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Do you all know anyone with strong psychic abilities? Have you ever tried to work on developing them yourself?
It seems that meditators often develop these abilites because meditation reduces noisey thinking and enhances perception. It's almost like being psychic is a non sought-after by-product of the process of meditation.

If you could have one special ability, what would it be?
I'm interested in developing more abilities, but black magic, etc., are out of the question.
Hi Jem

Maybe we all have the potential to development the psychic ability in ourselves. Meditation may, indeed, enhance that potential by reducing 'noisy thinking', as you so nicely put it!

I have never meditated, per se, not intentionally but sometimes - when just musing or mulling over things in a drifty kind of way - I find it's a good way to get sudden insights. Join up the dots, automatically, without doing the calculations. Leaps. And answers.

Hi Jem, When things come to me, I am rarely meditating. Sometimes upon awakening. But, usually when I am doing something else is when images or messages come.
I just spoke to someone who told me that their grandmother had clear and obvious psychic abilities. Cool!
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