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Found this link and it's so amazing I had to share it. Surely some of you have read it before, but her insights were so profound it wouldn't hurt to read them over again.

Sandra Rogers' NDE

Posted below are a few of her insights that stood out for me personally:

* Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God.
* Cries, wishes, hopes, desires, and thoughts are all forms of prayer.
* There are only two true religions - the religion of love and the religion of fear.
* God created differences in religion because of the different lessons we all need to learn.
* The more spiritually evolved one is, the more one sees truth in different religions; one less spiritually evolved sees only differences.
* Bigotry is self-hate. When we hate others, we hate ourselves.
* That which you loathe in others is the very aspect you forbid yourself.
* The forbidden fruit symbolizes the spiritual body entering the physical body and starting the spiritual body's desire for things of the physical world.
* Those born with mental or physical afflictions are more spiritually advanced than others, born to help others evolve spiritually.
* Dreams are messages from your subconscious in the form of a puzzle. To comprehend your dream, piece the puzzle together.
Thank you ever so much for this post, Sevinufnine. How true :F

Each statement sounds in itself a pearl of wisdom.

I was attracted by the statement
Dreams are messages from your subconscious in the form of a puzzle. To comprehend your dream, piece the puzzle together

Even though I occasionally suffer from nightmares, in one of my OBEs, back in 2005, which, just as a dream, helped me tackle a difficult situation I was going through, as I was floating in the astral version of our bedroom, I was shown lovely three-dimensional versions of our photos, which shone with their own light and hovered in the air. These photos appeared to be made up of pieces of a puzzle—a fact that seemed completely normal to me— as if to suggest that happiness and joy in the family come in stages, thanks to sacrifices and small and large acts of love.

I did not realise Sandra had passed! Her name stands out in my mind as representative of how there always is a light at the end of the darkest tunnel, that our physical life is precious and every moment deserves to be lived.
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