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Out-of-Body Experience
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It was the springtime of 1963 when my first OBE (Out of Body Experience) took place. I was only 7 years old. That was the first time I realized that my life force, or conscious soul was capable of separating from my body. I guess one could say that I literally jumped out of my skin because it happened by accident on the recess playground when I was in the 2nd grade of public school, and I was too young to understand how or why it was possible.

I had a new friend in my classroom that I liked to play with during recess. Sam was a little guy like me, and we raced each other toward a playground structure we called the jungle gym. It was new, painted bright colors and it was made of steel pipes that were welded together to frame multiple cubes. The cubes were stacked about 3 levels high to form a much bigger cube so that the entire structure looked square. We could climb around or inside the frames if I remember correct. It was a very solid structure, and at any given time there would be lots of kids climbing to the topmost platform where we could slide down a large pole like a fireman to the ground. When we stood up on that platform it felt like we were quite high, but I’m sure it was only 6 feet or so in the air.

I managed to reach the top of the jungle gym before Sam; then I turned back to see him climbing fast to reach me. We were laughing and he wanted me to wait until he could join me for a slide down the fireman pole, so I leaned back against a railing I thought was behind me while I waited; only there was no railing there to stop my falling. I fell straight back into the open air as if being pushed, and I was shocked to realize I was wrong.

During my free fall I tried desperately to grab the fire pole to slow my downward motion. Nothing else mattered in that moment, and grabbing that pole was my complete focus, but my arms went through the pole even though I tried several times. I seemed to be falling while in a whirling tunnel at a slow speed, and I was astonished that my arms were not able to touch that pole. Then I looked down and realized my body was already sprawled on the ground next to the base of the pole, but it felt like I was still falling, so I kept trying to reach the pole until I found myself standing on the ground again. I could not understand why my arms went through solid metal like that. I recognized that I was standing over my body and I was separated from it. I could think and question what was happening, and I even looked like myself with legs and arms, but I was a bluish color that had become transparent. My real physical body was clumped on the ground at my feet.

It was then that I heard screaming on the playground. Some girls had seen me fall. They ran to tell a teacher while I stood over myself in complete confusion. There was no pain, only an eerie feeling of disconnect like things weren’t moving at normal speed. I didn’t know what to do but stand there. Then a large group of kids all ran toward me before the teacher yelled at them to stop. Some of the boys were laughing and I made the conscious decision to re-enter my body before they could reach me. I wasn’t ready for the sudden attention I got, and I don’t know why, but somehow I knew that I needed to go back into my body to protect myself, so I did.

My head spun in confusion as a circle of kids asked a lot of questions; they all talked at once, and I couldn’t understand them. It was hard to relate to their speech because my head was still not centered. I had to fight to stay inside my body as my spirit kept trying to rise above it. I said nothing while the teacher cleared a path to reach me. She was my 2nd grade teacher and I liked her. She told the other kids to move along and leave me alone. I was still trying to understand what had just happened as the teacher checked for broken bones and such. She asked if I could stand, and with her help I could, but I was very confused. She asked me how I felt and all I could say was, “I think I passed out for a while.” She took me back to the classroom and looked me over real good before saying that my mother had been called and would be coming to pick me up. Mom got there quickly because the rest of my class still played outside as we drove away.

I remember trying to explain to my mother that when I was falling my arms went right through the metal fire pole, and I couldn’t understand how I could be looking at my body on the ground like that. She responded with her usual motherly ways as she listened, but I know she didn’t believe me, and she said that I would probably feel much better if I rested on the couch while she ironed the laundry nearby. She went about her work and I slept to the sound of her steam iron hissing as she watched TV.

That evening, while my family ate dinner, I talked about my playground falling incident with my dad. Again I described my arms going through the metal pole as I struggled to get a grip, along with my standing over my body, but I could tell those parts of my story were generally ignored. Dad only asked if Sam pushed me off the jungle gym. Sam had not as I recalled the way it all happened, so Dad said it would probably be a good idea to tell the teacher that he had nothing to do with my falling when I went back to school; which was the next day.

I asked the teacher for permission to address the rest of the class in the morning because I heard some boys giving Sam a hard time about pushing me the day before. I stood and told everyone that Sam was innocent, and he had nothing to do with my falling. The teacher thanked me and tried to move on with our school work, but I heard some boys giving Sam a hard time by whispering he was guilty anyway. It was the same group of boys that always picked on Sam. For some reason it upset me so much that tears came to my eyes. I was still not myself, and besides, kids can be very cruel to each other without realizing it.
This is the first chapter of my book.
I believe my first and only OBE was to the 'between life'. There my parents recognized me and asked me what I was doing there then they said I must talk with someone (a spirit guide?).

I went to a door and inside the door a person sat in a chair and I was directly in front of him. He asked me how I got there and I told him. Then I asked for a 'full tour'. He started laughing and I woke up.

Subsequently, I did visit in a dream and saw places such as 'life review', 'next incarnation', and study buildings.

Subsequently, I found I could visit 'other dimensions/universes' in my dream state by requesting it in a meditation before bed (doesn't always work each night). Since then I have visited myself very briefly, living in what I believe to be 'parallel universes'. I never see myself but everyone is dressed similar to us and human and I usually recognize no one. I was once in a work situation where we were discussing an issue I thought was resolved many years ago here. Other times I am with people that act as if we know each other and I have no clue who they are but I don't talk my 'other self' does all the talking. It is interesting to see 'possible new inventions' in these other places although I do not get to view the actual technology involved ------- when I see something new I ask myself what is that. I have rode in what I thought to be some pretty high tech things.

I will continue to pursue experiences. I only 'believe' things I don't 'know' anything for sure.
Hi Dreamer,

I sometimes travel to places, meet people I don't know, and experience things that cannot be explained as well. Do you notice that your dreams seem to be concentrated and frequent at times, while other times there is nothing to recall? The dreams I enjoy the most involve flying, or when I view crystal-clear water. I'm told those are very positive on a spiritual level.
"I sometimes travel to places, meet people I don't know, and experience things that cannot be explained as well. Do you notice that your dreams seem to be concentrated and frequent at times, while other times there is nothing to recall? The dreams I enjoy the most involve flying, or when I view crystal-clear water. I'm told those are very positive on a spiritual level.
Comment: I was averaging 1 message dream every 2 weeks for a long time. Then I read a book by an 'intuitive' and in one paragraph he stated that one should seek to have dreams they remember frequently and not just messages but travel to other universes and dimensions. He gave me a short meditation to establish a desire to have and remember, a message, travel, etc. then incase it (golf ball size) in white light and put it at the back of your skull just before sleeping. This is a 'visualization' of course, I don't really produce this physically.

Since doing that I have been averaging 5 dreams each week and get some even when I say it's ok to stop as I am on vacation. But, I have just been doing this for a few weeks so we will see what the future holds.

I have had a 'flying' dream and one in 'water', I believe these were 'past lives' as 'non humans'. When I was flying I was an animal with wings flying with others, not here on earth and when in the water I was a fish. I can remember coming to the surface as a 'fish' and looking up at the sky. I was shocked to see either 2 suns or 2 moons I was not sure or maybe with 'fish eyes' it was really only one.

Sometimes, I have remembered 'strange/unknown' people in my dreams before but never documented it as they just seemed off to the side. Lately, when I go to a 'potential multiple universe' I am there (but never talk as the Me that is there does that). I just observe what they are talking about ---- they know each other (work or neighbors, etc.). The one (?) that I have observed is 'similar' humans dressed 'similar' to us but normally I see something 'different' (technology, knowledge, etc.). Unfortunately, I have not been able to examine 'different gadgets' they have to understand them nor see myself in a mirror. After I have a number of 'different' experiences I hit the net and books to validate others are having similar experiences and see where science is on the possibility of these things. In this case the visiting parallel universes as I have has been 'experienced' by others in a very 'similar' way and many others talk about it. Thank God!

Good luck on your book!
Good luck with the book KenL..

My mum had an OBE when she was a small girl.
She never talked about it much, but I remember her telling me.

She was at the dentist and back then it was gas to put you to sleep, while deep work was done or a tooth pulled.
She said she was up by the ceiling just floating. Looking down she could see herself in the dentist chair sleeping while the dentist did his work.

I wish she were still with us so I could ask her more about it.

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