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Hi, Rey! Thanks for this link. I am not sure I have found everything there was to see, because of the many adds included in the article. All I got to read were accounts of people experiencing "nothingness". Was this the point you were making?
Hello from Italy - How I found out about NDERF - A Strange Experience
"VOID" is listed as one of the major types of distressing near-death experiences and which are referred to as DNDEes.

If you do a search on the main NDERF website page, then you will find many NDE reports/testimonies involving "void" type experiences.

One of the things which caught my attention in the subject article was the description of being aware while sinking into blackness (eg, "my world became soft and foggy and everything faded to black"). Presumably too, there was consciousness while immersed in the blackness (eg, "but having experienced such nothingness is truly frightening").

Although listed among the DNDE, "VOIDS" are not necessarily bad nor experienced as frightening. Many describe an emotion of peacefulness (eg, "it was really a peaceful feeling more than anything”). However, some years back on NDERF forums, there were participants who testified as having experienced "VOID" and expressed great concern.

In general, "VOID" experiences are temporary and seem to be for the purpose of forcing reflection /reassessment via a form of cosmic level contemplation (eg, concept of eternity/absence of time, meaning/value/appreciation of existence, etc.).

Commonly in the void condition, eventually a small spot or pin point of light appears, then approaches looming larger and then forms to a radiant light being that arrives to help, guide and advise the affected individual ultimately resulting in return to the physical body.

"VOID" experiences actually are both interesting and quite varied.





REF: Dancing Past the Dark ~ distressing near-death experiences
There was a void-like place during my nde, that is where I had my life review. I did not stay there for long. It was not frightening.
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