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Hello, I am Carlos Mendes from São Paulo, Brazil. I am a Physicist and together with a Neurosurgeon we are prepairing a scientific study about NDE in Brazil, as we think NDE will help to proove that the consciousness is independent of the brain. Through my research in internet, I got to know this site, which seems to me very good and very serious. I have been reading many reports and learning much from them. I think probably others Brazilians are accessing this site too and the main reason to be posting this topic is that I need to get in touch with people who have had NDE in Brazil. From this study that we will make it will be written an article for a scientific magazine and maybe, in the future, a program for TV. So, if possible, I would like that Brazilians who have had NDE please answer me back so that I can send a link to a scientific questionnaire. Thank you very very much.
Carlos Mendes.
Hello Carlos

I read your post and have forwared the information to our main Administrator for her input .

Her name is Jody Long and I imagine she will get in touch with you


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Good luck!
Thank you
Hi Carlos:

Isn't that such an interesting study? Please keep us updated. I would love to see what becomes of it.

By the way, from a Physics perspective, if consciousness is independent of the brain, where does it reside?

Isn't it clear that the soul uses the nose to smell, the ears to hear, the brain to control bodily functions and memory, tongue to taste? In all cases, the soul uses these tools to participate in the material world....but then Physics has already proven that the material world is a bit of a misnomer, right? Since Physics has already postulated that there is no solid anything, that it is just the formation of energy...like in Superstring theory.
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