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Spring in Japan is the time when the cherry trees blossom and then Japanese people are going outside and are making ' Haiku' s.
Haikus are very small syllabic poems.
The rules are: You have to use
5 syllable first row
7 syllable second row
5 syllable third row

English is quite ok for this type of poem, as there are many one syllabic words available.
German is more difficult as there are many words with three or more syllable.
A funny way is to make combined Haiku, with different people adding another Haiku. example:
first person starting
first row 5
second row 7
third row 5
the next person is looking up the last row and is then continuing the theme with her own words making
a fourth row of 7
and a fifth row of 5
and a sixth row of 7
this could even become a funny game.

Here a Haiku in German.
For who ever can read it

Plätschernde Wellen
streicheln zärtlich das Ufer
Wie friedvoll es ist
Dearest Marguy,
I could read your Haiku with the 5 syllables in the first and third lines, and 7 in the second line! Yeah! I had German in ninth grade but I was at the height of my rebellion and failed the class. Her Schmidt was tolerant but disappointed in me, as I was later in myself. Could you tell me what it says in English even though it won't translate as a Haiku? I cleaned for a woman a number of years ago who was from Germany, her English was excellent as is yours! Self discipline is probably the best gift my parents could give me and I am still struggling in all aspects of my life. (and not through any fault of theirs!) I see you have been busy translating NDE's!!?
Hi Yvonne

If you learned German at school, it will still come back to you if you use it and hear it. Marguy's Haiku is about waves peacefully lapping at the shore.

I spoke to Marguy on Skype this afternoon and forced her to listen to my German! hahaha! Sorry Marguy.

I responded to this post quite a while ago but it has been deleted. I don't know why.

I saw the post before cathy and i was goint to respond to it as I did translate it but it didn't make any scense translated so i didn't respond .
I thought i had seen your reply and I dont know why its gone either

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Hi Yvonne,

Here the translation as best I can

splashy waves
tenderly caress the shore
How peaceful it is!

Hi Marguy

So nice to talk earlier! Now I'm going to wash my hair! (ich moechte meine haar gewaschen)

This wasn't too bad then?

Marguy's Haiku is about waves peacefully lapping at the shore.

Good evening Garry - I'm glad you remember my post, otherwise I think I would be having a 'senior moment' :-)

a special thing
today still strangers
tomorrow sisters
two wave lengths meet
dancing together
out comes

Small poem. That's not a Haiku!
Cathy wrote: Good evening Garry - I'm glad you remember my post, otherwise I think I would be having a 'senior moment' :-)


That wouldn't be because we are seniors now would it

Why Am I Here

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Garry - both of us can't wrong! I mean, neither of us is too senior to be equally senile :D
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