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Ok; very minor compared to other stories on here but I want to record it, while I still can. Just over 7 yrs ago I began waking in the night after being aware of a person's name with 'is dead' & feeling terrible sadness. The only person I knew with that name who was dead had died over 20 yrs ago when I was 15 - seemed odd I should think of them now, but after the 2nd night I felt it must be some kind've message to remember them? By the 3rd night of having the same 'dream' I was crying & saying 'Sorry' for if we'd treated him bad (I'd been OK with him but some inc. his family hadn't, he'd died unexpectedly age 26 & many felt guilty their last words to him were 'F*ck off) My then spouse, who'd initially been slightly sympathetic, had already run out've patience & was angrily telling me to 'Get a grip & get over it' Shut up.
But I couldn't, I decided I should visit the grave, pay respects. I emailed the church where his funeral had been, did they know where he was buried - No, neither did the Records Office the church'd suggested; it had been a long time ago, pre-www. By now the nightmares had stopped, I figured he'd just wanted some acknowledgement & I'd tried, end of. *I remember 'April' being on 1 email so the dreams were around the 1st weeks of April. I wish I'd kept a record, but I didn't realise that dates, or any of it, would be important later. The dreams lasted 5 or 6, maybe 7 nights; felt about a week.
3 months later on a rare night out with a friend she asked if I knew her Ex's cousin, that he'd died. I didn't. 2 nights later I sat bolt upright in bed & said his name, like you'd see on sit-coms, as I suddenly realised I DID know the person who'd died, he was the brother of another Ex, years ago (I hadn't thought of him as someone's 'cousin'! Plus I'd had a few drinks when she told me; not sharp) & he had the same name as the person in the dream message - I never thought of him at the time as I just didn't associate him with death; to me he was alive & still young, I'd assumed 'dead' must mean the 1 I knew was dead, 20+ yrs ago. But this recent death had happened halfway thru' the month, 'around' the time I was getting the dream message - Annoyingly I can't check exact dates as my only time record had been emails now deleted, I just remembered 1 mentioning 'your email of April..' The dreams may've been before he died, but that makes even less sense; I couldn't have prevented it - plus I got it muddled up anyway.
I hadn't seen him for years, we'd been more friendly acquaintances than close & I wasn't 'romantically' interested, yet knowing that now he was no longer in the world, I couldn't bare it, I cried for weeks, in private. I can only explain it, apart from the sheer unfairness of dying young, was that he was a 'pure soul'? - Not in a soppy way, but he was unusually empathetic, good humoured, no malevolence. I didn't once see him lose his temper in years of being around him - basically the rare type of person which this world needs more of, not less.
I've always been interested in the paranormal, tho' never experienced anything. After more death, friends & family, I wanted reassurance that 'this isn't it' & tried asking a couple of US Christian sites what the dream message was for, hoping they'd say I was a 'Sensitive' or something cool. One changed the subject & the other said it was 'from Satan & best ignored'. Where/whatever it was from, it does help; whenever I feel it's all pointless, I remember the dream experience & I know there is 'something'. I don't know what, but something.

Hi BlueSky,

The psychic Edgar Cayce said that any time we dream of a deceased person, they are visiting us in the dreams. Not everyone believes that, but I pretty much do.

It also sounds like you have some guilt about his death. Remember the whole relationship is what matters, not just the last thing you said to him.

These dreams could also just be something your subconscious needs to deal with.

I too, knew someone who died at age 26. I believe everyone dies when they’re supposed to, so it wasn’t extra hard to cope with.

These things can be mysterious, without any specific answers.

Good luck.

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