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Tonight's C2C interview with Dr. Laurin Bellg (Near Death Encounters) sounds interesting and worthwhile.

Saturday - April 8, 2017

Dr. Laurin Bellg has researched a phenomenal collection of medical patient accounts of mysterious encounters during severe illness and life-threatening injury. She joins discuss Dave Schrader to discuss why we should reconsider what happens when we die, and how to interact with the near-death experiencer with respect and non-judgment.

I am a critical care physician working with very ill patients in the ICU. My training prepared me to care for the very sick, but it did not prepare me for encounters with the unknown. Over the past twenty years I've heard numerous mysterious and beautiful stories that patients have returned from the brink of death to share with me. They are both incredible and life-affirming.

Take a look at some of the reader comments to her book (Amazon).

Last night's interview of Dr. Laurin Bellg was excellent and is highly recommended listening.

Although one customer of Dr Bellg's book, "Near Death in the ICU" stated, "This is the book to give skeptics a reason to believe", Dr Bellg expressed a nobler goal/objective. Mainly, it really is to help bridge gaps of understanding and communications among dying patients, friends, relatives and care providers. As such listening to last night's interview is so highly recommended for such people, including NDE skeptics.

I have a page full of notes from the two hour interview (consisting of four 20 minute segments), from which the summary below is developed.

Dr Bellg was asked about the view of the mainline medical community regarding NDEes. She stated that, "doctors dont want to talk about it." Apparently this is still a stigma in the medical community that can adversely affect one's career, so medical professionals tend to be guarded about such matters and that, more often than not, this is a downside for patients. So Dr Bellg's message regarding a care giver's treatment of patients when the NDE subject surfaces is to "just go with it, be respectful."

Here is a list of factuals from my notes:

- During the 20 years of Dr Bellg's practice, she estimates that NDEes seem to be involved (or reported) in 5 to 8% of patient cases. (I believe that this is commensurate with NDERF reported research findings.) What is interesting is that most NDEes can be described as involving love, peace and promise and only two cases stand out as involving "hellish" experiences.

- Common threads include encountering a larger than life, room filling being of light and after the experience, displaying a complete loss of fear of death.

- Dr Bellg voiced that her medical experience involves having dealt with peoples across many different cultures and her theory, out of observation, is that during the NDE, experiencers may be seeing the same things, but just simply be interpreting them different thru the lens of their own culture and/or mindset.

- Dr Bellg reported having had lots of personal patient bedside reported "cross over" experiences, although she has not had a personal shared death experience. These patient reported experiences were much more common than an actual (full blown) NDE, and consist of the patient meeting and speaking to those who have "passed over" (ie, pre-deceased).

As usual, Dr Bellg was asked about nature, source or cause of NDEes (ie, hallucination?). She stated that, from a physician's standpoint, she cant see how these (ie, NDEes) can be other than what they seem as how can there be such coherence within patients under going brain death and/or cardiac arrest? It just defies what is known about the human body, brain and consciousness.

Finally, and one of the reasons why this post is listed in this social aspects section of the NDE forum, Dr Bellg reminded that, "it is not safe to talk about NDEes for physicians in formal medical systems, although that may be changing." Nurses are more open than doctors to discuss such matters and one nurse showed Dr Bellg a whole page (in her 600 page training manual) devoted on "how to talk with patients about the NDE."

Within the next few days, if one attempts a Google search using this topic line item: "Coast to coast AM April 8, 2017 - Near Death Encounters YouTube", then they should find one or more YouTube posts of last evening's interview. In general, these posts last a day or two at best, then they are taken down/blocked by YouTube as they are considered proprietary and that's why Im not including any link for this event.

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