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(Hello to everyone, first time poster here, non-NDEr. Pls be gentle if this is already a dead horse :)

Don't get me wrong, like many, (as an 'outsider', but also a human being) I am fascinated by and for the most part accept NDEs as reality.

But. Since our 4D life here in this body is so much different and hidden from whatever is over there, I wonder if it's for a reason. What if we are not supposed to know about or 'be sure' about an afterlife or what it really is like? Otherwise the 'game' is rigged. You have an NDE, sure, it changes your life and you may even become a better person. Isn't that cheating in a way? If bettering the world through the NDEs and through spreading the word about NDEs would be (part of) our mission, why not just let this whole thing be revealed by whoever created us or put us here and be a big happy family? So there MUST be a reason for these rules and boundaries. I think that would be to experience life without any external 'help' or insider info. To see how we do on our own - to what . We are put here in our limited 3D (4D) form and yeah, the purpose why, we don't have the faintest idea while here. Maybe that's the whole point.

Does this make sense? If I tell my kids to do their homework, I might also tell them not to look at the key to the test, because I want to know what's in their head and not how they can find out and write what is expected of them. Sure, the test will score better, but is that the goal at the end of the day?

Just my 2 cents. Thanks for reading :) And again - don't want to ruin the party, just curious what others think about why we'd need to focus on NDE.
limpingmonkey stated: So there MUST be a reason for these rules and boundaries. I think that would be to experience life without any external 'help' or insider info. To see how we do on our own - to what . We are put here in our limited 3D (4D) form and yeah, the purpose why, we don't have the faintest idea while here. Maybe that's the whole point.
Not a good answer but comments (I 'believe' are correct): I am not an NDE guy however, I have attempted to get and received many experiences in most 'paranormal fields'. This is a question that I think of regularly and wonder about. I have received a lot of 'help and assistance' because I have been 'open to divine help', my knowledge, and my attitude to pursue additional experiences and to test any 'boundary'. I think there are some definite boundaries on what we should/not 'ask for', however, there are also ways around those by asking for guidance and information on how to invest versus give me a billion dollars ---- for example.

This is my take on why at least 'my experiences' and subsequent help and assistance are 'fair' ----- at least in my mind and my 'world view'.

1. Basically, I believe (can't prove) that 'spirit guides' have tried to help 'every human' to achieve the goals they set for this 'incarnation' ----- that is the divine way to get 'truth'. Therefore, we are basically all on equal footing in this area and 'earn' what we recognize and subsequently get because 'most' have no clue they are even being helped. This help/information would include who we marry, kids, careers, warn us of danger, God truth, etc. throughout our lives. Some of us have accepted their help by 'recognizing', someone is helping me, versus ignoring or not recognizing we were helped at all. I have actually met people with amazing experiences that totally misunderstand them and most will not pursue asking for more help. If we are not 'open' enough to recognize we are being helped, I believe spirit guides will keep trying to help and normally be successful in providing basic help even if we are 'unaware' of their help. However, when we are 'open' and 'expecting help', I believe spirit guides will step up even more to giving us even more help (closer to what help we would like) and 'keeping the lines of communication' open. I believe my responsibility is to 'share' my experiences and encourage others to seek 'truth' in a 'sane' way, which proves a real challenge given the 'average' spirituality of people on this world. I post on both 'spiritual' and atheist boards and have had some interesting conversations.

2. This world is increasing in 'spirituality' but far behind some other worlds. I think the progress has improved and will continue to improve, with the internet, technology, etc. and the many 'spiritual stories' in books giving more exposure of these things to more of the world population. As this information becomes more available to more people ------ more people will start having more and more experiences. I think it is important for the 'population' to increase in 'spirituality' versus God or Source make that clear to everyone ( that appears to be a rule). How fast people accept and get interested in seeking 'truth' is the real question concerning how fast 'this planet' will be able to 'progress' in general. We are still 'many, many years' away from people in general recognizing : 1 God, 1 after life, reincarnation, world truth, spirit guides, intuition, telepathy, etc.

3. As far as individual progression that is an interesting issue. Our planet offers significant 'growth opportunities' because of our 'lower level of spiritual progress' but solid technology level versus going to a planet where more spiritual progress exists. However, some other planets have only basic life only so progress there is limited also. We will chose to reincarnate where we have the best opportunity for 'progression' ------- whatever that may be in a specific individual's case.

4. I try to 'identify the rules and boundaries' by pursuing 'spiritual experiences' and seeing what I learn then trying again where it looks like I am making progress. The bottom-line is I don't know the 'rules and boundaries' and haven't read or met anyone that does but once I read of 'new experiences (to me)' I normally attempt to add them to my experience list. Along the way I try things I have never read about also. It is 'interesting' to pursue this stuff but it seems like an 'evolving' process ----- it seems like I need to 'use/pursue' what I have to a certain extent before I get more/new 'procedures/processes/insights' but they do come.

I look forward to 'others' perspectives. Good luck in your 'truth seeking'.

I consider myself a 'truth seeker' and have not met many others. I believe I am making 'spiritual progress' and I am gaining more and more insight all the time but it is not an 'overnight' process . How all my 'spiritual awareness' works into my 'eternal growth' I really don't know. However, right now I like the help I am getting, and I will continue to pursue more help in the future.
I have thought about that many times over the years, as well. When I had my nde the term nde didn't yet exist and people kept the experiences mostly to themselves. Now, everything is known and openly talked about. I think everything is speeding up and maybe these things are at a point in time where that is the way it is supposed to be.
Sorry, I am still new and didn't realize I couldn't edit very much. Here are some other comments.

limpingmonkey stated: So there MUST be a reason for these rules and boundaries. I think that would be to experience life without any external 'help' or insider info. To see how we do on our own - to what . We are put here in our limited 3D (4D) form and yeah, the purpose why, we don't have the faintest idea while here. Maybe that's the whole point.
As to your basic question. It appears to be a 'rule' we are to 'learn' by 'experience' normally on our own, like you mentioned but with 'some' help from spirit guides. However, it seems to me, that we can get more help 'based on our own diligence' and 'awareness'.

I have actually been given 'whole and major parts of 'college level/professional' tests. I was not 'told' this is what is on the test ----- it normally comes across as a 'knowing' if you understand that. I just knew precisely what would be on the example tests without any way of really knowing. Only one time did it come across as that would be the only problem. Does that mean I didn't study other things? No, my 'faith' was not that great. But the only reason I believe I got this 'information' is because I asked and expected help. I still did have to find out how to work the various issues within the question which did take asking others for help. I did have enough faith to 'make sure' I knew how to answer the question(s) I 'knew' would be on the test.

I don't have an idea of how many 'hunches, knowing, etc.' I didn't recognize and properly respond to but I 'believe' there were many others. As I look back on my life I recognize more and more times I was probably helped without recognizing it. I try to document each one I recognize. I have noted my 'help experiences' went up significantly when I devoted more time to studying these 'paranormal' areas and becoming more and more 'aware' of what is possible and what others have experienced.

Good luck!
Garry Here. I don't post much as I consider myself to be a lurking administrator.

I read all these posts and my take on it is Faith.

I trust my Faith that there is more to whatever we are experiencing here and I am just going with the flow. I appreciate that there are others like yourselves who question what it's all about but I feel I will find out when its time for me to find out and until then I shall just drift along and deal with each new day as it comes. Oh also I wake up each day and am happy to have another one to deal with.

It's not my time yet, to know........

Why Am I Here

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I actually believe that every person, beyond just humans, any sentient entity has an infinite set of ways to identify themselves, and an infinite set of ways to observe reality, no two of whom can ever experience any one else's point of view exactly...

If any one wants to define any aspect of reality, any characteristic of one's own existence or experience, then they are the only one who can actually do that, without beginning, without ending, without permission and without limits of any kind...

my own point of view is that I exist as an infinite, eternal, intangible awareness of every aspect of existence, right now, no after life, not even a before life, everything has existed forever, it just changes shape now and then :) no one created it...

as far as who I am physically, I am not any one physical entity, the human body is composed of particle physics and energy fields, none of which has any permanent state of being, it changes constantly, everything I need to exist, I have now...

I also think that reality moves at an infinite speed, it never pauses nor repeats anything, any time, it cannot be defined in human terms, it always existed, no one gave it, no one can take it away, we are intangible awareness of tangible changes...

these two aspects cannot be separated from each other, they are the yin-yang, we are aware of our own existence because we have both an intangible point of view, which stays the same and a physical presence, which always changes...
I think this has to do with free will.
If we were constantly aware of the light and all pertinent knowledge in any given situation. Would we have free will?
It is my belief that, faced with the power of love that we all know is the true light, we lose the ability to consciously go in any other direction. Like moths to a flame we would all be home in an instant.
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