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A lot of these NDEs are all 'love, light, hope, beauty'
but what about hauntings?

I doubt everyone is crazy who talks about a haunting. Have you all ever seen the show Paranormal Witness? It's really interesting. They do good first person interviews, not rumors.

What causes these hauntings? Some kind of spirit that feeds off of fear and anger? Are you an NDEr who DOES believe in evil spirits? Let me know.

Oh, and -are there two kinds of evil spirits? One, who was once a person, one who was never a person... ?
Some researchers call them parasites, not demons, because it appears their main goal is to create fear and to then feed from it.

Many NDErs only see love, but maybe it's just oil and water; you fit where you fit? You are going to experience the kind of external reality similar to where you are internally (fearful, angry, afraid of judgment)? I think the Tibetans stipulate that it is really important NOT to be fearful at the moment of death. Almost like "dying correctly"? I wonder what hospice nurses could teach us about dying correctly.

I don't have all the answers, but I think the haunting phenomenon needs to be understood better. It was laughed at for years, just like NDEs were. Maybe we need to learn more?
Hello Jem

All that exists seems to have its polarity. So, logically, if there is 'good', there is 'evil'. Many NDErs speak of 'evil' presences, or even witnessing Hell.

I tend to believe that poltergeists do have an objective reality. There a many, well documented, modern cases.

I have no set in stone views on hauntings of any kind and would be interested if people would post their opinions on the subject. Do you consider some orbs in digital photography to be caused by the presence of a spirit - i.e. a form of haunting?

A friend of mine just had her dorm mate barge in and demand to sleep in her room because she saw a ghost in her own room. A very rational solid girl who doesn't make stuff up!

Weirdly, the ghost looked a lot like a student who is an art major and who draws all kinds of weird figures and talks to them like they are real people. It sounds like her consciousness is non-ordinary, maybe in a few ways.

I have heard of people teleporting (ie during meditation) and accidentally scaring their friends.
Yes Jem - I've heard of this happening too. "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philososphy."
http://www.southernghosts.com/2/post/20 ... ehind.html
I saw a video about the girl and the national guard detail that encountered her. People in New Orleans play with 'spiritual' things they have no business messing with. Humanity causes enough evil in the world without inviting unembodied spirits to hang around.
Hello dnix71

Well, in the Old Testament we are told that "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" - I think that the context of this was King Saul consulting a woman, (the witch of Endor), who today would be called a spiritualist medium. I can't see the reason why he should not have done. And I can't see why she and other psychic people should be put to death for this. Afterall, via dreams, visions, OBEs, flashes of intuition and after death communications, etc., contact between the quick and the dead happen all the time - it's just so commonplace. If though you are talking about mere 'haunting', rather than specific communication, here's a case for which it is hard to find an alternative reason. This happened to be posted on Youtube - but zillions of others are just accepted with a shrug & ignored:


(Hope I haven't posted this in the wrong place)
The witch of Endor was probably a fake, but God permitted Samuel to return to answer Saul. The story also shows why God forbid "familiar spirits."
God refused to answer Saul's prayers after Saul repeatedly disobeyed Him. "Disobedience is as the sin of witchcraft." 1Sam15:23 Saul attempted an end-run around God by asking Samuel, who was faithful. Samuel reminded Saul that God is sovereign king, if He says no, it's NO.

If you need to know something you can ask God directly and be answered directly. God spoke to Samuel directly because He knew Sam would do what he was told. 1Sam 3:19. Hearing second-hand is for those who lack faith. The Israelites in the wilderness demanded Moses to be their intermediary because they were afraid of the holiness of God and did not trust Him consistently even though God saved them from slavery, the 10 plagues and the army of Pharoah. Even Moses they feared because his face glowed after returning from speaking face to face with God.

Those who seek communion with the dead as a practice are doing something God forbid. There are many people in New Orleans who do this. That 'little girl' may not be what she seems. If indeed she is a trapped spirit then God Himself can send someone in the spirit world to minister to her. If not, you are dealing with a demon pretending to be a little girl, and that is dangerous business.

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Hi Garry!

That was very spooky! Did you notice the filmy, shadowy figure run from the room after the Security Guard went in?

Not nice.

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