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My name is Joe and a recent member of this site. I recently read Dr Alexander's book "Proof of Heaven." Has anyone else read it? It's truly a marvelous and insightful retelling of his NDE experience from a scientist perspective.

As a scientist, he presents his dreams and another's dream in his book, implies their significance, but seems to abandon them like orphans. His index doesn't provide references but....from my reading, they were truly meaningful and played an important role in his "spiritual decompression", i.e his return to this very life.

Would anyone like to discuss his dreams and their role, or any other dream they may have just before or after their NDE?

Just as an aside, it has taken me over 15 years to try to come to grips with my own NDE.
Hi Joe!
We're glad you are here. Unfortunately, I haven't read Dr. Alexander's book yet.
Just as an aside, it has taken me over 15 years to try to come to grips with my own NDE.

Thanks for being brave enough to say this. I know it took me at least twelve years. I never even told another person (except for the day it happened - which was rejected) for seven years.

I have had Dr. Alexander's book and another by a woman, for over a year and have not yet read them.

People tend to give me NDE books but I'm not too big on reading them.
Hi Joe,

Nice to meet you and welcome at the forum.
Yes I read Dr. Alexanders book last year, but have to go back to see about his dreams.
Will tell when I did.
Have a nice day
Hello Joe,
and welcome to the NDERF discussion boards! I have read Dr. Eben Alexanders book, I think it was wonderful. I have to give Dr. Alexander credit for being adamant about his experience (even in the face of colleagues) and also his son for having the insight to tell his dad not to read anything about NDE's prior to him writing down his own experience. If I remember right, he had always dismissed accounts of NDE's as neurological brain malfunction or dying brain adaption. And for those who may not know his story Dr. Alexander was a Neurologist of some recognition prior to his illness and experience. Unfortunately I borrowed my book out and can't remember to whom. I would love to hear your NDE if you are willing or wanting to share someday. I have read all of the NDE's on this site, and find them very encouraging and a gift to mankind. ( if only we could all be so open and understanding. Not so negative and judgemental ) Blessings to you!
Greetings and thanks for the replies.

NDEs and dreams, karma and providence, all constitute a spiritual continuum.

Anybody want to share a dream?
Hello Joe the Wonderer!

We haven't met before because I've been away on holiday. I read Dr Eben Alexander's book about a year ago - but can't remember the part where he talks another his and another's dreams.

I've had some odd dreams which I've posted on this forum. There isn't a specific area, I don't think, where dreams are discussed, they just emerge in conversation. Maybe we ought to stick to threads better than we do ;-)

NDEs and dreams, karma and providence, all constitute a spiritual continuum.

Anybody want to share a dream?

Sounds like you've got some experiences to share Joe - tell us about them!

Hi Cathy K:

Thanks for you comment.

Most modern people speak in a Jungian accent when discussing dreams. That specific language that Jung uses to understand dreams, words like subconscious, unconscious, latent content, archetypes, cosmic consciousness, we all seem to use to "see though" dreams....often in a dismissive way...which is truly too bad.

What do you think?

Where do dreams come from and how do they (if at all) relate to NDE? Is there a continuum or is each state-of-mind and experience independent?

Dr Alexander was very dismissive of dreams in his book even though his account was very important to his personal growth and his...what I call and have experienced - his NDE decompression or spiritual decompression. In other words, that cognitive dissonance that occurs when we return to the material world and have to try to make sense of what just happened to us and why.

Did you have an NDE and if so, do you have a dream just before or just after the experience? Or any other dream that has plagued you or made you curious about the nature of reality?
Hi Cathy:

I just now found the other dreams you posted on this site. Would you mind having some fun? I would only ask questions. Please be aware that they are your dreams with your own specific, idiosyncratic meaning so I can not tell you what they mean.
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