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Hi all,

I've been quiet for a while. My Grandad hasn't been very well and is now at the point where the outlook isn't very good. a month or two if not weeks. We've been getting some stories from him has he believes he still lives in his old house!

Whats interesting is he now sees a woman in blue watching over him from the corner of the room. Has there been any other stories of this as i believe i had read about the colour blue and its importance.

He also said he saw his mom and dad today - that was lovely to hear because he was so happy to see them.
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I am sorry for you. It is a significant 'loss' for someone to pass, even though they really don't die. Hopefully, your faith in the after life will help both you and your Grand dad. A 'belief' in the after life really seemed to help my parents make that transition.

The 'woman in blue' may very well be one of his 'spirit guides'. Maybe you do not believe in those but I believe I have met and communicated with at least 2 of mine a few times.

I don't know if the color 'blue' has any significance but maybe someone else can 'enlighten us' on this.

As far as 'passed relatives' visiting, that does appear to be something I have read happens frequently just before death to make their 'transition' easier' and even assist them. I believe my Dad mentioned that just before he passed also.
We are here David....

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Hi David. I am so sorry your GrandDad`s time seems to be approaching.... Yes, there is great significance to the color blue, as well as looking toward and seeing others in a corner of the room, specifically the upper left-hand corner. I recently lost my beloved Shih Tzu of nearly 18 years. As with my other Dogs, I in fact saw blue orbs and auras around them all as their time grew near....
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Dear David,

I am terribly sorry to hear about your granddad and also upset I missed your post. I must thank Zen Tzu for that, as I usually check new posts when I come in.

I thought I would mention that I spent my Italian 94-year old grandma's last night with her in hospital and she kept speaking both to us and to her mum, at the same time. Seconds before passing she suddenly looked upwards as if an invisible person she very much venerated had just walked into the room, she crossed herself quickly four or five times and died. We all felt somebody who was very important to her had come for her. It was a very comforting feeling to know she was not alone at that time.

Roberta Grimes has written a book on the subject and she says: "People in [a] pre-death stage often see people who don’t seem to be there. Those around them may think they are hallucinating, but in fact they being visited by predeceased loved ones. The visitors might be friends and relatives or white-robed angels or even friendly strangers. And they can be animals. One hermit who trusted no one else reportedly was met by his long-dead horse. [Your loved ones] may chat with these visitors who are invisible to the living, or they may lie staring at an empty corner because their visitors often appear in the upper corners of the room. There are rare occasions when psychic relatives sitting at a deathbed share in deathbed visions, but what is more common is for people near death to lie quietly and gaze at the corners of the room as they converse with visitors in their minds.
Occasionally [they] will have an actual glimpse of paradise. It will seem to them that one of the walls of the room has disappeared, and beyond the room they will see fields of flowers, snow-topped mountains, a lake, and even buildings. All that they see is intensely coloured, and it is dazzlingly, heart-stoppingly beautiful: the mountains are spectacular, the greenery is intense, and the flowers are in colors not seen on earth. There are reports of panoramic deathbed visions that lasted for days while the [...] person described what he was seeing.
A century ago, such reports were not unusual; but sadly, most of the terminally ill are so heavily sedated today that if they see anything of where they are going, usually it is just a glimpse [...] in the minutes before they die."

Thinking of you and your family at this time.
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
Dear David and Giulia,

I want to express my condolences to both of you. It is so painful to watch a love one leave us.

Thank you for sharing your experience here. It is very comforting and reassuring to hear your stories.
When my grandmother left many years ago, during her last hours she seemed preoccupied looking very interested at the ceiling as though she was seeing something or someone. I remember at the time wondering what she was experiencing.

Giulia, as usual, your post is so insightful and positive. I love what you say about the Roberta Grimes book.
regarding the near death visions. And also, the idea of being able to reunite with our pets is fascinating.
I plan to get and read the book. Thank you for sharing it.

My prayers and thoughts to both of you.
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