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New April Photo Share
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Hi Misha,

If we take another word for attraction, let's say love, then even galaxies love each other. :) And if they get close enough they even get children.
I like that! Very optimistic
I think that even galaxies and space have awareness. That seems to be what Edgar Mitchell was saying about his mystical noetic experience when he went to the moon. Man, I wish I could interview that guy!
Hi Jem7

I agree with you. I have the same feeling, that awareness underlies the Universe. Even the tiniest particle must have some kind of awareness even if this is very different of human awareness.
Everything is 'alive'! From a pebble on the beach, a mote of dust or an entire galaxy - everything is sustained and is alive by consciousness!

God is Everywhere - God's Awareness sustains the existence of everything. Consciousness is God.
Here a painting I did last autumn when I was shown a new technique in a one day course.
I wanted to paint some kind of space with a galaxy. But when I had the painting at home, by chance I turned the painting the wrong way and then I saw that I had been painting an angel.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Hi Marguy - I see an angel - and it sparkles! Is this acrylic paint? Last week my art teacher, (his name is Pierre-Michel d'Angelo and he is 84 years old), asked me, when I finished the 3 hands picture, to do a portrait of him. He particularly wants me to show his old and mottled hands with almost transparent skin. I think this will be very difficult with pastels - water colour or thin acrylic paint would be best to show translucence - but I've made a start on it in pastel.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Hi Cathy,
Is he sitting for you, or did you make a photo? I think this will be a great portrait.

About the angel. It was done in acrylics. The painting tool was a sponge (some sponges actually). Finally with a large brush I put hologram gel (an acrylic medium)over the whole surface. Therefore it's sparkling.
Hi Marguy

'Hologram Gel' - I must look for this and get some. Metallic colours are available in Acrylic. A few years ago I made plaster casts of faces, attached them to an armature then modeled the rest of the heads in clay, took a plaster cast of those, then plastered the faces and rest of the heads. After that I used a dull bronze metalic acrylic to paint them, adding a dull blue/green verdigris in a few places to make it look like an authentic old bronze. Somewhere I have some photos.

The art teacher came to me in the art lesson with an envelope of professional photographs of himself. All of them show his hands close to his face. He asked me to make a portrait of him but he was most interested in having his hands accurately depicted. Unfortunately, he has a nail fungus and blotchy, scaly skin - so I don't understand why he wants this! Anyway, I chose the photograph which shows his hands the least - and his nails not at all.

I suggested that he sit for all the students then he would have a lot of different styles from different angles. But he said he would be bored sitting for us.

Do you have one room in your house set aside for painting? I keep trying to be tidy and unobtrusive, but I have all my arty stuff littered over two rooms and, because I have used all the storage space for completed pictures, I am now hiding them underneath armchairs and sofas :-)

Hi Cathy,

I'm also doing paintings with rust and gold. It's some kind of fluid containing iron particles. You ground the part of the surface you want looking corroded, then you treat it with a kind of catalyst an then it becomes real rust. Then I combine them with color and gold (false gold) sheets
Here a photo of a painting
k-Rostbild (2).JPG

and here one of the small ones inside the long one
k-Rostbild (4).JPG
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Marguy, You are amazingly adventurous!
Aren't you too? :lol: :lol:

This style of painting is better for small sized pictures.
This is me made from plaster cast of face plus clay model of rest of the head. It's the only photo I can find of these plaster casts. I painted it in acrylic before I discovered bronze colour.

Cast & Sculpt. my head(1).JPG

This is a little statuette originally made from fired clay. I then made a latex mold from which I could make plaster copies. I gave this one to my daughter.

Fat Lady Bronze 1. (2).jpg

Fat Lady Bronze 2. (2).jpg
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
My name is Yvonne.

Kathy, beautiful work!! Thanks for sharing. I too paint. But have not tried plaster cast work or sculpture of any measure. This is my first post, I hope I did it correctly?
Hi my name is Yvonne,
I just saw your work as well! Very cool! I am soon to be attempting abstract painting. SO excited!
Hello and Welcome Yvonne!

Yes, you have posted correctly! Another painter - that's fantastic!

If you are an animal lover too, then you will add credence to my theory that people who love animals, who are artistic - and maybe left-handed, are statistically more likely to be spiritual and believe in NDEs than others. :-)

I'm looking forward to reading your contributions here and - maybe - seeing your paintings?

Warm regards

Where do you come from Yvonne?

I am from England and Marguy is from Luxembourg.

Kathy you are correct in assuming I lOVE all creatures! I have a standard poodle named Gryphyn. I come from Minnesota where we just got pounded with 9 inches of snow last night to this morning. But The sun is out now and it is melting quickly. I am really poor at navigating the pc. I can type ok, but it may take me a bit. I see you post often and it is really fun to look at your posts/ husband and dogs and to see Gary helping out. ( I haven't introduced myself officially ) Am I correct in assuming you are from the UK? Oh and in case you haven't noticed I can be a bit ADD. :D
LOve the photo!
Wow, you ladies are very talented!!
Hi again Cathy, I just noticed I was spelling your name wrong, so sorry! Thanks for the warm welcome!
Hi Yvonne

Amazing! I have a Standard Poodle called Dash! Standard Poodles are a rarity in England - are they quite common in America? Is Gryphon black? Dash is. He is a lovable hooligan - very willful and still in training ;-) He is 18 months old and he and I share a birthday - so I think we are astrologically compatible! :-)

Would love to see some of your paintings.

Sorry about your snow. This year is the first year for 9 years that we didn't get any and temperatures stayed above freezing, hence all the spring flowers have appeared several weeks too early. Plum blossom is out. If we get a frost now it will ruin the plums and a lot else.

Why did you wait so long before introducing yourself?

Hi Yvonne,
Nice to meet you. Welcome aboard.
Looking forward to see some of your art.
I love your plaster works. I had once a course in wood carving. I'll make a photo of it to share it.
But I didn't want to continue this. It was too hard for my shoulders and arms. I suppose I was a bit too old when I started it. :D :D
Oh no, I don't see a post I thought I submitted yesterday? If it didn't go through, my apologies for leaving the thought hanging. I am still having a bit of trouble maneuvering the site.
My Standard Poodle "Gryphyn" is white, 75 lbs, not fat just a big boy, he is 5 years old and a Hooligan too! (I Love that word!!!) He is my buddy and companion.
I will try and find some help so I can post some of my paintings. How fun! I have read almost all of the NDE's on the website, I am crazy with it. My husband thinks I have a problem. Maybe I do. :lol:
Marguy - I have thought about wood carving, (also stone carving), but have not tried it because - if you make a mistake there's no going back. Also .... splinters - and bits of sharp rock flying around.

When I was into the plaster-casting I bought an enormous sack of Plaster of Paris - a lifetime's supply. It's in the cupboard under the stairs. It's very, very heavy and now I'm getting too old to lift it out ..

Hi Yvonne - I'm slowly getting used to finding my way around this website - I can never remember where I posted something. And I think those 'smilies' are really hideous - I've seen nicer ones. Anyway, they're not important.

Maybe Gryphyn, (nice name!), is taller than Dash. He weighs 23 kilos, which is 50 lbs, and is 23 inches at the withers. At 18 months I think he's fully grown.

This is a photo of me with Dash in March 2013 - he was six months and just had his 3rd haircut :-)

Dashy Boy 1.JPG

Dashy Boy 2.JPG
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Hi Cathy,

How about that big strong male at your side. Can't he lift sacks?

:D :D

Your dog is beautiful, but you are good looking too.
Marguy :D !

He's a bit bigger now. He was six months old then - and he doesn't lift sacks - he chews them to shreds!

Thank you Marguy for your compliments!

I do love your jokes, Cathy
I was thinking at your beloved husband
hahaha Marguy! :D And the sack you were referring to is the sack of Plaster of Paris! That sack is far back and around a corner. I think I'm the only one who knows it is there. In front is a big box of spare fabrics, which may be useful one day; in front of that is a Vax Carpet Shampooer, then a big rack of shoes, then the vacuum cleaner, more loose shoes, and finally the coats. :D

Marguy you are so right! Dash is dashing and Cathy is a beauty too! Thanks for posting photos! I will see if my hubby can help me with that, otherwise I may have to wait until one of my two sons is around to help. I actually clip Gryphyn myself. His haircut has never been professionally done, do you do Dashes?
Dear Cathy and Marguy the previous post was for both of you! After rereading I can see where that would be misleading! keep up the Happy Artwork!
Hi Yvonne and Cathy

Well I must admit that I don't know what 'Dashes' is. I don't know the word, and in the dictionary there are so many meanings, that I don't know which one is the right one. :lol:
But I'm sure you both can explain it to me.
Have a nice day
Hi Marguy,
"Dash" I believe is the name of Cathys' Standard Poodle. And Dashing, a word I used, is a term for a very handsome man, or in this case. Dog. I must remember there are language differences here! Sorry.

And Yvonne when you wrote, 'Dashes', you meant Dash's! Different meaning which would be difficult for Marguy to pick up on.

No, I've never cut Dash's coat. I wouldn't be able to make such a good job of it as the Professional who always does it. He's going on 11th April for his next cut. Shorter next time because the weather is milder. For the first couple of days after he's had his hair cut he looks too much of a dandy. When he's been out in the rain and rolled on the grass he gets a better appearance - more suited to the country boy that he is!

I have to say Cathy, looking at your art and reading your posts I bet you could do a wonderful job of cutting Dash's coat. (of course if money isn't a big issue the time it takes can be ) I started doing Gryph when he was a puppy, I experimented on my first dog a miniature Schnauzer when I was 17 yrs. old. So when I later adopted a Giant Schnauzer I went with it. She was 3 at the time of adoption and sat well. But It wasn't until I brought Gryph home as a puppy I requested my husband build me a grooming table, so I wouldn't have to get down at floor level. So he made a table out of a piece of plywood rounded the corners and wrapped an old rubber press mat around to keep his feet from slipping and purchased fold up legs at a hardware store. (I guess another photo I will have to try and send!). We also purchased the sliding leash bar at a pet store and he bracketed that on it. He is quite the handy man! I must remember how lucky I am to have them both!! (Sorry so long). Because if the cash weren't so much of an issue I would probably just take him in and have him clipped. But it is kind of an artsy thing too, and because my skill level isn't that of a professional groomer he always looks kind of like a country boy. :?)

Have a Blessed day!
Hi Yvonne

That's the main problem - having a high up grooming table, non-slip, and the bar holding all the different leashes. And he would have to co-operate with me! He obeys the girl who cuts his hair - I know she treats him nicely because he is never reluctant to go there.

This girl keeps chickens. Last time I took him for a haircut, one of the chickens was out in her garden. He chased it and knocked down some of her plants. :oops: Fortunately I got hold of him before he got hold of the chicken.
Hi Yvonne, Hi Cathy,
Most of the (handy) work I did in my life, I did because of the lack of cash as you so well said. But with time it's getting fun and you get to obtain some pride of it. It's comforting for me to see that other women went the same way. I must say that I learned enormously by doing those works and I don't regret anything.
I am not so fond of long haired dogs (too hairy). I admire them from afar. I prefer short haired animals. Actually as child I didn't like dolls with real hair. But I cut my own hair for 26 years and still do it. That's also a hairy job.
Hello Marguy and Yvonne

I'm rather upset right now. I had the news this afternoon that my youngest daughter has an ectopic pregnancy. There's nothing I can do for her as she emailed me and my other daughter that she doesn't want any visits or phone calls nor any discussion about this. I feel such compassion and empathy for her disappointment and pain.

She has a little girl of nearly 3, but has had many miscarriages - and now this.

I have been wondering when the soul of an individual enters the unborn child: at conception? when?

Hi Cathy,

Now this is not so good news.
CathyK wrote: I have been wondering when the soul of an individual enters the unborn child: at conception? when?

Nobody really knows, except maybe the concerned soul, but as I'm convinced that souls can think logically, so I suppose they would wait until it is sure that the child will be able to live, unless the soul wanted to make a special experience. Another thought could be, that the soul of your daughter had decided to make this type of experience.
Anyhow, tonight my thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter.
Marguy, you are wise xxx

Thank you.

Cathy and Marguy,
I am so enjoying my new NDERF friends! I don't know if you have posted elsewhere about the NDE topic, but I am so taken with the stories of the individuals who have experienced them, it is always on my mind even if subconcs.
I just found out that an Aunt of mine, my fathers step sister, who is only 13 years older than I. Has just been given a short time left to live. She has been battling breast cancer. We have not been real close over the last 15 - 20 years, and not due to anger or anything of that nature. Just because of our own lives getting busy I guess. Gosh that sounds lame now!! Anyway.... I truly believe that where she is going she will not want to come back here. I know she has a strong Faith but I wish everyone read and believed in NDE's I think the world would be a much better place. Ok... I have said my piece.

Peace and Blessings to you both!
Good evening Yvonne

I think that if everyone in the world knew that life goes on after death there could be a difference in the way people behaved towards each other. But I do think that difference is occurring anyway.

Sorry to hear about your Dad's step-sister. As she is not much older than you, it makes her situation all the easier for you to identify with. Do you know what her views on the matter of life after death are? You say she has a strong faith. Given her prognosis, she would be comforted to know that death is just the casting off of the body when our assignment here has been accomplished and that we go on to a gloriously happy, multi-dimensional life where our true home is.

As you say - and I agree -
I truly believe that where she is going she will not want to come back here.
Not many NDErs are happy to come back!

A difficult time lies ahead for her and those closest to her. I wish them, and you, well xx

Hi Marguy and Yvonne

Here are some more pastels I've done. I should be so interested to see yours Yvonne - and Marguy please post some more of yours!

This one was never finished
art.Brazilian Boys on Stairs.jpg

This is an acrylic painting
art.guitarist in sun beam(1).JPG

art.Praying girl.jpg

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Hi Cathy,

As usual your pastels are really good. You are very productive. The only thing I have been painting this week was an Easter egg (an emptied egg of a goose).
I will look in my photo gallery if I can find some more to share.
I have plenty but I will have to put them together in an album and get them reduced in size.
Hi Marguy

Did you empty the goose egg yourself? It is called 'blowing' the egg.

Please photograph it and post it! If you have time!

I started to empty the egg, then I asked my husband to do the blowing, he has stronger lungs. Actually it was originally two eggs, after I had them painted ready one of them fell to the ground and has been wounded. :D

here the egg,

k-Ouschtereer (10).JPG

k-Ouschtereer (6).JPG

and here the painting I gave as a gift for the auction. I hope somebody bought it today.

k-Televie (2).JPG
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
Wow! Marguy your Ostereier are better than Faberge!! They have rather a delicate, oriental look to them.

Televie is superb - so professional. If you are not famous in Luxembourg, you should be!! I'm sure you would find a ready market for the sale of your paintings!

CathyK wrote: I'm sure you would find a ready market for the sale of your paintings!

Well I'm not a professional painter and amateur painters have difficulties to sell nowadays, before the crisis people spent more money in amateur art. Today, especially young people (which are those that normally buy this type of painting) who are going on their own, have to pay such high amounts for renting an apartment, that both must work to be able to make a living. But I don't 'need' more money, so a lot of my paintings are spent as gifts for marriage, or for friends etc. The egg I will give to the neighbors wife as she gave me the eggs, so one of them will return to her. :)
Dear Cathy and Marguy,
You are both very talented artists! Thanks again for sharing!! I will try to get some help so I can post some work. But don't hold your breath. I am having trouble getting help. : )

Hi Yvonne

The main difficulty is re-sizing the picture, but I've learned how to do it now ;-)

Looking forward to seeing your pictures when your husband can help!

Good night

I myself don't understand most artwork as to what it represents but I do recognize the talent and patients it would take to create artwork.

Being able to look at something and then transfer that image from your vision to your brain , to your imagination ,and then to your hands, which are attached to the paint brush and then to the canvas simply amazes me.


Me and my dog
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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One Look Dictionary
Very colourful picture of you and your dog, Garry! I like it!

Hi Yvonne, Cathy

Are you using windows on your computers? I have a nice little program specially to reduce the size of photos, but it is in German language. It's a share ware program. I regularly buy a German computer magazine, and they always have plenty of useful share ware programs on CD or DVD. They test them so that I can be sure that they are bug free. I don't know if it is possible to send it via e-mail. Will talk to my daughter she is good in computer things.
Hi You are both so kind!! I am not computer savvy at all!! So it really depends on when my husband or sons have some time. My husband is working so many hours right now I hate to bug him too much when he comes home. He is still on the fence about my NDE "almost obsession" so I really hate to push too much. But Thank you so much for offers of help and encouragement!! I LOVE Garry's neon pic!!! Humor is our best defense! I hope it was meant as humour?! :D

I'd like the German share ware if it emails ok. I've got a new camera and its software lets me reduce the size of pictures but it needs several steps in the procedure. If the German one is quicker and easier, then I'd like to use it please! Windows Live Photo Gallery, doesn't (as far as I can see).

My computer is giving a lot of problems right now and I will have to get it repaired by an expert. Fortunately, I've got a tablet I can use in the meantime.

One day computers, cameras and everything will be operated by 'thoughts' - that will make things a lot easier ;-)

Yvonne, all it should need for doubters like your husband is for them to experience something inexplicable, then they may have to start reconsidering. But it doesn't always work! Maybe one of your sons would be willing to help? How many sons do you have and what ages are they?

CathyK wrote: One day computers, cameras and everything will be operated by 'thoughts' - that will make things a lot easier ;-)

I'm not so sure about that. It could be that the computer will only understand the thoughts of it's programmer. :lol:

I will see what I can do for the little program.

Your portrait is very radiant and joyous.
yemullen wrote: I LOVE Garry's neon pic!!! Humor is our best defense! I hope it was meant as humour?!

Humor ! thats the best artwork I have ever made !!! :lol:

I created that in my truck on my Ipad, today as I was working, specifically for you girls .

I am going to resize it so it shows with out linking to it

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Wow! You made that yourself! I couldn't do that!
Cathy and Marguy I was able to look at your work further up the photo share but was not able to post there. It appears to be locked? I am still without my helpers here, but soon, very soon. ( I hope ) I can post some paintings/photos!

testing yemullens posting permissions

Hello Yvonne

you cant post back where the girls posted as the posts are locked after 15 min to prevent editing , but you can add attachments to you new posts

Hope this helps


You should be able to post pictures

look below where you submit your post and there is a tab there to upload an attachment

once its uploaded click the place inline link

Post a reply.png

Post a reply (1).png
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Thanks so much Garry!
Yay!!! Yvonne you'll soon upload your pictures! But they have to be reduced in size.

Probably after this weekend, I am hoping. :^)
your welcome Yvonne

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CathyK wrote: Wow! You made that yourself! I couldn't do that!

I know Cathy

my artwork is unique

it takes real talent .......................... NOT !

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Hi Everybody!
Let's Start a May Photo Share.
I'll lock this one, and let's start up a fresh one!
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