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Mirrors for the Soul: Dreams and Near Death Experience
by Joseph M Grimes

In 1997, my life was normal and to a large degree fairly predictable. One might even say boring. There was a comfortable rhythm that one comes to expect: a type of managed mental rut. Children played and laughed in the park. The world was flat. There was no global recession. Everything seemed easy. Life was good.
Then a hand reached down from the heavens, grabbed me, and pulled me up. I unexpectedly died.

Dreams, Near Death Experiences, heart attacks, connecting to something greater than oneself, these are the topics of my book.
I've just seen your post Wonderer and looked at your book on Amazon and it looks interesting. I will download it!
Thank you
Hi Cathy:

I just updated the book and caught some typo errors. PLEASE allow me to send you a free copy as a replacement. The new title is "Mirrors for the Soul."
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