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Hi everyone,
English is not my first language so I have difficulty to put my experiences in words, anyway this is my short story. Around 10 years ago I had 2 OBEs, at the first one I visited the darkness (the lowest part of heaven) and followed by visiting the kingdom of heaven (the highest part of heaven) and met Father (Father is not God but people here on earth refer Father as God). The best description of The Father can be found in The Secret Book of John (The Apocryphon of John)

Both experiences changes my life drastically, at that time I was a lawyer and I don’t have any qualification in science but eventually I created the design for a self-fueling perpetual-motion machine as described by Edgar Cayce in one of his prophecies yet to come.
In order to understand how the machines work I also developed the “new theory” in physics and hopefully people could also understand how the nature works better.

The best way to find out how this universe was created for the first time is to understand what gravity really is, so that I developed a new theory related to gravity and I hope that through this theory everyone who reads it will be clearer about what and how gravity works. You can find my theory in vixra under the title The Eternality : Velocity as the Component to Understand the Gravity (sorry according to the forum rules I cannot post a link within my first post)
Though I didn’t mention in my paper, in this theory I also answers the basic questions in physics such as “Time”, “Energy” etc.
Although I can prove it through experiments in the laboratory but unfortunately until now no one interested and or support it :cry:

Currently I'm trying to understand what life means, who we really are, why we live in this world and why the world is created and other fundamental questions. So far I've been able to find the answer to that question but no one interested to hear it :cry:

I would love to tell you all in detail in the new topic if anyone interested :)
You met being of light? or you did not met him?
What god you have met?
foxy wrote: You met being of light? or you did not met him?
What god you have met?

Anything you see except in the kingdom of heaven is the image that is embedded in the soul, each soul is made up of one or many different kinds of images depending on the number of a person's life in the physical world so that the image is a living memory or a recording of each person's life experience.

During my first OBE, I met my dad and I saw the figure of my dad while he was still live here on earth in the world but at the second OBE I saw a young man I had never seen before with his whole body glowing very bright light and I can recognize one of His life experiences in the world as my dad (John in "The Apocryphon of John" describes Him as the being of light that can change from a child to be an old man and then to a young man).
Jesus tells us in the Gospel of Thomas that whoever is either male or female when entering into the kingdom of heaven will be being of light resembling a young man and Jesus calling it as the Father.

Imagine that you hold a very large piece of bread and grab some of the bread, a small piece of bread is the Father and that great bread is God. the Father is part of God and we who live in this world are part of the Father. We will be able to become the Father if we can enter into the kingdom of Heaven but we can not become the Father when we enter into heaven.
Hello sas,

Your post is very, interesting. Being raised in a protestant religion, the holy books that were omitted from the Bible were something I never considered to read until in my 40's seeking to better understand God, the universe, and spirit world. I quickly realized these books (many of them anyway) should never have been left out. I read Gospel of Thomas and found it so interesting. I can easily see why the religious leaders of the time didn't want them in there to alert the people to deeper truths :(

I've not read The Apocryphon of John. Believe that will be next on my list of to-do!

"My therapist told me the way to achieve true inner peace is to finish what I start. So far today I've finished 2 bags of M&Ms and a chocolate cake. I feel better already! ~ Dave Barry :)
i have a question, it's there a reincarnation?
And did you ever see the Buddha?
I will answer based on my experiences. I have seen a number of 'past lives', some recent ones human but also animals.

We have existed for billions of years, reincarnation makes a lot of sense to me for 'eternal beings'. However, currently as a 'human', reincarnation and starting a new life appears 'scary or concerning'.

I assume, when we have access to our 'eternal knowledge and abilities' we will understand 'reincarnation' and many things significantly better than now in our 'human' situations.
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