how to identify these gifts, if one is interested, is the tougher question. :) ... Thanks :)

Regarding 1 Corinthians 12: 1-12, i don't have any experience with the gifts listed here. I guess for one thing, the church I grew up in did not emphasize the gifts of the spirit, that's more a Pentecostal thing. I've always found these gifts mysterious, and I can't really say that I can pinpoint anyone who has any of the gifts.

- the Spirit a message of wisdom, I'm not familiar with anyone who has that, and how could you verify if someone did claim to have that? I'm not sure
- a message of knowledge, you could say I've gotten messages of knowledge through my prayers; but I cannot prove that, I can only go by my faith; especially since I don't know if they mean a specific kind of knowledge here
- to be given faith, would be a gift indeed, as I know my faith is imperfect
- gifts of healing, is not something I feel I know too much about; there might be people who claim to have that, but I wouldn't know whether it's true, or not
- miraculous powers, that's a very general description and could cover a lot of stuff; it could cover the miraculous power of raising someone from the dead or doing an amazing healing, or I supposed many other smaller things; I've had some amazing experiences, but I have no way of knowing if they would fall under the category of miraculous powers, or not
- prophecy, I am cautious about that one; the Old Testament says that a prophet must be 100% correct; more information/knowledge would be needed by me to find out if less than 100% is acceptable in the New Testament; I do not consider psychics/mediums to be prophets, and I don't know of any who have a 100% correct track record
- distinguishing between spirits if something I don't know enough about; just that from what I've read, this gift can be quite the responsibility and can be a difficult gift to bare
- speaking in tongues; I'm sure that God knows that I don't really see that that is necessary, why must people speak in a tongue that is not of earth? and who is going to do the search to find out if it is of earth? I did hear of a story once of a young girl who apparently spoke in tongues and then was taken to an exorcist because it was felt that she was possessed; it's the kind of stuff I prefer to stay away from and I've never been to a church that seeks speaking in tongues
- interpretation of tongues, I'm not aware of anyone who can do that
- God and the Bible can be a mysterious place, and I cannot understand or interpret every word; but I still very much believe that the Bible is the word of God, and that some day, I will ask God about the various mysteries of the Bible
- I've always had faith that God is an all-encompassing God, that he is bigger than anyone's interpretation of the Bible, and bigger than anyone's philosophy or theology, or beliefs about anything
- I have always trusted in God all my life, and I've had a pretty good prayer life as a result, and I received a number of miracles and visits/miracles from God/Jesus and Angels, so I figure I must be doing something right by God :)
- verse 12 says "Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ" - this verse testifies to the idea that we are all one, we are all connected; and my faith that this is true is quite high

I hope this helps. I am not an expert on these gifts, and feel I would need more Bible study, or information, or prayer, or maybe just waiting til I die to learn more.

Thanks for asking :)
A Big Maybe

Maybe we are here to enjoy the life on Earth for what it is. A big School where we are here to learn whatever we want to learn. And how much we learn, or what we learn is totally up to us.


In my earlier years, you wouldn't have liked me. ( maybe you don't now ) !

I can't run around to all the people I have offended, hurt or did damage too, as I can't remember everything I did or didn't do.


I can forgive myself when these memories pop up in my head totally at random times when I least expect them. Remorse is a wonderful emotion which leads to forgiveness of yourself, for doing something, which at the time you did it, it did not seem to be out of line with the character of yourself that you had become, based on the life that you had lived to that particular point in time.

I have in my case Forgiven all my Transgressions to myself and by that have learned that to not make them again and that is what life is all about ( to me )

Question to you all

A commodity by definition is something you can Buy or Sell

  • What is the most valuable Commodity in life?

To save time as you can't answer me right away, my answer to that is TIME. (it may differ for each of you )

We as individuals only have so much Time as we know it in this " School Of Life "

My " Time " is exchanged for MONEY when I go to work of which I use Money to buy food and shelter ( the necessities of Life ) and all the other crap that we feel we need to complete ourselves and live up to the expectations of a forced society.

Here is a thought for you to all reflect on:

Time is the only " Currency " we really have and none of us " Know " how much we have in the " Bank of Life "

So how we use it up will depend on ourselves and who and what we wish to Sell or Give our Time to!

Why Am I Here

One Look Dictionary
MysterySeeker wrote: - distinguishing between spirits if something I don't know enough about; just that from what I've read, this gift can be quite the responsibility and can be a difficult gift to bare

Hi, MisterySeeker, and thanks for your reply. Even though I studied Ancient Greek at school, I do not have my dictionary here.

I am intrigued by the words: ἄλλῳ δὲ διακρίσεις πνευμάτων, as ever since I was very young, I understood the translation to mean "being able to see/sense/perceive spirits" rather than being able to tell the difference between evil and good spirits. Once again, based on my own understanding, we are all spirits, whether incarnate or disincarnate, and I feel that ultimately there is only one Spirit we are all part of.

So if somebody states they are able to experience many after death communications, that sounds like they can see/sense/perceive disincarnate spirits, which is something that could definitely bring much joy to those who are unable to, and are grieving the loss of a loved one, wondering whether their loved one is still alive.

In other words, like NDEs, ADCs seem to play a key role in providing evidence that life continues after death and acting upon that knowing may be all that is required to make this world a better and happier place.
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Hi Giulia,

I don’t think that 1 Cor 12: 10 cancels out the verses in the Old Testament that tell us to not go to mediums. In order for me to come to that conclusion more Bible study on similar verses would need to be done, plus much prayer.

I rarely can verify any of the ADCs I’ve had, and I would have no way of verifying any information I could give to another person. God wants people to seek Him in prayer for our many questions, and I prefer to do that, and have been getting good results as of late. I would prefer God’s answers over something a psychic/medium could tell me. I also have no desire to become a medium, since I do not believe that people should go to mediums. What I have written previously in this thread, remains the same. :)
MysterySeeker wrote: I don’t think that 1 Cor 12: 10 cancels out the verses in the Old Testament that tell us to not go to mediums. In order for me to come to that conclusion more Bible study on similar verses would need to be done, plus much prayer.

I rarely can verify any of the ADCs I’ve had, and I would have no way of verifying any information I could give to another person. God wants people to seek Him in prayer for our many questions, and I prefer to do that, and have been getting good results as of late. I would prefer God’s answers over something a psychic/medium could tell me. I also have no desire to become a medium, since I do not believe that people should go to mediums. What I have written previously in this thread, remains the same. :)

Hi, MysterySeeker. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

It happens very often to me to misunderstand what people say or do, even when these people are very close and I believe I know them very well, and I am eventually able to obtain verification as to what they said/meant/did.

I guess this would be much more challenging if it involved a disincarnate being with whom I only have occasional contact.

So the greatest challenge of all for me would be to obtain evidence as to what God says/means/does/expects.

I never suggested you go to see a medium or that you become a medium yourself, but I am curious now about

1) what a medium is and
2) what the Old Testament says about mediums

Thanks for your patience.
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Hi Giulia,

Mediums are people like Theresa Caputo on the “Long Island Medium” TV show, or James Van Praagh, or John Edwards. These are all American mediums. You can Google these people and read about what they do.

Basically, a medium has deceased people speak through them to a person known as a “sitter” who comes and pays the medium to speak to dead people that the sitter knows. Another way to put it, is that a person pays a medium to get information about the dead people they know.

I thought you were suggesting that people who can distinguish between spirits as in, 1 Cor 12: 10, should act as a medium for other people.

From articles I’ve read and some Bible studies I have done, there seems to be a lot of verses in the Old Testament (or OT) that tell people not to go to mediums.

The main OT verses that people often site for this is 1 Samuel 28:8-20. This Bible verse talks about King Saul of Israel, who sought counsel from a medium. Saul went to the medium and asked her to conduct a seance to conjure up the spirit of the deceased prophet named Samuel to get information from Samuel about an upcoming attack from the Philistines on the armies of Israel. The medium conjured up the spirit and told Saul what deceased Samuel said. In this story, God saw Saul’s seeking of a medium to be following a medium, when one is to follow God and seek counsel from Him.

From what I understand of these OT Bible verses, when a person consults a medium, you don’t actually know the source of their information. The medium could be a total fraud and make the information up. Or the medium could be a magician who will try to trick you. Or the medium could be channelling an evil spirit. So God warns that you are most likely to get unreliable information from a medium. So as a follower of God, you are to seek God in prayer for your questions, and God will answer you with complete truth.

I read the book “The Afterlife Experiments” by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., wherein he tested famous American mediums like John Edwards and Allison Dubois. His conclusion was that mediums only get it right 60 to 80% of the time. So 20 to 40% of the time, they are wrong. So who is to say who their source of information is? God tells us to seek God for our answers, not mediums.

If a person can see/sense/perceive spirits as in 1 Cor 12:10, you could say they are acting like a medium. Rey from this forum, told me that I might be able to develop my skills to become a fully-skilled medium, but as I told him, I’m not interested in doing that, because of my beliefs as mentioned above.

People who see spirits can have the experience without the Holy Spirit being directly involved. Many mediums tell us through their books and interviews, that just about anyone can have communication with a deceased loved one.

As I’ve read a lot of different things connected to ADCs, I’ve found that some people do EVPs and ITCs in order to communicate with deceased loved ones. These activities are similar to having a seance in order to conjure up spirits as in the above-mentioned Bible verses in 1 Samuel. And these are seen as “occult” activities, which Christians are taught not to do.

God knows that I have never done any kind of occult activity in order to have any of my ADCs, so I am peace with that. My challenge has been to discover how it is that God allows ADCs to occur naturally, without provocation, in His universe.

I did come across a Bible verse that said when Jesus rose from the dead, that other dead people rose from their graves and showed themselves to people in the town near where Jesus arose. And I recently found an article discussing deceased loved ones and the Bible, convincing me that the Bible acknowledges that the spirits of dead people live on, and that we will be with them again when we die.

But it is not uncommon for a Christian to be told that any ADC they have is talking to an evil spirit. I’ve been told that by Christians. Except that I have no reason to believe that its true because I have a good relationship with God, evidenced by my visions/messages/miracles from God, Jesus and Angels. I know those experiences with God are quite real, and I’ve accepted that they are the by-products of my relationship with God and Jesus. To me, when Christians say that ADCs are talking to an evil spirit, it is a fear response, not based on Bible study or prayer.

So all I know for sure, are that my experiences with God/Jesus/Angels apart from my ADCs are very real experiences to me, often with very real benefits in my life. And I know that I’ve prayed about my ADCs and only been told by God that “things will be okay.” So I have to trust all of my experiences, and trust that I am in the hands of God, and that God would not lie to me about any of this.

I have to trust that one day when I die, that I will find out if all or part of my ADCs were true to what I experienced. And from there, I will be asking God questions.

I have had 2 or 3 ADCs wherein I was told information that I could use to help my life. And I’ve gained much more helpful information from the visions/messages/miracles that I’ve received from God/Jesus/Angels.

So I have had a few of my ADCs verified to my satisfaction, but only a small portion of them.

I have never seen a spirit connected to another person as mediums often do, and I would have no way of verifying any information such spirits might give me. And I do not wish to do that for other people.

I do not have all the answers here. There is much more Bible studies and other studies I could do, but these are my understandings so far. Like most people, I am busy and only have so much time to pursue my spiritual interests :)

Hi Giulia,

Today I read several posts written by you that show that you know a lot about mediums. So why did you ask “what a medium is”?
MysterySeeker wrote: Hi Giulia,

Today I read several posts written by you that show that you know a lot about mediums. So why did you ask “what a medium is”?

Hi, MisterySeeker. I am glad you found my posts about professional mediumship.

The reason I asked you what a medium is was to find out what you feel a medium is and also to get you to explain why you objected to mediumship. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view and everyone's point of view is equally valuable and to be respected.

Asking questions in this way is also a Socratic method called "maieutic", which is designed to get you to offer your own explanation and understanding of a topic and possibly elaborate on your position/doubts/questions without anyone interfering with your beliefs and understanding of the topic in question.

Based on my own experience and on the many NDE accounts I have read, along with mediumistic reports about what happens after death, we come to this plane of existence with a mission, and we also have our own unique and indestructible personal identity, providing for specific traits, which may turn out to be gifts or handicaps, depending on our point of view.

I am aware that there are many frauds in the field of mediumship and also that mediumship cannot possibly be 100% accurate even when you have received full training, but I have also come to the understanding that it is easier for ADCs to involve our own loved ones, rather than people we do not know, and that each and every one of us can connect with their loved ones on the other side (so to speak) because it is easier for them to do so.

Since my work basically involves bereavement support, I am aware of the blessing that staying in touch with our loved ones who have left this physical plane involves and I do not find it sinful or strange: I feel we are all made out of the same "raw material", spirit, and that it is quite natural for these things to happen, whether it happens spontaneously or we actually elicit the experience.

The reason why I do not really like to refer to the Hereafter as "the Other Side" is because, based on my own experience with OBEs and ADCs, the idea of being on a separate plane (here in the physical) is an illusion, as (again based on my own experience) we are all part of the same Spirit and we are all on "the same side", if this makes sense. The fact that we are temporarily prevented from seeing/perceiving/sensing disincarnate spirits, and are often dominated by our own logical/critical and often egocentric egos (I definitely am, anyway) might be due to the fact that this physical experience has the precious role of teaching us what separation involves and what being kind to each other involves, and ultimately teach us that no separation really exists, if only we realise.

Last but not least, my curiosity as to why the Old Testament is supposed to make people feel guilty about all this is absolutely genuine, as I was raised as a Christian, I am what our Admin Dennis would call a "Jesus Fan" and I know Jesus used to refer to the Law when He spoke, though he offered a New Understanding about life and its purpose. However, Jesus' golden rule (LOVE), which is also the message most NDErs come back with, has been twisted in so many ways to justify all sorts of wars and horrors that I'd rather stick to the very basic golden rule that seems to be at the core of all world religions.

Thanks for your patience again.
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Hi Giulia,

I agree with your 3rd paragraph, “Based on my own experience … etc.”

Evil spirits can arise when one does occult activities. I even remember reading one of your posts mentioning that. Having been told by other Christians that ADCs are evil spirits, as I have, does put one on alert about them. So when Scott first came back last year each day, I would pray that he is not an evil spirit. And I would remind God that I said in my prayer/yearning that I wanted to die and go be with Scott, not for God to bring him here, just in case I needed a defense with God. However, I am grateful that God seems to have allowed Scott to be with me each day.

Before Scott returned I’d only have the occasional ADC, sometimes with helpful information for my life. Those were easier for me to accept because they didn’t happen every day.

Regardless, being that I was raised a Christian, regular ADCs might make you question what you believe, and what the scheme of things is. Certainly my ADCs have put me on a spiritual quest that I am still on, and most likely will be on until I die, and then beyond death, where I will ask God many questions.

Many people have told me over the years that it’s okay to go to a medium for various reasons. And over the last 30 years, I went 3 times, once by accident, because I didn’t know the psychologist I went to see was also a medium. And those 3 psychic mediums did NOT agree with the same story that I discussed with them.

But I prefer not to risk offending God by going anymore to mediums who don’t agree about my story anyways. Much more Bible study and prayer would be needed for me to change my mind. I have gotten some results with God using charasmatic prayer, so I will stick with that.

I am reading a book right now called the “Afterlife Teaching From Stephen The Martyr” by Michael Cocks that talks about the lack of separation, and that separation is an illusion that you mention.

I too, believe in sticking to the basic message of Jesus, as in the New Testament, with the golden rule at the centre of it. If people on earth endeavored just to live by the way Jesus taught us to live, this world would improve immensely quickly.

Mystery Seeker stated: Regardless, being that I was raised a Christian, regular ADCs might make you question what you believe, and what the scheme of things is. Certainly my ADCs have put me on a spiritual quest that I am still on, and most likely will be on until I die, and then beyond death, where I will ask God many questions.

I was a Christian and now 'non religious but spiritual'. I agree, to some extent, my ADCs and more so 'other experiences' did encourage me to leave my 'Christian' religion. However, I have many Christian friends with similar ADC experiences and they are still Christian. I have had many ADCs, which I consider 'medium experiences', both as a Christian and many more after. Just because they are 'medium experiences' it doesn't mean you can be a medium for others. I normally get only my friends, relatives and spirit guides and have not been conscious of other unknown spirits that have tried to talk with me.

'All' of my, my 'Christian' and non Christian friends ADCs have been 'beneficial'!!!!!! We all accept them as 'divine gifts/blessings'. If any 'religion' infers 'spiritual gifts that have proven to be good/beneficial over time' are not 'divine gifts/blessings' I would consider finding another religion!

My ADCs have come in premonitions, visions, dreams (note my name), and feelings. I have validated most as the danger, etc. was apparent after being 'warned'. Sometimes I just see things, some times I hear things, many times I feel things before I see or hear something, most times I think they communicate with me telepathically.

Once you have 'spiritual communications/help' I see many people shy away from it as it could be 'evil'. I 'believe' this is the wrong approach. I would encourage you to 'ask' for help, questions you have about God, religion, life, etc. etc.. Once we have opened that 'gateway to knowledge' why be afraid or shy from it? I say optimize it and ask for whatever help or information you need. My life has been tremendously 'blessed' because I have not been afraid to ask for 'common sense' type things. Obviously, you get a better feel for what is appropriate if you can keep the 'line of communications open'!

You inferred you were seeking 'truth' -------- you appear to have a 'great' tool available to take on that search!

Good luck with whatever you decide about your gift and how you use it.
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