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Hello everyone, I'm a 30 year old father of one and soon to be two. Used to live in Alabama but recently moved to Wisconsin for a job.

I've been practicing conscious out-of-body experiences for about 10 years but have recently let myself get rusty. (That's what school + having a baby will do to you! :-P ) I'm here after some dream experiences rekindled my desire to bring magic back into my sleep routine :-) I found the repository of stories here to be very inspiring.

So I hope to be seeing you all around and hearing some inspiring stories along the way.
Welcome Dumbledore !

How do you initiate your OBEs? When do you do when you are out?
Thanks Jem7 :-)

I have tried a variety of techniques with varying levels of success. Most of them involve two basic principles, conscious relaxation and concentration. The goal is to maintain consciousness while the body falls asleep. One I think I've had the best result with is the Lord's prayer. Basically, I begin by doing a conscious relaxation (self-hypnosis style) then after well relaxed I would concentrate on reciting the Lord's prayer over and over until wee next thing I know I'm out and about. This can of course be replaced by just about anything that holds your concentration--mantras, other prayers, visualization of an image, etc.

Many times while out my intuition will guide me as to what to do. Often, there will be spiritual beings there already in my room teaching me, usually about myself. Of course one of my first goals was to just maintain awareness long enough to make it down the stairs of my apartment. But one of my favorite things became to call a spiritual figure such as Jesus or Buddha, and many times I simply ask God to show me what I need to see :-) I've heard of people traveling places like to the pyramids or other planets, but I have a tough time maintaining awareness long enough to do things like that without drifting into a dream.
That sounds awesome!
Hi dumbledore

Welcome here.
This is very interesting. I always wanted to do something like this but I always start sleeping before anything happens.
Hey Marguy, just keep trying. One thing that can help (if you're someone who prays) is to ask for help to achieve your goal. I know a good free book that got me started if you're interested in some good techniques.
Hi Dumbledore - welcome!

Have all your out of body experiences been happ/pleasant, or were any frightening.
I woud be so interested to hear your stories!
I suppose the ones I tend to remember more easily have been pleasant ones. But there have been a few occasions where I've come across some kind of negative entity or a few. Usually this is worse if it's simply a nightmare as we usually don't have much control in nightmares. But if I'm aware I will do one of two recitations that will take care of the problem. One experience comes to mind. I laid down to go to sleep on my couch and I started to get up as I heard some evil-sounding chanting going on behind me. I got up and discovered 6 demonish looking girls singing the chant. I wasn't afraid though as I know a song to take care of negative beings. So I sang the song to dispel them and they vanished.

I suppose the scariest have been actually when I've been shown about mistakes I've made and how much damage they have truly done. Such experiences evoke a deep, sincere regret, and that's kind of scary in a way.
Hi Dumbledore,

Thank you for replying. Yes would like to know the name of the book. I have a lot of books about meditation and other metaphysical things like energetic healing etc. And there are plenty of methods, but I assume I will have to try it with a stronger focussing.
dumbledore wrote: I got up and discovered 6 demonish looking girls singing the chant. I wasn't afraid though as I know a song to take care of negative beings.

As I'm translating NDE's for Nderf, I came to the conclusion that scary experiences happen often when people are already scared the moment when they leave their body and don't know how to behave in the other realm, so fear is becoming extreme and then, either they attract evil or their fear is creating this fearful environment.
What do you think about this?
Have a nice day
The book is called Astral Codec and can be downloaded for free here: http://belsebuub.com/free-spiritual-ebo ... -knowledge

I think that you're right about fear attracting negative experiences. NDE and OBE are different as in an NDE , it is a very specific process that is governed by how one has lived his/her life. But with OBE, it can be a little more open ended. I've found that with OBE negative beings begin to show up when I'm doing more spiritual work, because it is their goal for people to stay asleep psychologically, like animals. Like I said in that experience, I was actually not afraid at all. In fact, I laughed at one of the demons when she tried to seduce me. Sometimes negative beings will also impersonate a spiritual being in order to instill certain clever doubts and mislead.
Thank you Dumbledore. I will read the book and see!!
Ok this is way to exciting! Dumbledore, I am fascinated as well! thanks for sharing the info on the techniques/books to help with OBE's. I see that you are now living in Wisconsin. May I ask what part? My parents live in a small town in North East Wi. The City of Minong. My sister just told me tonight at our Church that Dr. Raymond Moody will be in the next "small" town over from where my parents live!! I couldn't believe it! I think it will be a wellness spiritual healing type weekend. And it is this weekend coming up. I am hoping I can go on Sunday. There is a cost for the day/days. I looked up Dr. Moodys website list of engagements.( Dreams are so intriguing as well). I wish I could sit down and chat live with everyone here at NDERF! Wouldn't it be interesting!

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