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Hi All,

This is something that I typically would have dismissed as false and fake years ago. However after my NDE I've come to see that all things are possible to a degree, and that the existence we have here on earth is extremely limited in comparison to what can be done, felt, experienced, and achieved on "the other side."

After my NDE, I occasionally have "flash-back" like memories to what I would consider better times.

For example, I was walking in the woods with my wife recently when I was suddenly struck with a memory-like internal imagery of having lived as a nomad traveling the woods in a more open and loving society perhaps thousands of years ago. It was really weird because it felt like a memory and not at all like daydreaming.

Does anyone else get these strange moments? Perhaps it's just a trick of the mind confusing it as a memory when it was actually a daydream?
Yes I have had such an experience, but mine was very sad. During a meditation I was flooded by images and feelings. I was standing in the middle of a small village of primitive huts, maybe it was in Africa. They were all burnt to the ground and everyone was dead, my whole family, my whole tribe, the animals ... I was crying, devastated. I don't know why and how I had escaped the carnage.

It was not a daydream, as there was no active input from myself. These images and feelings just flooded me (it's the best word I can come up with), and overwhelmed me.

I had a few other such moments but not in as much detail, more vague. Like, I believe I once was stoned to death because I spoke the truth, which was not appreciated. This would tie in with what an astrologer once told me - that I used to be a revolutionist and have come into this life to learn a more soft and moderate approach.

It might be that because of such painful experiences in my previous lives I'm now very careful and mistrusting, and tend to be a recluse. I speak openly only to people who I feel can accept it and then too, I try to be gentle rather than blunt, so my words don't hurt.

Your flashback is beautiful :) Have you explored it any further?
No I have not explored it further, but I wish too. However I don't think I'll exactly be able to do so on my own watch, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what else might come of it.

It was indeed very nice. It coincided with a feeling of peace I was already experience on the walk, which was lovely. :)
I have seen a number of 'past lives'.

If you want to go directly for them look up 'past life' guided meditations on Utube or go to a regression/hypnotist person.

Basically, the 'meditations' do the same as the regression. They get you relaxed and breathing deeply then take you on a journey. Then all of a sudden they say we go around this corner ----- and we see a past life. They totally take the conscious mind by surprise and force the 'subconscious' to reveal a 'past life'. The meditations then ask you how are you dressed? (I was an American Indian and another a boy in the mountains in Europe). Who do you recognize from those you know now? (since we reincarnate in 'soul groups' I recognized my current wife as my mother and my wife was a granddaughter). They may ask other questions.

Totally, fascinating area. Once I experience something new a few times I then go to the net to see if others have similar experiences and then to books, etc.

I have suggested the 'meditations' on atheist boards and those 'attempting' them normally report success. However, it is not 'proof' but may be good evidence or bad based on how you feel about it. That is why I still 'believe' in what I experience but can't go to 'know' as that would be something 'scientifically verifiable'.

There may in fact be 'issues' in your 'past lives' that affect you. A trained hypnotherapist will sometimes regress the person with a 'current problem' and find out it was in a 'past life' in order to deal with correcting it.
I remember this from when I was younger.

I used to get all sentimental about the sea. Once I remember staring off into the horizon when an image hit me of a sailor in the water watching a ship sink. I remember I loved that ship with all my heart and I wasn't concerned for my own safety, but the pain of seeing her go under was indescribable.

For decades I couln't stand stories or movies about shipwrecks. I'd tear up whenever I saw a ship sink on TV. I always loved the sea and any kind of water though. The funny thing is I get awfully seasick whenever I am at sea. Its almost as if the seasickness was a deliberate block to prevent me from living this life as a sailor...
For now I'm happy to blast around on my beach catamaran, but the call of the ocean is still something I feel strongly. I don't think that will ever completely go away. Maybe it ties in somehow with my life lessons which allseem to be centered around facing and resolving my problems in stead of running from them...
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