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testing signiture
Aah. Much of Roman Catholic religion seems to 'man-made', hence the sexism that still pervades, & in other world faiths - not wanting to slag anyone's belief, I regularly enjoy watching RCMass online, but the man-made / corrupted aspect makes me wary of all religion. Jesus does makes sense to me tho', his teachings were radical for the times & totally sound. As the writer advises 'Use your own head and find what resonates', that's all we can do, along with prayers to a higher benign power for guidance?
I think he's putting it rather bluntly, but in practice I can't really deny the control aspect of any organization, religious or otherwise, including the church I belong to and have ministered in. Control is an inherent aspect of any human organization but it can vary from a dormant threat to a clear and present danger.
My objective as a pastor was always to let people think for themselves, to open their minds and broaden their horizons. I also don't think any one organization holds the keys to heaven. We all took them with us when we left Home.

Church organizations have done great good and great evil. They are a tool, which can be used in service of the many or of the few, good and evil. A small organization has limited power relative to a large one and is thereby safer, like a pickaxe compared to a stick of dynamite.
Its up to the members collectively to see to it that their organization does good. Simply pointing to the errors of the past is not constructive. That would be like calling for the dissolution of the United States because there used to be slavery in the whole USA. Or on a small scale like deciding never to better your ways because you have made mistakes in the past (there are whole jails filled with people who fell into this trap). Nope, we need to take the power we have and use it responsibly. In some cases, yes, that means attacking an organization that has gone off track, but in most cases it just means we do what we can.
As long as an organization, a religion, serves the people a lot of good can come of it. When the people begin to serve the organization, that's when things go wrong.
Excellent video and excellent messages!

I was a 'Christian' ----- enough said. However, even on 'spiritual boards', people periodically are hurt because 'religion" (preachers, church leaders, bible, etc.) taught/inferred that seeking communication with 'spirits', meditation, etc. is 'of the devil and demons'.

I value my 'relationship with God and spirit' as very important so I pursue additional 'spiritual experiences' (dreams, meditation, visions, contact with spirits, etc.). I and those around me have benefited significantly by this pursuit in my life. I can't imagine any 'social organization' I am aware of, that may hinder my 'spiritual relationship', as being more desirable to me than pursuing 'truth' and guidance from 'spirit'.
With the teaching against any kind've spirit seeking so strong in the Bible, I find it's hard to get that out've your head. Always been fascinated with the paranormal, never experienced it but I've read & watched so many accounts it's what initially convinced me there must be a devil & a God. Obviously (most) Christian teachings are against 'dabbling' & having read some of Fr Amorth's books I'm happy to stear clear! :shock: Never had a NDE but a few years back I had a dream where I was given a name & the word 'dead', it went on for a few nights, I got upset, I didn't know what I was meant to do with it. The only dead person I knew with that name had died many years ago; was it was a sign he wanted recognition or someone to visit his grave, but why now, after so long? I couldn't locate the grave & the dreams had stopped after about a week. 3 months later I found that someone I used to know had died at the time I was having the dreams/nightmares, he had the same name but I never twigged it was him as he was still young, I just didn't associate him with death. I've since asked a couple of Christian question sites, 1 changed the subject & the other said it was 'from satan'. But whenever my Faith ebbs, I remember it & I know there is 'something' more.
BlueSky stated: 3 months later I found that someone I used to know had died at the time I was having the dreams/nightmares, he had the same name but I never twigged it was him as he was still young, I just didn't associate him with death.
Comment. I am not sure why that type of information was provided to you unless it was important to you. If it wasn't it may be 'spirit' just trying to open the channel of communication with you by saying 'hello I am trying to communicate with you by alerting you to something you were not aware of'. Spirit knows the future and opening this channel may be important for what is coming in your future.

I and people close to me have normally been warned of danger. I have been warned a number of times. My sister thanked me for telling my dream stories and telling her to pay attention to her dreams as she claimed she never had any 'spiritual experiences or communications of any type'. Then one day when traveling she got a dream about her husband falling asleep while driving. She paid attention to the dream and claims her life was 'saved' as she knew where along the road to catch her husband dozing off as they were going 80 mph.

I normally get a lot of experiences and messages through my dreams (travel to after life, other universes, also get messages), but I have to ask for a lot of what I get by prayer and or through meditation. Before I was averaging 2 dreams that I could remember each month. Now I have been averaging 5 dreams that I can remember each week.

Good Luck on your journey!
DennisMe wrote: I also don't think any one organization holds the keys to heaven. We all took them with us when we left Home.

Beautifully worded, Denis!
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
On the subject of being ‘MADE UP TO CONTROL PEOPLE' why would countries like China & Russia try to enforce state atheism? - Unless they felt threatened by religion, on a control front, so it was safer to try ban it completely?
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