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I remember telling my grandmother when I was younger that I was afraid of ghosts.
She looked at me and laughed "you should never be afraid of the dead, they wont hurt you.. you should be more afraid of the living" she warned.
My grandmother knew more than me about this subject.. although she never spoke much about it, she seemed to have a knowing about her..

When she passed, I could sense her around me.. gotta say.. it spooked me.
A friend of mine at the time was was also a knowing being. I talked to her about it and she told me to talk to my grandmother, tell her I was scared.
I felt silly saying it aloud, walking around an empty house.

I didn't feel the presence so much after that. Instead I would notice feathers and a robin was never too far. Later learning about signs.

The words of my grandmother have always stayed with me and as I've got older I've learned she was right.
I still get spooked sometimes but that is my own imagination. (own worse enemy)

It was a dream I had 7 months after my sister passing that finally convinced me there was definitely more..

I was standing in my kitchen, it was night.
A car pulled up on my driveway, I could see the lights.
My Brother in law (living) opened the back door and said "I've brought sis to say goodbye"
My sister walked in through the door with a beaming smile. She walked over to me and we hugged so tightly, it was the most amazing feeling. I knew she had passed, we didn't say one word. Just held onto each other for a minute or two.
As we broke away she started to walk towards the door, her eyes and smile so full of love still fixed on mine.
My brother in law closed the door, I heard the car start and the lights came on. They pulled away in the dark.

I woke the next morning so peaceful, so calm and a feeling of being awake.
I had taken her passing very hard, we were very close..

The dream was so real, so vivid, so true..

It pulled me back to the living, took me out of a grieving that I wasn't handling very well.
I will always grieve for my sister, but she showed me that she is OK & there is life after death.. I cant wait to party in heaven with her

That was a very nice ADC that you had, and it sounds very helpful too.

God Bless ... :)
Lovely. That sounds very liberating.
I too, lost a very close sister a few years ago, would love to have such a dream.
Hi mystery seeker..
I can honestly say helped a lot.. I was not present at the time of her passing, I couldn't get there in time. She left us very fast. Looking back on the ACD the whole thing was about saying goodbye. I kinda knew I she wouldn't be back & I felt OK about that. I felt more accepting. There were times (and there still is times) I become overwhelmed at losing her. But I have learned to live around it, not so much with it.. if that makes sense..

Hi Ano
I am so very sorry for the loss of your sister too.. I really can relate to every shred of pain you feel, I am sending you a hug ()

The loss of a close sibling (for me) was harder than anyone else I've lost (including my parents)
That doesn't mean I didn't love my parents less.. but you expect life to go in a sequence.. you're born, a child, a teenager, an adult, you grow old gracefully and pass when the shell we live in has burnt out.. (in an ideal world anyway)
My sister was sick for just 3 weeks, although she was in hospital she was not expected to pass.. a week before she left us she wanted to talk about her funeral.. She seemed to know.. she even started preparations for it.. & she wasn't afraid..

Ano.. I bet your sister has been to you..
mine just didn't like unfinished business & it would have been just like her to turn up to say bye.. she was probably also getting tired listening to my tears.. I felt the experience was to say goodbye & her telling me to 'buck up'

Thanks, I agree with your comments.
Thanks, for the hug, sending one back for you.
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