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I hear many stories of others experiences of what occurs when they have passed on. Maybe once or even twice at the most, I heard someone share a story similar to mine. I was thrown 150 from the drivers side of my car on 9/14/06. It happen to be near 3am in front of the city of Providence, RI Police communications center on a back street with barely, well really no traffic! Since I knocked out all the electricity and they heard the crash,,, they came out (Police) and found me and directly called the ambulance. One of the EMT's that showed up happen to be my friends wife, and she could only identify it was me by my license since at the time, My face above eyebrow to the center of my head was hanging down and my chin was split completely in half, along with both sides of my Jaw shattered, and and bloody over my whole face and body. I was presumed dead! At the hospital my father was there and told me that 3 expert surgeons, who happen to be visiting from BOSTON took my case. He said they walked by the ICU table while they were attempting to revive me and spoke out loud that I was a goner (not realizing my father was right there). When they came back and seen I was stabilized and then noticed my father, they told him they will stay in RI and take my case because it was a miracle I was alive.

WHERE I WAS FOR ME,,, and what seems to be very different from many stories and videos I watch.

To this day, April 20, 2017, I have no memory of the car accident and/or even getting in my car at all. No memory of a hospital, ambulance, and any pain. WHAT I REMEMBER TO THIS DAY CLEARLY is Just being THERE instantly.
THERE.... it was not Hot nor Cold,,, No People or Voices that used words... JUST THE BRIGHTEST LIGHT EVERYWHERE that cannot be imagined or described here on earthly words, and did not blind one bit. To my left was a long canopy (I feel) were Trees with no spaces in between in One ROW along the whole left that I was aware of. A conversation with a billion or more (I describe it to some as the BORG in STAR TREK, how they communicated) because in that enormous amount of communications,,, we all heard everything and shared everything instantly and it was no words. The best I can describe it as is communicating with FEELING (it was like we were just ONE)

THEN ALL of a Sudden the MANY voices (I have to call it that to speak here)... The Many Voices became ONE... it had me feel GREAT PAIN,,, and gave me the choice to continue on,,, or return to it. I did not remember or even think of a mother, father, friend, cat, any hue-man, place, or thing. Where I was it was just JUST... no tunnels, bodies, nothing like I hear others speak. It was ALL ENERGY (is the best way to describe it) I chose the PAIN...! It felt weird. I was being shown what I was returning to.

When I woke up after turning towards that PAIN, and opened my EYES, My father was in my face. "You have been in a car accident" He said. I responded back, "LAST NIGHT" ,,, he said, "No, LAST WEEK" ... it was Monday and my accident occurred on Thursday.
I am NIPPAWUS-NANEPAUSHAT (SUN-MOON) from the TURTLE CLAN of the NARRAGANSETT (DAD) and WAMPANOAUG (MOM) TRIBES...! 2010 told by two different CLAIRVOYANTS I was on a path to be a Shaman.
And we are glad you were led here NippawasMOON

Welcome and enjoy. Please tell us more or ask any questions you so desire

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Welcome, NippawasMOON. What an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing it with us.

One question I have: do you have any memory of why you chose PAIN? I know this memory might have been taken away from you, but I thought I'd ask, nonetheless.

Please make yourself at home. It is wonderful to have you here. :F
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Appreciate the greetings...!
As my path traveled further I became aware it was the WORLD and the direction it was heading. At 1st I thought it was my Mom hurt I was hurt, then my father; but as I grew closer to my inner-self and removing the conditioned movie scripts pressed on me since birth, Life became Clear. I already completed the 5th dimension (what those refer to as Heaven) and was given the opportunity at my death in 2006, to raise my frequency to be allowed into the 6th. (or it could be entering the 7th)
Meaning that I am here now for-filling what is needed to raise my vibration to exist in the 6th dimension now. That is why upon my return in 9/15/06,,, I did not see EVIL,,, I felt it strongly. I am here to learn to not Judge and lose all emotional attachments to what occurs here.

I feel it is only in the 3rd Dimension that any SOUL can go through what they must to raise closer to their SPIRIT which is the collection of MANY who overall is ONE.
NippawasMOON wrote: I did not see EVIL,,, I felt it strongly.

This sounds all fascinating to me. May I ask what you mean when you said you did not 'see' EVIL, but 'felt it strongly'? Does this mean that you would non-judgementally find everything wonderful from your point of view but, when, apparently betrayed by this expectation, you felt it strongly?
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
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