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This topic springs from a post by Dreamer in the What is Heaven Like? thread in the Christianity Cafe.

I thought we could start a new topic devoted to the subject here.

Dreamer wrote: I wanted to see if there was any discussion or others experiencing 'multiple universes with multiple selves'. Specifically, a few weeks ago I read a book that discussed to a very limited extent 'multiple universes and multiple selves' and said people could experience that in the dream state.

Subsequently, over the past few weeks I have gotten 'several' of the strangest dreams I have ever had. I dreamt that I am in 'someone else's body' in a very similar but different world. They dress like we do, and the person I 'pop into' had the same job/career, attended the same church, etc. I have not seen his family as of yet. I feel powerless in the other body as I can only observe and normally, I am shown a 'different' aspect of their world versus the world I am in now. I 'believe' I have visited more than one of these 'multiverses' as things I saw were significantly different between the different dreams. There is no way I have any clue how many of these could exist.

I was trying to relate this to the 'spiritual development' of souls. With a 'soul' functioning in 'multiple people and universes' at a similar time, it appears to me the 'people' could make different 'major decisions' in each universe and the experiences of making 'different major decisions' would be gained by the soul for it's personal development and growth. Therefore, a 'soul' could really be living many lives at the same time and gain experiences of making different decisions at the same time.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has had any of these 'potentially' multi-universe experiences and gained any belief based on their experiences?

I have only been able to do limited research and did find a 'few' others claiming a similar experience of being 'inside' someone else that was very similar to them. I was also exposed to this concept by 'remote viewers (psychics)' who claimed their projects were valid but not in this 'universe' but another 'multiple universe'.

Any comments???
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Thanks for moving this. Much better idea!
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