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I went to McDonalds for lunch yesterday and used their free wifi from the parking lot. I had 2 issues. The first was logging on to the free service. It doesn't work in Mac 10.7 except in Safari. Apple has a known broken autologin app that interferes with open wifi's that attempt a redirect to a landing page. ATT hosts McD's wifi and they have a special landing page that welcomes you and identifies the ISP host.

The second issue is that the same ISP host will not resolve nderf.me. I get a Google page that claims they can't find you, but that's bull$4it. If I go the Google and type in your url, it returns the site at the top, but will still refuse to send me there from that top Google link. I can view Google's cache only.

I did a Whois lookup and it says you have a phpBB host server in Mclean, VA., even though .me means Mauritania. I switched to a proxy I have bookmarked at it bypassed McD's host block. That's how I posted here yesterday. That posting took several tries though, even though I allowed cookies and didn't block scripts or referrals. I can't review a post before sending it, or I lose my cookies and get bounced back to the login page.

People who want to visist here anonymously even in the US may have to be savvy enought to use a proxy.
thanks for the input

will need to re read the post

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Burger King's open wifi works. Posting locally now from Sunrise, FL.
Hi David and Garry

Wish I was as knowledgeable in this stuff as you are!! Wi Fi was fine everywhere in Israel except The Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv!

I've had a great holiday, but I've missed all of you!!

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